19. 7. 2018

Photo Shoot at Magical Temple Ruins of Siem Reap

If you think you have seen it all, then you have not been to Siem Reap. It is a province of Cambodia and a gateway to Angkor region. Angkor is endowed with numerous temple ruins which are the most popular tourist attractions in Siem Reap. Their temples signify the pinnacle of architectural skills of the historically renowned Khmer builders in Cambodia.

Photographer in Siem Reap

Photographer in Siem Reap

Examples of these temples, which are an object of pride for the people in Siem Reap, include Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and Preah Khan. When Sergiy set out to tour this place, he was looking forward to having a lifetime experience. His dressing that reminds us of Indiana Jones was perfect for the occasion.

You could tell that he was also a photographer and he carried around his tool of trade strapped diagonally across his body. But on this day, he wanted someone else to take pictures of him as he enjoyed his vacation. As a result, he sought the expertise of our capable vacation photographer, Geoff.

Eight Wonder of the World

The magnificent temple ruins of Siem Reap have sometimes been considered to be the eighth wonder of the world. Geoff positioned himself at a suitable distance such that the frontal view of the temple ruins was the primary focus. This allowed the very meticulous carved bas-reliefs that take much of the temple to illustrate impressive craftsmanship. Sergiy just paused on the entrance steps and allowed our photographer revel in taking excellent photos of his solo adventure.

Photographer in Siem Reap

To get a close caption of Geoff, he zoomed in his camera. His position at the foot of the stairs enabled for an elevated upward view.

Photographer in Siem Reap

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Geoff climbed on top of one section of the temple ruins to also get pictures from his camera. From his position and the way he held his camera, he knew what he was doing. Our able photographer captured this moment. This was taken at angle revealing the extent of the temple ruin walls.

Photographer in Siem Reap

Spectre Vanishing Effect

This was a special day in a stimulating environment with two photographers at work. As Geoff enjoyed taking photos of the ruin, Sergiy, our photographer, took numerous pictures of his fellow ‘compatriot.’ The temple ruin walls were very long, and this could be seen from the vanishing effect of photographs taken from one end. The walls and the Columns seemed to converge in the backdrop giving a spectacular view.

Photographer in Siem Reap

From Geoff’s standing point, he was able to mesmerize in the surrounding green nature. The beautiful green grass seemed to give life to Siem Reap temple ruins. Even as Geoff took a moment to enjoy the photographs he had made, our photographer was not done with him. This was an adventure to remember, and nothing does it better than by having the services of a skilled photographer. One who understands what it means to have perfect images.

Hard to Have Enough

It is difficult to leave Siem Reap after having such an unforgettable experience. But at least Geoff will have something to remind him of such moments thanks to the artistry of our vacation photographer.

Sergiy was able to capture the view of the whole temple ruins displaying both sides of the temple. This view depicted the enormous nature of the temple ruins. The architects must have spent a long duration working on this wonder in Siem Reap. Our vacation photographers are situated everywhere and ready to help you capture the moments you cherish.

Photographer in Siem Reap

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