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07. 1. 2019 Photographer in Tallinn

Fun and Cheeky Solo Travel Photo Shoot in Tallinn

Travelling alone can be fun and completely liberating. There’s no one to argue with over where to eat, what to see, where to go. The problem, however, is that it can be really hard to…

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11. 12. 2018 Photographer in Abu Dhabi

Solo Travel Shoot in Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi

Traveling alone can be so liberating since you only have yourself to argue with when it comes to where to eat, what to see, and where to go. For some, solo travel can mean a forest hike…

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25. 10. 2018 Photographer in Halong Bay

A Photo Shoot of a Photographer in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Even as a photographer you sometimes need a hand when it comes to self-portraits. Especially if you want your camera to be in the image. What is Sergiy to do then? Why, hire a local…

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