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25. 10. 2018 Photographer in Halong Bay

A Photo Shoot of a Photographer in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Even as a photographer you sometimes need a hand when it comes to self-portraits. Especially if you want your camera to be in the image. What is Sergiy to do then? Why, hire a local…

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14. 10. 2018 Photographer in Las Vegas

Solo Modeling Shoot, Las Vegas, Nevada

It can be really hard to take great photographs of your trip when traveling alone without resorting to a tacky selfie stick. Sure, you get to make all the decisions about where to eat and what to…

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10. 10. 2018 Solo Vacation Photographer Tips

Picture Your Dream Vacation

Adventure calls to each person in different ways; some find it in a week of trekking through the Himalayas, while others prefer something with a more relaxing vibe like a beach resort on a Mediterranean island. Whatever…

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