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Love, Unrivalled and Jovial Birthday in Cartagena, Colombia

17. 6. 2018 Photographer in Cartagena

Love, Unrivalled and Jovial Birthday in Cartagena, Colombia

It is not only a place where you could drop all your sightseeing routines and get a taste of their rich culture. The area is beyond doubt the queen of the Caribbean coast. A fairy-tale town…

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14. 6. 2018 vacation photographer in Genoa, Italy

Plan to Experience and Photograph the Best of Genoa, Italy

Rising vertically from the shores of the Mediterranean up the slopes of the Apennine Mountains, Genoa is truly a gem on the coast of Italy. Distance in the city can be deceiving; what looks like a short…

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09. 6. 2018 Osaka vacation photographer

A Solo Adventure and Photo Shoot in Osaka, Japan

Osaka is one of Japan’s largest cities and is located on the island of Honshu where the River Yodo meets the ocean. The numerous waterways flowing through the city have lead to a unique architectural…

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