13. 3. 2018

Picnic at the Petrin Hill: The Most Romantic Secret Proposal in Prague

Prague is one of the most iconic and historic cities in the world and is the capital city of the Czech Republic and is known for its Bohemian heritage. Also known for its short city breaks the city welcomes in more than 6.4 million people a year, mostly from Europe. The city is renowned for its heritage and history and has a number of famous landmarks like the Old Town Hall, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, the Malá Strana and St. Vitus Cathedral to name a few. With the important historical influences and the cast number of tourists visiting the city annually, it was important for Vincent to find a perfect professional photographer to help him with his surprise proposal photoshoot.

Why You Should Hire a Proposal Photographer in Prague?

With the incredible spread put out for the picnic share a special moment with one another overlooking the city below, with the candles burning next to them, Vincent asked the all-important question. Inevitably the answer was a resounding yes and the couple shared a kiss. In this moment, our surprise proposal photographer, Robert, was able to capture the importance of the love the couple shares.

Robert was also able to make the couple the most important part of the photograph. Stated by Mignon McLaughlin “a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person”, and this is always an important quote to remember when looking at these photographs. A proposal is an act of unity and bringing a couple one step closer to marriage.

Black and white makes any photograph that little bit more scenic and our local photographer, Robert was able to capture the moment our couple spent a moment after the proposal looking over the picnic. The natural smiles of both Vincent and Olivia shine bright and allow the couple to stand out in this photograph, which in essence is the most important part of the photograph.

secret proposal photographer in Prague

Secret Proposal in Prague

Secret Proposal in Prague

secret proposal photographer in Prague

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Memories to Cherish Forever

After Vincent popped the question to Olivia, the couple shared a glass of Champaign and shared each-others company. Looking into one another’s eyes, their surprise proposal photographer captures the photograph stunningly with the bustling city of Prague blurring out in the background. Wrapped up warm, Vincent and Olivia smile at one another and celebrate this incredible and memorable moment.

Staring at the lens, Vincent and Olivia have professional photographs as an important memory to keep. With the incredible backdrop of Prague lighting up the photograph and setting the scene. The lights in the background blending in with the candles sat next to the couple gives the whole photograph a rustic and impressive feeling. These sets of photographs prove the importance of having a professional photoshoot to capture the memories one would share with, in this case, a new fiancé.

The smiles and love shared between our couple through these sets of photographs are important and impressive and these photographs can be looked back on for many years to follow. The use of professional photographers to capture the memories which could be kept for many years is forever on the rise, and photographers like Robert can always be on hand to give their local knowledge and advice during a photoshoot.

secret proposal photographer in Prague

Secret Proposal in Prague

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