30. 7. 2018

A Wonderful Surprise Proposal in Beautiful Nice

Nice, France, and the surrounding small towns are incredibly photogenic. With lots of coastline and historic buildings to explore Nathan decided it would be the perfect place to propose to his then girlfriend. All he needed was a local vacation photographer to make it official.

Photographer in Nice

Nissa la Bella

Nice the Beautiful, it’s called in French. And it’s not difficult to see why. With Tons of warm Mediterranean coastline and some of the nicest weather in France, Nice has been a tourist destination for centuries, ever since the English nobility decided they needed a place to escape the dreary winters of Britain.

That tradition continues today, and not only with the British. Nice’s airport is the third busiest after both of Paris’s airports, catering to thousands of tourists who flock to the beaches as well as use Nice as a gateway to the Principality of Monaco.

Photographer in Nice

Nice has an observatory, Observatoire de Nice, as well as several historic buildings such as the Place Garibaldi, a monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi, hero of the French Revolution. The Cours Saleya is an open-air market featuring flowers and entertainment that was formerly a lounging area for the French nobility. And throughout the year parties, concerts, and festivals are held.

Photographer in Nice

All in all, Nice is one of the best places for a vacation and a photo shoot. But how about a proposal?

Connecting with Aimen

Nathan made the best decision possible when deciding to hire a local photographer. Aimen is from the area and Nathan was passing through on a tour that also encompassed Gourdon and Saint Paul de Vence. As a non-local, Nathan would not have known exactly where would be the best location to get the photos he needed.

Photographer in Nice

In collaborating with Aimen they chose a beautiful elevated location close to the waterfront where they could not only capture a bird’s eye view but also have some semblance of privacy.

Request your secret proposal photo shoot in Nice now

When Nathan goes down on one knee his girlfriend looks stunned and delighted. And in the initial candid photos Aimen shows his skill as an event photographer by isolating the happy newly engaged couple. Notice how it’s only them, the textured wall, and the sky at first.

Photographer in Nice

And as we browse the album further they seem to have the entire gorgeous park to themselves. Everything is chosen and posed beautifully and with incredible skill. These simply aren’t images most people could capture on their own even if they tried working with a remote and their own DSLR camera. It takes a certain vantage point to create such quality images.

Photographer in Nice

The changes in depth of field are especially gorgeous. Depth of field is how much of a scene is in sharp focus. And Aimen alters that as needed. Some of the images show the lovely rolling hills and colorful buildings of Nice. Others include the surrounding trees as accents. And to create a more intimate feel some of the images blur out the background entirely to emphasize subjects like the ring, for example.

Photographer in Nice

Photographer in Nice

Aimen’s combination of skill, experience, technical equipment, and a gorgeous scene were exactly the combination Nathan was looking for. And no doubt if you’re reading this, you too are dreaming of a perfect destination or event photo shoot with a talented local photographer. And why not? If you’re going to be spending time abroad on a special holiday, make sure you have incredible images like these to remember it by!

Photographer in Nice

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