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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Surprise Proposal Photography

So, you always wanted to have your most special memories saved for a lifetime? The moment you have been waiting for is not going to last forever. The moment when your partner is on his knees, asking you the question you have been longing to say “Yes” to. But what if you are in a whirlwind of amazement and do not know how to react, and what emotions to show? Will you let that moment go by just like that? Or lock it in as the most precious keepsake of your life?

Of course, saving that ultra-intimate moment to share with the world or to cherish forever is something every couple dreams of. If you also want to make a planned surprise proposal, know that you are not the only one. A recent study has found that 47 percent of engaged couples coordinated with proposal photographers to capture their special moments. Forty-five percent out of them wanted that to happen in public places such as streets, stadiums, gardens, and scenic spots to signify a shift away from the traditional private proposals.

Regardless of the given reasons, hiring a proposal photographer to plan your surprise proposal photography is not something that only happens in fantasy stories or romantic movies. It can occur in reality if you don’t want to miss out even the tiny detail of that always-wanted moment. By organizing a planned proposal photoshoot, you can capture your elicited emotional responses of the moments.

Thanks to our expertise in surprise proposal photography, you can make your precious moment inspiration for your fiancée-to-be. Working over 900 destinations, the proposal photographers know how to highlight the special moments. They tried all avenues to make your proposal photography most aligned with the personalities and preferences of you and your partner.

If you are also looking for a skilled photographer to document the most important part of your love story, keep on reading to find out all you need to know.

Find Your Perfect Surprise Proposal Photographer

What is a Wedding Proposal Photographer?

Proposals are beautiful defining moments. It is the time when you are sure about spending the rest of your life with someone. They are full of raw emotions and love that deserve to be captured for a lifetime. Here is when you need a professional proposal photographer.

Wedding proposal photographers typically are the photography experts who you hire to shoot your marriage proposal. They document your special moments expertly whether you want a typical proposal photoshoot or a trendy paparazzi proposal with an engagement ring and everything.

These proposal photographs serve as the beautiful handy visual aid that you can proudly post on your Instagram. Showing photographs of your fiancée proposing to you on a rose petal pathway is way more impactful and inspirational than describing it in words.

A marriage proposal photographer, in this regard, does the best job to seize the picture-perfect moments using his/her professional gear. From decoration, location, lighting to dresses, and poses, they can guide you about everything to make your dream a reality. Because they witness countless proposals, they can give couple of amazing proposal ideas and tips to make everything go off perfectly.

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How to Find a Photographer to Take Pictures of Your Surprise Proposal? 

If you are pondering over whether or not you should hire a proposal photographer, chances are you are a perfectionist. And the key part of throwing a question without making it an unwelcome surprise is to choose a pro that excels in capturing your marriage proposal seamlessly. Not only this, the photographer must be familiar with the unique trends and stunning fashion. They must have affordable photographer cost that does not break your bank.

To succeed in the quest of capturing dreamy proposal photos, you must know the characteristics of a good proposal photographer. Here are a few tips you can take help to find one.

Find someone who is;

Tip #1

New to Your Fiancée

This is no doubt a key attribute when it comes to finding a proposal photographer. Make sure to choose someone new to your fiancée if you want to keep it a surprise. Hiring someone your partner already knows may spoil the whole plan of surprise proposal photography.

Marriage Proposal Ideas

Tip #2

Familiar with the Location

It is vital to find the photographer who is familiar with the area you have planned your proposal photoshoot. If you book someone who does not understand the lighting, has no unique proposal ideas, or is not aware of the best proposal spots in the area, it could affect the quality of your engagement photos. Plus, knowing the location or area will help him/her choose the right time of day to shoot.

Surprise Proposals

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Tip #3

Skilled at Photography

Only impeccable digital photography ensures that your proposal has the perfect focus. Surprise proposal photoshoots greatly rely on the skills of the photographer as subjects tend to make many unexpected movements. From getting down on one knee, jumping in joy to embracing and hugging the partner in surprise, all poses need to be captured with perfection.

That means you need a marriage proposal photographer who could skillfully seize the candid moments.

Secret Proposal Photography

Tip #4

Easily Accessible

This is one of the important characteristics when it is about finding a proposal photographer. No matter how good is someone in photographing proposals, if he/she is difficult to approach or get access to, it may ruin the whole long-planned-event.

However, this is one of the qualities that set us apart from other proposal photographers. We have an excellent savvy platform that curates the best photographers in a town. You can simple hire personal photographers for your surprise proposal through our website by filling an online form. The website automatically matches your information with the photographer’s profile according to your requirements and you’re ready for your rockstar marriage proposal.

Secret Proposal Photography

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How Much Should You Pay for a Proposal Photographer?

With the raging trend of proposal photography, the super-niche industry has made great progress. You must have seen candid proposal shots of your friends coming up on your newsfeed and Instagram stories. Gone are the days when people use to rely on mutual friends or relatives to capture the moments.

Now the paid photographers play paparazzi to lock in the intimate moments of marriage proposals. With the booming industry of proposals photography, hiring an expert photographer for documenting your emotional moment can cost you an arm and a leg. The average paparazzi proposal photographer cost ranges from $450 to $3000 per hour. The charges include pre-consultation, photography length, location, logistics to build up the scene, engagement ring shots, and editing. There can be a bump in the prices if you want to make others jealous by creating your marriage proposal scene in front of the Time Square ($1550) or Eiffel tower ($1,360). A recent wedding report found that many engagement couples spend around $250-$500 on their marriage proposal photography.

We are known for our affordable proposals photographer cost. Our inexpensive professional photography packages begin from $250 for thirty-minutes. Offering you the best selection of photography, the ideal packages include four workday delivery, 20 edited hi-resolution pictures, and 2-year back-up.

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10 Reasons to Hire a Photographer for Your Wedding Proposal

There is no denying that “proposal moment” makes one of those memories that you want to relive again and again. And that is what makes capturing that moment more important. Only some unique proposal ideas a perfectly-captured photo can bring all those giddy emotions, excitement, and anticipation back.

If this reason is not enough to convince you why proposal photographers are worth hiring, here we have added some more;

Reason #1

To Avoid Photography Blunders

We understand that most couples consider this a personal affair and want to keep it private and intimate. That is why they do not prefer hiring a professional photographer for an engagement photoshoot. But imagine what will happen if your friend’s camera stops working, or it starts raining, or someone comes in front of the camera just before the proposal moment?

Your perfect moment will not wait for these photography blunders. All these ruining elements can be avoided by hiring a wedding proposal photographer. He/she is a qualified professional and knows how to tackle all these minor issues.

Surprise Proposal in Disneyland

Reason #2

DIY Approach Does Not Always Work

Your groom or wife-to-be wanted to work through a DIY approach. They set his camera near the location to propose to you with a timer. Just before the moment, they were about to propose to you, a passerby stepped in and spoiled not only the shot but your surprise and mood too.

Of course, it is a small world, but they could have avoided this photobomb if they had hired a proposal photographer. That is to say, a DIY approach, although it saves you money, can ruin otherwise perfect proposal ideas if you are not professional.

Surprise Proposal Photography

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Reason #3

A Girl’s Dream

Regardless of what place a girl or a boy belongs to, they dreams about ideal marriage proposal. And an ideal proposal includes creating loving moments and capturing them. According to a survey, 80 percent of the women love capturing their dream proposals. And you know that only a professional photographer has the skills necessary to click your dream moments and make them unforgettable.

Marriage Proposal Photography

Reason #4

Turns Your Vision into Reality

No doubt, photography is a demanding profession and requires trained eyes. When you hire a proposal photographer from Localgrapher, they make sure that your proposal looks exceptional on film. Our local photographers are professionals with sufficient experience in the photography niche and can help you make your surprise proposal photography an incredibly beautiful experience, pull off some great proposal ideas, and make memories that will last forever.

Engagement Photoshoot

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Reason #5

Handy Visual Memories

A professional photographer makes your intimate details of your marriage proposal worth showing to others. The photoshoot serves as the beautiful handy visual memories that you can share with the world whenever you want to leave others awe-inspiring.

Surprise Marriage Proposal

Reason #6

Proposal Photographs Can Add to Your Wedding Stationery

Wedding proposals depicts the true emotions of sincerity and commitment. That is why they make touching photographs that can inspire others on your big day. Your proposal photographs can be used as wedding stationery at many places such as ceremony programs, wedding invitations, and save-the-date souvenirs.

Surprise Marriage Proposal

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Reason #7

Relive the Precious Moments

This reason is undeniably an important one. Saying “Yes” to your loved one may seem like a simple thing, but in reality, it causes a flood of emotions that you might have never experienced before.  You admire every moment whether it is your new engagement ring, or your fiancée kissing and hugging you.  

What can be better than capturing the moments rightly to relive and cherish all these emotions whenever you want? Hiring a surprise proposal photographer allows you to capture even tiny detail such as backdrop and weather.

Surprise Proposal Photography

Reason #8

You Might Get Swept Up by the Surprise

The reason might seem trivial to you, but it may happen to many people. No matter how well-rehearsed you are for that “said-at all” moment, you both can get overwhelmed easily by the emotions of surprise. If it happens, it will be hard to remember the moments you never want to miss out.  

Hiring a proposal photographer will help you capture all the necessary moments leading up to your “ Yes”, even ones that have flashed out your mind as you were too blinded by the news.

Marriage Proposal Photoshoot

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Reason #9

A Raging Trend

Your one proposal picture is worth a thousand words. Posting a sparkling ring, ecstatic faces, and beautiful background to announce that you are officially “taken” on social media is a raging trend. Since your lots of followers are going to see the picture, it is better to make it a perfect one by booking us!

Surprise Proposal Photography

Reason #10

A Professional Uses the Right Equipment

Best photography skills depend on advanced types of equipment and the right technique. A proposal photographer has the best lighting tools, advanced camera lenses, and techniques to click high-quality photos.

Secret Proposal Photography

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All in all, a professional surprise proposal shoot is a popular trend nowadays and one of the best ways to treasure precious moments. However, only the professional proposal photographer can make surprise proposals memorable with their dexterity and the right techniques. Proposal photographers from Localgrapher are the professionals you can count on for the best proposal photoshoot.

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