23. 1. 2017

Family Fun in the Sun on the Beaches of Rio

The city of Rio is one of the most exciting places to visit in South America. One family enjoyed a fun photoshoot with a vacation photographer to capture their memories from their adventures in the vibrant city.

Family Time

Vacation photographer in Rio de Janeiro

Vacation photographer in Rio de Janeiro

There is nothing more special than being able to share the experience of travel with your loved ones. Every year, families from all over the world travel to new and exciting places, but often, they do not get to return home with very many good family photos. There are several challenges to capturing good family photos while on vacation, so many families settle for having one family member take photos of the rest of the family. However, thanks to vacation photographers, many families are now able to return home with several high-quality photos of the whole family enjoying their time together.

Sunjay and his family hired Stefano, a local photographer, for a family photoshoot while on holiday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Because they decided to hire Stefano, Sunjay and his family will return home with not only incredible photos of the whole family but also fun memories from the photoshoot and vacation. They will always be able to look back on these memories and share them with their friends and family.

Vacation photographer in Rio de Janeiro

As if the lively city of Rio wasn’t already a fun and exciting place to visit, it was also the host of the 2016 Summer Olympics. The most talented athletes in the world gathered in this city to put their skills to the test in hopes of bringing home a gold medal for their country. It is an incredible honor to be able to witness the games, but it is still special to visit the city after the games have wrapped up.

To get ready for hosting the Olympic games, the city had built several buildings to house the athletes. As a local, Stefano was able to double as a photographer and tour guide as he took Sunjay and his family to the USA House, which was the temporary home for Team USA.

Vacation photographer in Rio de Janeiro

Sunjay and his family also took several other photos with different signs and sculptures that commemorate the historical event. They had their photos taken with a large twitter hashtag and the words “Rio 2016”, both of which are very popular for recent visitors and Olympic fans.

Vacation photographer in Rio de Janeiro

Sun and Sand

The energetic city of Rio de Janeiro can quickly wear its visitors out if they neglect to spend some time relaxing and recharging on the city’s beautiful beaches. The sand warm from the sun and the cool ocean breeze make the beaches a very popular attraction. Sunjay and his family spent some time taking fun photos at Ipanema and Arpoador.

Vacation photographer in Rio de Janeiro

Vacation photographer in Rio de Janeiro

Vacation photographer in Rio de Janeiro

The sand and ocean made for stunning backdrops to their photos, and between the laughs and smiles, it is very evident that they had plenty of fun having their photos taken. The photos show the outgoing and fun personalities of each of the family members as they were always up for some comical poses, but there are also plenty of loving and sweet poses as well.

Vacation photographer in Rio de Janeiro

Vacation photographer in Rio de Janeiro

Stefano did a truly incredible job capturing the joy of this family’s holiday, so they will never forget their time in Rio.

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