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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Family Photography

You come back home from your perfect family vacation, unpack your bags and go over all the photos, getting ready to share them with your family and friends. All you can find are blurry or cropped pictures taken by strangers, one of the kids always has their eyes closed in some of them and you completely miss out from the whole album. Sounds familiar? Well, you are not the only one experiencing this.

Luckily, you can book a professional photographer who will take pictures of your whole family while on a vacation anywhere in the world! These always turn out amazing and are worth sharing on Facebook and Instagram where they receive so many compliments! So just keep on reading to find out more.

What is a Family Vacation Photographer?

A family vacation photographer is a local professional who you can easily book for a private photo session anywhere in the world! All Localgrapher photographers speak English so even when you are exploring Asian wonders, hiking up South American mountains or chilling on an Italian beach, you don’t have to worry about not understanding each other.

The photographer is there for you and your party only, therefore you never share them with other families or tourists. This is a huge advantage as you can tell them exactly what you want and which photo spots you would like to visit, or if you’re not sure, even ask them what they recommend in advance!

If you have limited space in your luggage but would like to use some cute props which will make your photos even more special, just ask the photographer! They will do their best to arrange them for you. Nino, our local photographer in Dubrovnik, Croatia is for example famous for arranging ginormous bouquets of roses. All our clients always brag about him and share this unique treatment with everyone they know!

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How Can I Book a Private Photo Session for the Whole Family Abroad?

Before Your Family Photo Session

Booking of a family vacation photographer is simple. You just select a destination you want to visit on our website, choose a photographer whose style you like the most and request the photo shoot. In addition to that, we ask you to give us your name, email and date of the photoshoot to be able to let you know whenever your selected photographer is available or not.

Once you and your booking agent agree on the details, they issue you the payment. Once paid, your personal photographer gets in touch with you. This is the time to ask them for recommendations and special arrangements.

If your child is celebrating a birthday and you would like to have a cake and some props in the pictures, request it! If you’re not sure what outfits to wear, ask the family vacation photographer. They all have many years of experience and are the locals in your selected area. That means that they know the best what looks stunning in the photos. Not sure what time and where to meet up? Ask the photographer, they know the best spots and times of the day to escape the crowds or catch the perfect light.

On the Day of Your Family Photo Session

You and your private photographer meet up and have your perfect family photoshoot. Are you afraid that you will not be able to find each other? Don’t worry, at this point, you have already agreed on the exact time and place! Plus you know how the photographer looks like from their profile picture on our website and you have their phone number in case any hick-ups arise along the way from your hotel!

After Your Family Photo Session

After you and your family are done with this unique experience, as our clients often say “We felt surprisingly comfortable and had a fantastic time!”, our local professional photographer heads home to take care of the post-production of your photos. They add the final professional touches and upload your family vacation photographs into a secured online gallery in 4 business days!

Typically, it happens that you are still on a vacation when you receive access to the gallery from our booking team. Sometimes, the photographers take more pictures of you than you paid for. You can choose your favorite ones in the online gallery or even request to purchase more of them.

Time to enjoy HD edited photos to the fullest! The moment when you can’t get enough of your super cute babies, seeing the whole family perfectly posing and having all of their important body parts in the frame, reliving the moments through beautifully captured sites in the background, and loving the smiles worth a magazine cover. These pictures are more than ready to be shared on your Instagram and framed in the living room.

Surprise Your Family with a Vacation Photoshoot
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How Much Does a Family Vacation Photographer Cost?

You control how much you spend! The standard packages’ price is based on how much time you spend with a family vacation photographer and how many pictures you receive from your photo session in your favorite destination. You can check out the standard photo and video packages price list here.

If you don’t find what you were looking for in terms of the length of the photoshoot or the number of pictures received from it because you are, for example, having a family birthday party or a vacation on a yacht, you can request a customized photoshoot in any of our 700+ destinations around the globe HERE.

Is this your first time thinking about doing a professional family photoshoot while abroad? You have no idea how your loved ones will like it? Suspicious about the quality of our services? Stop worrying right here! We believe in our services so much that we offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee for your photo session. Meaning if you don’t like our service or the result from your family photo session, we give you the whole amount back! You can check more details HERE.

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10 Reasons to Hire a Vacation Photographer for Your Next Family Trip

Reason #1

Kids Are Growing Up Fast and You Want the Cutest Years to be Captured Forever

Every year matters when it comes to your little ones. They change so fast and you want every single vacation to be captured well. Whenever you are looking for a perfect family portrait picture from a trip to Europe to be framed and displayed by a fireplace at your house, a super cute photo of your toddler playing with the waves at a beach for the first time to pull it out when they bring their high school date home or an Instagram pic which will break the internet, we got you here!

Book the best family photographer who is there for you anywhere you go and make your vacation memories last forever!

Family Vacation Photographer

Reason #2

Don’t Miss Out from the Best Family Photos

“Beautiful photos but where are you?” Have you heard this before? If so, you probably often answer that you’re the one behind the camera. You capture some of the moments this way but it’s not ideal, especially when it comes to vacation with your entire family. You put so much work into getting everyone together, agreeing on the dates, destinations, tours, accommodation, and many other details. This takes days, weeks, sometimes even months.

Treat yourself to a family photographer experience and never miss out from the best vacation pictures again! You deserve to be in them! A huge bonus, when it comes to large family group photography, is that you can share the expenses! With Localgrapher, you always purchase a photo package that covers the time you have your private photographer available for and the number of photos you want to receive. No matter how many of you are sharing this experience, the price stays the same!

Family Vacation Photographer

Treat Your Family to Flawless Vacation Pictures
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Reason #3

The Professional Photographer's Expertise is Everything

You might feel awkward when somebody else takes a picture of you. Not with our photographers though! They all have years of professional experience and therefore understand the best family photography poses, how to make you feel comfortable and what works best for a family of your size!

Family Vacation Photographer

Reason #4

You Get High-Quality Edited Family Portraits Worth Framing

How many times have you come back from a family vacation and realized that all the pictures of you taken by strangers are either cropped or blurry? Let’s be honest, not everyone who carries an expensive camera around understands the composition, focusing, or how to take great pictures as it is.

The good news is that all of our photographers are handpicked and tested so they would reach our high standard! We also do not force them to have the same exact style so you can select family portrait photographers who match your requirements the best!

Check out their work in their profiles on our website and choose from more than 1000 local professionals from around the world. They will take care of the perfect family portrait from any vacation!

Family Vacation Photographer

Step Up Your Family Photo Game
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Reason #5

Localgrapher Photographers are Locals

They don’t travel with you across the ocean, they are already there!

They are ready to help you with any requests you might have, recommend restaurants in their home town or even suggest something very special you had no idea about! You don’t understand what somebody was saying and feel that it is important? Ask your family photographer, besides English, they also speak the local language.

Family with Kids Photographer

Reason #6

Your Photographer Knows the Best Photo Spots

Out of family photography ideas? Your private photographer has plenty of those and also understands the best photo spots!

This is especially helpful when you’re visiting super busy European destinations! If you don’t have a local with you, it can ruin the whole photo experience for you. Most of the spots are often crowded and must know when is the best time of the day to visit them to get your beautiful family portrait.

The photographers also know secret photo spots where nobody goes to but are definitely worth visiting and capturing in photographs.

Family Vacation Photographer

Capture Your Family Vacation Well
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Reason #7

You Can Book Them Anywhere in the World

Right now, you can choose from over 900 destinations around the globe and we are still growing!

There’s no other company which covers so many destinations. It rarely happens that you can’t find a location where you’re taking your family to, but if so, you can request it HERE and we’ll contact you as soon as it’s launched.

Family Vacation Photographer

Reason #8

Step Up Your Instagram Game

If you always search for inspiration on famous influencers’ Instagram pages and end up wondering where they got their flawless vacation pictures, the answer lays on this website.

You don’t have to be a well-known Instagrammer to end up with an awesome feed though! Whenever you’re looking for indoor or outdoor family photographers, you don’t have to anymore, we can provide you with anything you wish for in terms of photography! So step your Instagram game and make your friends jealous when they go over your vacation pictures!

Family Vacation Photographer

Make Your Instagram Followers Jealous
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Reason #9

A Unique Experience for the Whole Family

A young family with a baby, an experienced family with teenagers, or a large family with all adults – this is a memorable experience for everyone!

Photoshoot for a Family With a Baby

Our clients often worry that their baby will not be in the mood for a family photo session. The worries disappear when they meet our local photographer and realize that the person is patient, experienced, and even ready to work with newborns!

Photoshoot for a Family with Teenagers

If you think that they would rather spend a vacation all bored and texting with their friends, think again! You can ask our photographer to go for an increasingly popular paparazzi photoshoot! How does it work? You just explore the most amazing sites while your private family photographer follows you around!

Photoshoot for a Large Family of Adults

Have you managed to get everyone on board for a special vacation? Lucky you! This might be a once in a lifetime opportunity to have the kids, parents, and grandparents all in one picture. Don’t let this moment fade away! Make sure that you hire a family vacation photographer.

Family Vacation Photographer

Reason #10

Every Grandma Will Be Blown Away by This Vacation Souvenir

A magnet as a souvenir from your perfect vacation is so last year! Give everyone who made it to your family trip, also who didn’t, a framed picture from your vacation or put together a photo album with the best pics! You’ll see how this special gift will make everyone happy and won’t end up in a box in the basement but will be proudly displayed in the living room.

Family Vacation Photographer

So What Are You Waiting For?
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