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Brotherly Love on the Beautiful Beaches of Seminyak

08. 11. 2017

There are few resort destinations around the world as popular as the country of Bali, with its striking beaches and rich history, but no spot is more enviable than the area of Seminyak. From the striking, beachside Balinese temples to the smattering of hotels and restaurants that line the area, there was no more perfect place for our photographer Triaji to capture Kashish’s special family vacation than this shore’s sandy stretch.

photographer in Seminyak, Bali

Situated in the midst of Bali’s popular resort area, Seminyak is known for the white sand of its beaches, which have made it one of Indonesia’s best-known treasures. There are few places that are equal to the beauty and history the area offers up, and Triaji was lucky to capture our couple on an adventure with their two children, a memorable vacation that will long be remembered.

photographer in Seminyak, Bali

Sunny Moments at the Temple

Near the historic temple of Pura Petitenget, our vacation photographer Triaji was able to easily capture two differing aspects of beautiful Balinese culture. The family smiled candidly in front of the red brick and sandstone of the temple, a place known for its beachside ceremonies, detailed carvings and twittering birds.

photographer in Seminyak, Bali

As they walked along the wooden bridges that dot the area, they smiled as they faced the camera, taking in the brilliant afternoon sunlight. In a touching moment of sibling harmony, the brothers high-fived, a hail of laughter and smiles caught above the wooden boards and the white sand beach of Seminyak.

Playing in the Sand

The family strolled by the water to enjoy the warmth of South Bali, walking along the beach that was covered with tourists and travellers, surfers grabbing a board and horse riders, cabanas and multi-colored umbrellas.

photographer in Seminyak, Bali

Triaji caught the family as they made their own memories, pulling out a camera to take their very own pictures, the couple huddling together and staring into the sun so they could later recall the tail end of a moment.

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Close to the Indian Ocean waters, the brothers played together on the sand, with a mother and her sons sharing tender moments as they stared out at the glimmering tides, laughing amongst themselves and enjoying their journey together.

photographer in Seminyak, Bali

Kashish too laughed and played with his children as they got dirty in the sand, play fighting and picking each other up with their hands, the striking afternoon light capturing the fun of the moment, its beauty and timelessness.

Walking the Water at Dusk

In the late afternoon, Triaji photographed the family as they walked in the surf among the water that was still warm against their ankles. The crowds of beachgoers were packing up their towels and their umbrellas, heading back to hotels as the sun started to beat its slow descent.

photographer in Seminyak, Bali photographer in Seminyak, Bali

As they looked out towards the sunset, Kashish kissed his wife on the cheek as if to solidify the moment. But, before the solace of it became too much, the kids were back at, jumping through the surf and laughing as the tides swiftly rolled in. The happy parents smiled as their kids played together, knowing they would remember these precious moments for many years.

The orange husk of the sun set low over the water, and the shadowy shapes of the family took in the last of the memorable day. Luckily, the time they spent on the beach in Seminyak was captured, and they would have more than memories to hold the trip dear.

photographer in Seminyak, Bali

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