Everything You Wanted to Know about Kids Photography

Needless to mention that children’s photos are some of the most positive and exciting possessions one could have. There is nothing purer than the innocence and emotions of the children. The way they smile and show their excitement and love towards even the simplest things, make the moments worth capturing.

Whether it’s the first birthday of your firstborn that you want to shoot or his/her school’s first day, the big moments must be captured in a way that shows your kid’s real personality. This is one of the reasons the concept of kids photoshoot has become an important photography domain.

That is to say, photographing the kids is surely not a piece of cake. Children are the most special models who can be both innocent and annoying at the same time. They are full of energy, eager and adventurous, and that is what makes them listen to your instructions way more challenging. They do not pose as carefully as you do.

It does not end here; children have a strong imagination and have a different image of their future photos. It is possible that your child stands his/ her own ground when it comes to choosing clothes, locations, and even poses.

No matter how expert are you at photography, capturing the right poses of your child is daunting. This where you need a competent child photographer whose dexterity turn even the natural poses into outstanding clicks. Whether it’s a simple mother and child photography session or only kid’s photoshoot, a child photographer knows how to seize the sincere emotions and expressions of the children.

With Localgrapher, you can lock in all the special gesture of your child. We understand that toddler shooting is beyond just taking happy photos. With our local photographers’ unique photography skills, we know how to capture sad emotions, crazy expressions, and mischievous sparkle of your child’s eyes. We are experts in staged photos just as they are taking in candid poses. In short, Localgrapher helps you seize the moments that tell the story of your child growing up.

Let’s delve into the details to find out how can you make your child photography poses extraordinary.


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How to Dress Your Kids for a Photoshoot and What Props to Prepare?

Dressing and clothing your kids for a photoshoot can be, without a doubt, one of the biggest concerns for you as a parent. It is because the outcome of photoshoot largely depends on the dresses or outfits of the children. From special costumes to mono-color outfits, your child can be photographed in a variety of styled dresses to make an overall different impact. So it’s worth makings sure clothing and dresses are not your rushed decision.

If you are looking for kids photoshoot ideas for dressing and clothing, we have you covered here.

Idea #1


When it is about styling your kid for a photoshoot, there is a wide variety to choose from than just choosing traditional white T-shirt and denim jeans. That means with little experimentation, and you can dress up your little fashionista creatively for the camera. And layering is one of those ideas. The style is just perfect if it is a fall or winter photoshoot. Add layers of half-sweaters and check long coats to your kid’s outfit.

Kids Photographer

Idea #2

Colorful Accessories

Make your kid as vibrant as his/her personality without having a fear of over-accessorizing him/her. Keep in your mind that kids photoshoot has no styling limits, so you do not need to hesitate in expressing your kid’s unique flair by making him/her wear minimal accessories such as belts, glasses, and colorful hats.

Kids Photographer

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Idea #3

Coordinating Outfits

Although the idea might not sound something new, it always gives impactful outcomes. Not only do making kids wear coordinating outfits look classic but also it is one of the most adopted kids photoshoot ideas. Coordinating outfits do not necessarily have to be same in color and design. You can have a similar tone dresses that complement one another outfits.

Discuss and plan with your child photographer to come up with the best ideas. For example, if you are having an outdoor photoshoot, wearing semi-formal outfits like mini-skirts and jeans paired with complementary colors can be perfect for children portrait.

Kids Photographer

Idea #4

White is Right

There is no denying that all white dresses have an extraordinary appeal to them. Plus, the pleasantly calm color is the popular choice when it comes to photographing children and babies. It directs the attention of the children faces without any distracting elements. If you want to have some natural and candid photos, white rompers, frocks, and tops are perfect for kid’s photo shoot.

Kids Photography


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Idea #5

Bold and Bright Colors

There is nothing bad in bringing out the vibrant personality of your child through bold and bright colored outfits. Although many child photographers try to steer away from bright and bold colors or logos for portrait photography, they can look great if accessorized appropriately and tastefully.

Localgrapher, in this regard, knows that bold, vibrant colored outfits are one of the best ways to capture the excitement and energy of toddlers. Go for floral or pastel sundresses for your girl and colored shirt and khaki trousers for your boy to make the most of colorful outfits.

Tip: a football or soccer ball can be an ideal prop to go with the white outfits to add life to the pictures.

Kids Photographer

Idea #6

Capture with Toys

Nothing can be a better choice than toys when it is about an ideal prop for your child photoshoot. Know that your child feels relaxed and comfortable with his/her toys. Be it his/her teddy bear or sports car, using toys as props are the right technique to keep your child’s energy restrained. All you need to do is to ask your young one to play naturally with the toy and let Localgrapher capture some of the best child photography poses.

Kids Photographer


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Idea #7

Reading Skills as a Prop

If your child is a bibliomaniac and loves spending time with his/her books, capturing him/her with the books can be a great idea for future photos. While your child is viewing the beautiful illustrations or reading his/her favorite story, it is a great opportunity to get some awe-inspiring shots.

Kids Photographer

Idea #8

Funny Photos with Goodies

Have you ever thought of photographing your child with different goodies? If no, then trust us, they can be the cutest props you have ever used. Let your child eat his/her favorite sweet, candies, and chocolates, and capture the candid shots. The funny photos will make a noble place in your children’s photo album.

Kids Photographer

How to Hire a Kids Photographer?

No doubt that hiring an inexperienced photographer may cost you money and time. Plus, it entails a risk of ruining the end product you expected from the professional child photoshoot. That is why it is essential to be clear about what you are looking for, and what do you want to be captured. When hiring a kid’s photographer, make sure that you discuss your demands.

Moreover, a child photographer has to be experienced in the relevant photography field. Not all photographers can capture children’s photos, expertly, and innovatively. You must go through the photographer’s profile or previous photoshoots to ensure that you are hiring the professional. An experienced photographer must be able to come up with creative child photography ideas.

Hiring a Localgrapher can steer you away from all this hectic process. Our child photographers are not only qualified and experienced but also full of creative kids photoshoot ideas. What makes them the best choice is their easy hiring process. You need to fill an online form to book some of the best child’s photographers. The advanced website automatically connects you with the localgrapher of your choice.

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How Much Should a Photographer Charge for a Kids Session?

Knowing how much you should pay for the kid’s photographer session can be tricky; especially if you are doing it for the first time. Since kid’s photography is relatively new in the photograph domain, you may get beginners, freelancers, and intermediate photographers. As mentioned earlier, hiring one who charges you nothing can result in unsatisfying end products.

With our smart pricing packages, have the edge over other photographers. They have four comprehensive packages Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Video, to choose from. The charges range from $250 to $500, depending on the length of the photoshoot.

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10 Reasons to Hire a Photographer for a Photo Session with Your Children

If you think taking photos is one job that you can give to anyone, you might be mistaken. Want to know why? Here we have enlisted ten compelling reasons why should you consider hiring a photographer for a photo session with your children.

Reason #1

Planned Photo Session

That is undeniably the main reason one wants to hire a photographer for a photo session with the children. The way a professional photographer can plan a photoshoot, you cannot. He/she is an expert and is paid for the job. A professional photographer takes out time to study what each client wants or expects to plan a professional photo session accordingly.

Kids Photographer

Reason #2

You Get What You Expect

Tied to the last point, professional photographers are paid to work for you. You do not have to be worried about taking their time, asking them to make changes, or edits. You get tons of poses and compositions without having to worry about the end product.

Kids Photographer

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Reason #3

Pro Skills to Manage the Kids

This is one of the overlooked reasons when it is about hiring a photographer for the kid’s photoshoot. Getting your children ready, dressing them, and making them sit on a place for a photo session may sound easy, but in reality, it is not. Only a pro can manage the kids and get their attention to keep the session moving.

A child photographer knows how to make a kid comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

Kids Photographer

Reason #4

Professional Knowledge

A photographer studies photography and dedicates his/her time to do professional courses. That means you cannot beat his/her knowledge that is used in producing high-quality photos.

Kids Photographer

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Reason #5

Sophisticated Equipment

Pro photographers always have better photographic pieces of equipment. They use everything from remote flashes, special lenses, to lighting umbrella for capturing the best poses of your children. Localgraphers excel in panorama and wide-angle shots and can add uniqueness to your kid’s photoshoot.

Kids Photographer

Reason #6

Pro Editing Skills

Photography does not end with the session. It has a long way to go through to get the final shape of refined images. That means one of the reasons you should consider hiring a photographer is expert editing skills. You do not need to invest time in the photo-editing process when you book a localgrapher.

Kids Photographer

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Reason #7

You are Free to Enjoy with Kids

Being relieved of the duty of taking photos means you can enjoy with your kids. It becomes even more important when you are having or celebrating a special event such as birthdays. Having a photographer by your side means, you can blow out candles, cut the cake, and unwrap gifts with your children without worries.

Kids Photography

Reason #8

No Missed Picture-Ops

A planned photo session means you have someone ready to click the moments you might have missed out. There are tons of natural and candid poses that parents often miss out when having fun with their kids. With Localgrapher, on the other hand, there are no missed picture-ops whether it’s your child’s first swimming lesson or birthday surprise.

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Reason #9

Kids Have Fun

You can’t ignore the fact that children also love being captured and photographed. A professional photoshoot is not less than an adventure for the children. Posing in front of the camera can be a new experience for them.

Kids Photographer

Reason #10

To Get Trendy Pictures

There has to be a difference between your childhood memories and your children’s childhood memories in terms of photography. You surely want to try out some unique poses to take trendy pictures to share with your family and friends.

Kids Photographer

Overall, photography with kids is fun, yet requires professional skills. Only a child photographer can capture the true emotions of your children in the photos.

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