March 8th, 2018

Precious Family Time in the Royal City of Versailles

Joy was planning a family vacation with her husband and son and daughter. Versailles was the destination, which conjures up images of King Louis XIV’s glitterati palace and impossibly intricate gardens.

Instead of ogling all that gold and portraits of dead French kings, however, Joy wanted to investigate the actual town of Versailles. It was built by the Sun King to complement the palace and provide food for the 10,000 courtiers and servants housed there, not counting visitors. Visitors not staying at the palace were put up in one of Versailles’s fashionable inns. In essence, the town of Versailles was created for the sole purpose of serving the King of France.

vacation photographer in Versailles, France

After the death of Louis XIV, the government moved back to Paris, and Versailles developed into the quintessential French town, with lovely shops, restaurants and a delightful market. To make this family vacation special, Joy called on local photographer Stephanie to take photos of the parents and the thirteen and eleven-year old kids enjoying their stay in Versailles.

Stephanie posed the family for their first – and last – formal picture. You can tell they are raring to take on Versailles. Even though they are standing in front of a small shop, you can see the pillars of a bygone royal era.

vacation photographer in Versailles, France

Vacationing with the parents can feel very uncool, and Stephanie catches a glimpse of some teen embarrassment at being seen with mom and dad. Life can be hard.

vacation photographer in Versailles, France

Amid the cobblestone streets and quaint little shops, the family is getting into the spirit of things. At least, mom and dad are planning on having a great time.

Versailles is filled with shops like this little bookstore. You can almost smell the bindings of old books. France loves romance, and here’s Dad is taking time out to give mom an appreciative kiss.

vacation photographer in Versailles, France

Definitely something interesting here! Stephanie gets a picture of one of kids in rapt attention. You never know what you’ll find in a charming French town. From the beautifully tiled floors to the arched doorway, some royal influence is still evident.

vacation photographer in Versailles, France

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What’s next on the agenda? The family huddles for some planning. There’s a lot to do and see in Versailles.

vacation photographer in Versailles, France

On the move, but what’s the hurry? The ladies seem to prefer taking their time.

vacation photographer in Versailles, France

You’re never too old to hold hands. Family-togetherness rules as the family braves a bit of soggy weather.

vacation photographer in Versailles, France

They’ve found food, and everyone’s happy. Caught in the act of enjoying a delicious French sweet, everyone looks re-energized. The black and white shot brings to life some old-world charm.

vacation photographer in Versailles, France

Everyone is having fun, so it’s okay to go in for a kiss. The kids seem a lot happier since their snack.

vacation photographer in Versailles, France

More good French food on the go. Being photographed with mom and dad is clearly no longer the end of the world. Stephanie’s pictures are proof that Versailles has a lot more to offer than a few dead kings and a palace with an enormous heating bill.

vacation photographer in Versailles, France

Family vacation are the things of which memories are made. Twenty years from new, Stephanie’s photos will be shown to the grandkids.

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