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The Ultimate and Beautiful Family Vacation in Okinawa

25. 6. 2018 Photographer in Okinawa

The Ultimate and Beautiful Family Vacation in Okinawa

A family is everything, and Ashley understands all theses well enough as she decided to take a vacation to Okinawa with those she considers closest to her. She would be accompanied by her husband and young son,…

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21. 6. 2018 Photographer in Doha

Family Day Photo Shoot in the Beautiful City Doha

Although it could be a little bizarre, Doha is the place worth going on vacation because of provoking and charming ambiance. Its futuristic skyline and desert landscapes is a sight to behold and once you visit here,…

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12. 6. 2018 Photographer in Istanbul

Family Day Photo Shoot in Historical Istanbul

Commonly known as the City of Constantine, the old walled Istanbul is living history. Constantine was the name of a legendary king of the Greek colonialists. Strategically located, it has attracted armies over the centuries. The Greeks,…

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