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Perfect Memories at the Pyramids in Cairo with a Local Photographer

20. 7. 2017

The city of Cairo is a gateway to sweeping desert views, ancient history, and unbelievable iconic landmarks. Millions of tourists travel to Egypt every year to get a glimpse of the remarkable pyramids and to see what people in ancient civilizations lived like thousands of years ago.

vacation photographer in Cairo, pyramids

The Third Family Vacation

When Sumana and her family embarked on their last two trips, they hired our professional local family photographers to capture the best moments. The family’s first vacation, to Pisa, Italy, was photographed by the talented Samantha. The results were so great, the family didn’t hesitate to hire another photographer for their vacation in Paris, France. Sarah was able to capture beautiful images of the family by the Eiffel Tower and playing on an adorable carousel. So, for her family’s vacation in Cairo, Sumana didn’t hesitate to hire yet another one of our fantastic local photographers.

Nabil, a local photographer in Cairo, was hired to photograph Sumana and her family enjoying everything that the magical destination of Cairo has to offer. While the city itself is already picture perfect, Nabil did an excellent job capturing the family’s joy and the destination’s beauty, even if their little one was asleep in his father’s arms for most of the photoshoot. It’s just a testament to how relaxed and comfortable Nabil made the couple and their son feel.

vacation photographer in Cairo, pyramids

vacation photographer in Cairo, pyramids

There’s Nowhere in the World like Cairo

When travelling to Cairo, Egypt, you’re in for a treat. The destination is bursting at the seams with museums, ancient pyramids, historic artifacts, and rich history. Sumana knew her family’s trip to Cairo would be so special that it needed to be preserved forever.

vacation photographer in Cairo, pyramids

Unfortunately, when visiting popular destinations like Cairo, it can be difficult to capture images without other people in the background. However, because Sumana hired a professional local photographer, she benefited from Nabil’s experience and local knowledge. In addition, she knew that the images would be high quality and worthy of showing off to her friends and family.

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Nabil was able to guide the family to fantastic locations that provided an uninterrupted view of the pyramids and Sphinx. Sumana was even able to take the classic photo kissing the Sphinx without any other tourists in the background. That’s surely going to be a photograph for the memory books!

A Family’s Love Captured on Film

As a young family, capturing precious memories on “film” is priceless. Thanks to Nabil’s advanced photography skills, eye for composition, and local knowledge, the family will have photographs that they can look back on fondly when their child is grown up. In addition, once the family returns home, they will be able to share their beautiful photographs with their family and friends.

vacation photographer in Cairo, pyramids

vacation photographer in Cairo, pyramids

vacation photographer in Cairo, pyramids

From posing in front of pyramids and the desert, to riding atop of a camel, every single image shows just how much love the family has for each other and how much they are enjoying their travels. Because Sumana hired a family photographer, she could focus on enjoying time with her family and exploring the magnificent city, instead of trying to take photos herself.

vacation photographer in Cairo, pyramids

vacation photographer in Cairo, pyramids

Our professional vacation photographers are in destinations around the globe helping travelers preserve their vacation memories forever. Wherever you’re planning on traveling next, don’t forget to hire a vacation photographer for your future travels.

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