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Love, Unrivalled and Jovial Birthday in Cartagena, Colombia

17. 6. 2018

It is not only a place where you could drop all your sightseeing routines and get a taste of their rich culture. The area is beyond doubt the queen of the Caribbean coast. A fairy-tale town is full of preserved beauty with so much history.

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Photographer in Cartagena

Celebrating a Birthday

A birthday is a moment worth living for, and Monica wouldn’t have chosen any better way to honor her big day. She was very specific and gave details of what was expected during the photo shoot. Luckily, our vacation photographer in Cartagena was familiar with most of her requirements and when called upon he was optimistic about making every moment memorable.

Photographer in Cartagena

Traveling to Cartagena would leave Monica with all the beautiful memories considering the many types of activity one would indulge in when in this part of the world. On his part, Jason, our birthday photographer, was ready to take photos of her within the places she preferred. Having mastered his way around one of the most visited tourist destinations, Monica would have the time of her life during her birthday in Cartagena.

Photographer in Cartagena

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Beauty of Art

Having stayed in Cartagena, Jason knew his way around most of the places where Monica would have loved to have her pictures taken. He chose areas with some of the best murals, and the satisfaction could be seen in Monica’s face. She was all smiles throughout the photo shoot with part of her clothing almost resembling the art on the wall. It was her big day, and she would celebrate it to the fullest.

Photographer in Cartagena

Photographer in Cartagena

The flowers accentuated well with the red painting on the wall and Jason took a moment to ensure Monica was seen in all the photos. One of the old buildings was also her favorite, and she had some pictures taken. For a moment you would mistake Monica for a model. On the other hand, Jason displayed his artistry of the camera freezing each moment behind the lens.

Photographer in Cartagena

With each shutter sound, a clear image came to life showing contrast and depth that would be fulfilling to anyone who would view the image. All these were wrapped up in one ribbon and each moment of her birthday was worth the photo session.

Photographer in Cartagena

A Birthday to Remember

Cartagena and art cannot be compared to any other place, and for Monica to choose a destination with specific details, it was clear she was a lover of her background. She walked down the streets confidently, and Jason ensured no moment went by without a photo. Her facial features displayed contentment on her big day. The blue paintings on the wall matched her complexion, and you would think this place was meant for her birthday photo shoot.

Photographer in Cartagena

Sitting on one of the windows, she smiled widely, and her dimples could be seen from a distance. Jason went ahead and took some photos in other parts where there were more pieces of artwork on the walls. At some point a lady joined in the photo shoot, she must have been intrigued with all the ongoing photo session. Some fewer photos were taken on the thickest part of the town before they called it a day.

Photographer in Cartagena

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