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A Delightful Romantic Surprise Photo Shoot in Paris

30. 11. 2018

Paris is known as the city of love and the perfect place for romantic memories. One of our professional photographers was able to capture the surprise visit of a devoted boyfriend who wanted to make his girlfriend’s first trip to Europe one she would never forget.

Picture-Perfect Romance

When Simone learned that his girlfriend was traveling to Paris, he wanted to give her something that would make her trip extra special. It would be her first time visiting Europe, and Simone decided it was a good opportunity to organize something that would bring the two of them closer together and create lasting memories. Planning a surprise visit to meet his girlfriend in Paris, Simone wanted to make sure this unique reunion was captured in pictures for the couple of them to always treasure.

Photographer in Paris

Planning a photo shoot can be difficult when traveling, but luckily with Axel, one of our local photographers in Paris, Simone was able to make this wish a reality. The two of them were able to plan to make it the best surprise possible for Simone’s girlfriend, and one that would be a meaningful experience for the couple together. Scheduling a photo shoot in a studio lacks the charm and character of pictures taken in a natural setting, and with Axel’s local knowledge of Paris and skill as a professional photographer, he was able to ensure the couple got the results they wanted in photographs.

Photographer in Paris

Iconic Parisian Style

Axel was there every step of the way to capture the couple’s unique meeting in Paris, making sure Simone and his girlfriend would have pictures of the special moment when they saw each other. The natural joy and un-staged excitement of reunification in Paris was all photographed by Axel, who knew that genuine emotion is always able to give photos singular meaning beyond what any posed photo can do.

Photographer in Paris

Photographer in Paris

Happily together again, Simone and his girlfriend then worked together with Axel to make sure the best parts of Paris were preserved in photos. Of course, the iconic Eiffel Tower was included in some of their photographs, and as a local vacation photographer, Axel knew the best ways to incorporate well-known landmarks without losing originality in the photographs. The magic of Paris is always delightful to experience, and Axel was able to capture this energy in the couple’s vacation pictures.

Photographer in Paris

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A Perfect Photo Ensemble

Incorporating a combination of posed photos and natural shots, Axel was able to produce a well-rounded collection of photographs for the couple’s time together in Paris. The variety in lighting, postures, and distance from the camera ensured that Simone and his girlfriend could enjoy having images of many special memories. More intimate pictures captured the romantic atmosphere while other staged shots gave the couple pictures to share with family and friends to show them their special trip together.

Photographer in Paris

From lighthearted smiles to intimate eye-contact, Axel made sure to snag photos of all the emotions that made the meeting in Paris such a wonderful experience for this couple. Parisian romance is often only a dream for most people, and thankfully with Axel’s help, Simone and his girlfriend now have pictures that prove this dream was made into a reality.

Our professional photographers like Axel, can suggest the best locations for a variety of photo shoots, as they are often local experts. Their goal is to give their clients the best photo shoot experience, and memories to treasure forever.

Photographer in Paris


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