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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
November 11th, 2019

10 Fantastic Event Photography Ideas for Your Company’s Holiday Party

One of the cultures that keeps a company’s employees excited and well-motivated all year long is breaking away from the norm of office work and celebrating holidays together. Not only is it a chance to get the team together and enjoy each other’s company as colleagues, but it is also a great opportunity to demonstrate to your members of staff how much you appreciate and value their hard work and commitment to the company.  When it comes to the actual planning of a corporate event things tend to get a little bit complex than anticipated. There is some kind of pressure that is unsettling within you, given that the entire event, from the beginning to the end has to be perfect. You need the kind of event that your employees will talk about for months; the kind of party that will leave them all eager for the next one. 

The number one challenge that you might face is to prove wrong the stereotype that ‘office events or corporate parties for that matter are boring and kind of stale’. We can all agree that event photography is undeniably part of the event’s success story. You need to capture all the memories in nicely taken photos by your corporate photographer. Your employees will then look back and remember the bond shared among themselves as colleagues while at the same time look forward to the next event. When it comes to matters planning and event ideas, you need not get all worrisome as we have got your back.

Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of top 10 creative corporate holiday event ideas that will spice things up and get everyone in the holiday mode all ready for loads of fun. 

Idea #1

Pick a Fun Theme

One great way of turning a simple get together with colleagues into one filled with fun and great memories is to work with a particular theme. Surprise your employees; Christmas is not the only time you can celebrate together. You can choose to hold your corporate event on Halloween. Have everyone dressed up as a hero and make your theme one that is inclined to superheroes. You can be sure that your event photography on this one will be turned-up like crazy. Let everyone get lost in the theme and get into their element for more fun moments. You can even have a voting session for the best-dressed hero and probably give out some vouchers or gift cards.

Holiday Event Photography Ideas

Idea #2

Make it Secret Santa Time

If your event happens to be some time during Christmas, welcome the idea of sharing gifts among colleagues while outdoors. You do not have to do it conventionally. There is so much juice and sauce that you can add to make the whole experience fun and engaging. Make the gifts something that your employees will appreciate for sure. It can be anything from paid days off, tech gadgets, holiday vouchers, gift cards or even custom made coffee mugs. During the session, play a game that involves guessing what a particular gift is. Whoever guesses right can keep the gift. This is bound to get everyone all excited and hopeful to win in the next round. Who doesn’t love gifts anyway? While at it, ensure that your corporate photographer gets the event photography part just right.

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Idea #3

Get Everyone Lost on Some Festive Activities

Who said that party games are only meant for kids? Get everyone together and head out for some indoor rock climbing with some level of competition pegged to it. Let them bring out their playful side while you get ready to award all the winners. Have something to look forward to afterwards, for instance, a drinks-session. The members who do not drink can leave at their convenience; this way, everyone will feel included in the process and part of the main event.

Holiday Event Photography Ideas

Idea #4

For Memories Sake, Hire a Photo Booth

We all agree that photo booths are so much fun and they kind of have their own special way of making things a little bit crazy. They are the number one prop that speaks for itself when it comes to any event photography ideas. Encourage everyone to take advantage of some nice Kodak moments in there and get as many snaps as they can possibly bear. Let the decorations match the theme of the party just so everything is in sync. To spice things up even further make sure that there is a string of light somewhere at the back or side of the photo booth; they have their way of setting the mood and bringing out your most photogenic self.

Professional Company Event Photographer

Idea #5

Make Things a Bit Cozier by Going with a Potluck

If you have had back to back events and you feel that it is time for things to get a little bit more toned down and casual, then a potluck makes such a brilliant idea. This is not to say that it is any less exciting; far from it actually. Have your team show off their baking as well as cooking skills. It is not only a very budget-friendly kind of get-together but gives you a great opportunity to embrace cultural diversity in the company given the various cuisines available for each one to sample.  You can be sure that the event photography session for this one will be one of a kind; one that tells a story of your company’s unity and togetherness, cultural diversity notwithstanding. To keep things under control, have a sign-up sheet prior just so you know exactly who is bringing what.

Holiday Event Photography Ideas

Idea #6

How About Some Nice Charity Time to Spread the Spirit of Goodwill?

Get everyone together on a drive with the goal of helping out the less fortunate in society. You can choose a charity and have contributions to the agenda. The contributions can be anything from money, food, clothes and even toys for kids to play with. You can then grab dinner or even drinks afterwards. Be sure to have the event photography included. This way, it shows your organization as a charitable one.

Holiday Event Photography Ideas

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Idea #7

No Entertainment No Party

A party is no party without its moments of entertainment. Have a DJ to take care of the music part of the event and ensure that he or she is one that resonates with the entire crowd and not just inclined to a particular generation or genre. You can have other forms of fun entertainment from say face-painters or even magicians. Tap into your staff’s young hearts and let them delve right into the fun. You can be sure that after the even photography session is over, everyone will have some nice pics of the whole experience to flaunt.

Professional Company Event Photographer

Idea #8

How About an Outdoor Office Outing?

Parties are well appreciated and respected as the number one way of having a corporate event or even celebrating the festive season with colleagues. In as much as everyone does like a nice party, an afternoon off can be equally fun. Take your team out to some serene place or a place that brings out the best of Mother Nature’s effortless beauty. Having everyone engage in a particular activity together fosters camaraderie and enhances teamwork. Be sure to take loads of pics during the event photography session.

Professional Company Event Photographer

Idea #9

A Sports Day

Break away from the monotony of corporate parties and have everyone bring out their games kit for a sports day like none other. Be sure to have a variety of sports as well as interesting grouping criteria for the teams. You can choose a football team with all the ladies and one man, one with all the elderly members of the corporate and one millennial. Have interdepartmental competitions with a huge prize pegged to the winning team; say a trip to a holiday destination with their families. While lost in the frenzy of sporting activities, have your corporate photographer take the event photography session to a whole new level of fun.

Idea #10

Movie Night with Colleagues

We know, right? How fun can this possibly be? Pick a holiday-themed movie, for example, Thanksgiving. Everyone can relate the particular event to something and it will be a great day to enjoy each other’s company. Be sure to provide everyone with some popcorn or any other movie snack that works.

Professional Event Photographer

Whatever it is that your company culture is like, or your budget and even the kind of employees that you have; there is definitely a holiday event idea that will work for your kind of team. The tips above are just but a starter pack to get you there while sparking your creativity. If you are still not sure, you can ask your team to help out with ideas. This way, you will get to know exactly what they want and it will help in making them feel included in the company’s decisions. Showing that you care about their opinions is a way for them to enjoy the event a whole lot more. Be sure that the event photography part is well taken care of for any corporate event. Through the pics, you can be able to tell a story of the company as well as display what the company culture is like.

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