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Photograph a Beautiful Wedding Day in New York City

18. 10. 2018 Photographer in New York City

Photograph a Beautiful Wedding Day in New York City

Weddings are expensive and seem to be getting more so every day. So, to keep costs reasonable, some people go the city hall route and keep things quiet and informal. But that doesn’t mean you need to…

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16. 10. 2018 Photographer in Mallorca

Romantic Photo Shoot during Sunset in Mallorca, Spain

There are few things more romantic than a sunset walk along the coast. The breeze gently rolling off the ocean; the sun starting to dip below the horizon, turning the light into a warm rose hue. For…

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14. 10. 2018 Photographer in Las Vegas

Solo Modeling Shoot, Las Vegas, Nevada

It can be really hard to take great photographs of your trip when traveling alone without resorting to a tacky selfie stick. Sure, you get to make all the decisions about where to eat and what to…

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12. 10. 2018 Photographer in Aix-en-Provence

Celebrating Anniversary in Aix-en-Provence

Engagement photos are fun, but with all of the planning and expenses prior to the wedding, they are not always possible. One option is to have an anniversary shoot instead, which is what Meg wanted to celebrate…

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10. 10. 2018 Solo Vacation Photographer Tips

Picture Your Dream Vacation

Adventure calls to each person in different ways; some find it in a week of trekking through the Himalayas, while others prefer something with a more relaxing vibe like a beach resort on a Mediterranean island. Whatever…

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