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Romantic Photo Shoot in the City of Lights Paris, France

28. 10. 2018 Photographer in Paris

Romantic Photo Shoot in the City of Lights Paris, France

A lot of couples today are having engagement shoots done, not to mention the all-important wedding photographs. Some people even take advantage of an anniversary to have photographs taken. But it is sometimes really special to…

25. 10. 2018 Photographer in Halong Bay

A Photo Shoot of a Photographer in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Even as a photographer you sometimes need a hand when it comes to self-portraits. Especially if you want your camera to be in the image. What is Sergiy to do then? Why, hire a local…

24. 10. 2018 Photographer in Rome

Ancient Rome: A Magical Photo Shoot Destination

If you’re going to hire a professional photographer then you really want to be in a location that’s as beautiful as you are. Rome certainly fit the bill for Jennifer’s photo shoot. She just needed…

22. 10. 2018 Photographer in Dubai

A Lifestyle Photo Shoot in Modern Dubai

Damion and his wife were looking for some lifestyle photography, a very distinct style that not every photographer is up for capturing. They’re trying to evoke a very specific flavor that fuses them with the…

20. 10. 2018 Photographer in Ibiza

Spectacular Bachelorette Party Vacation Photo Shoot in Ibiza

Lévana was looking forward to her upcoming wedding and her friends were helping to plan her bachelorette party. Instead of the typical “hen night” with tacky t-shirts and bars with sticky floors, they went all out, and…

18. 10. 2018 Photographer in New York City

Photograph a Beautiful Wedding Day in New York City

Weddings are expensive and seem to be getting more so every day. So, to keep costs reasonable, some people go the city hall route and keep things quiet and informal. But that doesn’t mean you need to…

16. 10. 2018 Photographer in Mallorca

Romantic Photo Shoot during Sunset in Mallorca, Spain

There are few things more romantic than a sunset walk along the coast. The breeze gently rolling off the ocean; the sun starting to dip below the horizon, turning the light into a warm rose hue. For…

14. 10. 2018 Photographer in Las Vegas

Solo Modeling Shoot, Las Vegas, Nevada

It can be really hard to take great photographs of your trip when traveling alone without resorting to a tacky selfie stick. Sure, you get to make all the decisions about where to eat and what to…


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