Awesome Localgrapher Guide

Hi there!

We are super excited to have you aboard as one of our Localgraphers and here are some tips on how to work with our clients. These tips are proven by years of experience and if you’ll follow them, they will very likely bring us fantastic 5-star reviews and therefore more booked photoshoots. YAY!

So let’s get into it…

What to Do Before the Photoshoot

Yes, we are talking emails here! The client is waiting for your message and if they will not receive it, they might think that our services are a scam and even cancel your photoshoot. So please, get in touch with them asap.

Every client expects a top-notch service with some very special local recommendations from you. This is them getting ready for the photoshoot and becoming very excited about the whole experience.

Cause’ you don’t want clients to show up unhappy for your photo session, do you? Below is a kind of the first contact email we recommend sending them (please, change the pink text according to your shoot).

Always give your phone number to the client and ask for theirs too! Stay in touch with the clients before the photoshoot – make sure that you check your email and WhatsApp – there can always be some unexpected changes and hiccups!

Tip #1

Sample Email for the Clients

Hi Anna,

thank you for choosing me to be your personal photographer in Dubrovnik on August 10. I am very excited to take care of your family vacation photoshoot in my hometown!

I would like to ask you a couple of questions to make sure you’ll get the experience and pictures beyond your expectations:

  1. What time would you like to meet up? I recommend:
    • 8.00 am for the great light and crowds free photo spots
    • 5.00 pm for the pictures taken during the golden hour
    • 8.00 pm for beautiful sunset photos
  2. Where would you like to meet up? My favorite photo spots and places I recommend are:
    • The City Walls
    • Rector’s Palace
    • St. Ignatius Church
  3. Would you like me to send you some suggestions on what are the best outfits to wear? What props to bring? Or even arrange something special for you such as a dress rental?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day!

Your Name

Your Phone Number

Localgrapher Guide

What to Do on the Day of the Photoshoot

The most important part is here! It is a must to always show up at the place you and the client agreed upon 10 min before the photoshoot with your camera fully charged, extra batteries, back-up memory card and of course if you promised them some special arrangements, that too!

It goes without saying that you should not be partying all night long before your photoshoot, showing up late, all smelly and in dirty clothes. That’s a big no-no! Even you like to have fun, please save it for another day.

Tip #2

Meet the Clients!

Please, follow these steps to say a proper hello to the client to make them happy and meet their expectations:

  1. properly introduce yourself (and remember their names)
  2. shake hands with everyone (if culturally appropriate)
  3. politely ask them how they like your hometown and if they are tired or how they feel to show them that you care about them
  4. tell them the plan (for example: “We have a 30 min long family vacation photoshoot today, we will take pictures at The City Walls and Rector’s Palace as we agreed”) and ask them if that’s alright.
  5. ask them if they want you to ask them to do certain poses or if they want more natural photoshoot where they will be just doing them and you will take the pictures
  6. ask them what result they want to receive – horizontal or vertical pictures (or mixture of both), group pictures as well as photos of each person separately, how much editing they have in mind, black and white pictures, etc.
  7. ask them if they have any questions they would like to ask and answer them the best way you can

Localgrapher Guide

Tip #3

Dos & Don'ts During the Photoshoot

  1. please, avoid discussing prices of the photoshoot and payments (that’s on us!), politics, religion, and other sensitive topics. Be respectful. You know, not everybody is the same.
  2. assure them that everything is going great and the photos will be just fabulous throughout the whole photo session
  3. if there’s any temporary problem (you need to change cameras because one stopped working etc) just assure clients that everything is going great. Please, do not mention any problems to them. You’re a pro who must solve everything on the fly.
  4. inform them 10 min before the photoshoot ends that there’s 10 more min left so they know that they will have just a couple more poses left

Localgrapher Guide

Tip #4

Finish Strong!

  1. tell the clients that they were great to work with
  2. remind the clients that they’ll receive the photos directly from Localgrapher within 4 business days
  3. take a final selfie with clients and send it to us 🙂
  4. thank them for the cooperation, shake hands, wish them good luck for the rest of their trip and say goodbye

Localgrapher Guide

What to Do After the Photoshoot

Thank’s for getting so far and taking care of our clients as expected! Just keep in mind that you’re not finished yet. Here, you’ll find how you’ll get paid and other details…

Tip #5

Delivery & Payment

  1. please, never send the final photos to the client, always to Localgrapher only
  2. send us nice, bright photos the clients will love as follows (yes, we all know that dark pictures are so 2010s and don’t work well on social media):
    • fully edited
    • hi-resolution
    • 4000 px on the longer side
    • no watermarks
  3. if you want to share the pictures on your social media, websites, etc., please, ask us if you can share them
  4. we will send you the confirmation of sharing after we receive a written permission from the client together with the selection of pictures we can all share
  5. your payment will be made within 15 business day after we received the photos

Localgrapher Guide

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