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Heavenly Honeymoon on the Stunning Island of Santorini

06. 11. 2017 couple photographer in Santorini, Greece

Heavenly Honeymoon on the Stunning Island of Santorini

Its idyllic location in the midst of the Aegean Sea may already make for an alluring setting, but the familiar blue domes and white buildings are what set Santorini, Greece apart. As one of the…

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01. 11. 2017 vacation photograper in Santa Monica, LA

First-Time Adventure on the Coast for Happy Newlyweds

With the golden sand of California’s beaches and the blue-green tides of the Pacific Ocean, there are few places more perfect than Santa Monica and its waterfront for a whimsical honeymoon. After all, there are…

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03. 9. 2017 honeymoon photographer in Kyoto

One Dream Honeymoon in Beautiful and Romantic Kyoto

Known for its lively atmosphere, gorgeous architecture, ancient temples and the annual cherry blossoms, the Japanese city of Kyoto effortlessly blends ancient culture with modernity to create a special sense of timeless charm. It’s this…

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