30. 9. 2018 Photographer in Marbella

Sweet Honeymoon in Gorgeous Marbella, Spain

After the hustle and bustle of wedding planning and the hectic fun of the “big day,” most couples look forward to a little alone time on their much-deserved honeymoon. But it can be hard to capture the…

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20. 9. 2018 Photographer in Seville

Double Take! A Spanish Honeymoon and Anniversary in Seville

Europe is an amazing place to travel, especially together! With so much to offer, Seville made the perfect spot for this couple’s one year anniversary and official honeymoon. A local couples photographer captured their bright moment in…

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03. 7. 2018 Photographer in Cairo

Take a Romantic Trip to Cairo for Your Honeymoon

If you are wondering what to do for your honeymoon, wonder no more. We have the most awesome honeymoon trip for you; Cairo. This is in Egypt. If you are thinking about mummies and the pyramids, you…

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