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23. 8. 2018 Photographr in Albufeira

Romantic Sunset Beach Photo Shoot in Albufeira, Portugal

What could be more romantic than having a sunset photo shoot along the beach? A vacation photographer was able to capture this couple’s love and affection for each other while they vacationed in Albufeira, Portugal. Beach Stroll…

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21. 8. 2018 Photographer in Trogir

Getting the Family Together in Trogir, Croatia

The more people you add to a photo shoot, the merrier. That’s why Marianne decided having her whole family come together for a photo shoot was all-important. After all, it’s not easy coordinating 14 people’s schedules all…

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19. 8. 2018 Photographer in Salzburg

A Big Family Outing in Baroque Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg the Salt Fortress is an alluring place for a family vacation. Full of brightly lit, shining white buildings, it’s exactly the place you’d want to have a portrait shoot at. Rob chose nicely in bringing his…

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17. 8. 2018 Photographer in Yerevan

Holiday Full of Love in Ancient Yerevan

Yerevan holds a special place in the annals of the history of not just Armenia, but all of humanity’s shared history. It’s one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in existence, with nearly 3000 years of known…

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15. 8. 2018 Photographer in Menorca

Family Meandering through Historic Menorca

The Mediterranean appeals to vacationers of all ages. Anyone from the very young to the very old will appreciate the mild breezes and gorgeous turquoise waters. The Balearic Islands and Menorca sit right in the heart of…

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