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Ancient Rome: A Magical Photo Shoot Destination

24. 10. 2018

If you’re going to hire a professional photographer then you really want to be in a location that’s as beautiful as you are. Rome certainly fit the bill for Jennifer’s photo shoot. She just needed to find and partner up with a local photographer. Fortunately, Amin was up to the task!

Photographer in Rome

Rome, Capital of Italy and the Roman Empire

Of all the cities in the world for tourists to visit, Rome is by far near the top of the list, helping to boost Italy up to 5th place in the world’s most visited countries. As the capital of Italy and a former world empire, it captivates the hearts and minds of people all over the world. One of the world’s first metropolises, it remains one of the largest cities in Italy, with a population of just over 4 million people. Just the sort of place Amin has in mind for a professional photo shoot.

Photographer in Rome

Jennifer’s Day in Rome

Whether you’ve been to Rome or not you know that the city is perfect for photography. The Vatican, the Coliseum, the baths, churches, parks, restaurants and much more are all easily accessible here. While it’s practically impossible to exclude other tourists from your photographs looking at these images we see that local photographer in Rome, Amin does a pretty good job of it.

Photographer in Rome

Photographer in Rome

His choices in aperture allow each image to focus on the glowing couple and minimizes the background using depth of field. Depth of field, for those who don’t know, is how much of a given scene is in sharp focus. And by using professional lenses that can selectively alter this area of focus we can create a beautiful portraits of the couple.

Photographer in Rome

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In some of the images Amin also decided to keep the people in the images. It’s hard to capture a metropolitan flavor without other people going about their lives. The hustle, bustle, blinking traffic lights, fences, and architecture all drive it home: we’re in a European capital city! The style here is intimate yet casual. The poses are diverse; some touching, some separate. It’s clear that Amin and Jennifer had planned for quite a few locations – we even see a shot taken at a bar. Amin proves his talent for diversity time and time again.

Photographer in Rome

One of the best ways to add a new angle to an image is a quick change of clothes – after all, why does a
photo shoot have to be all in one set of outfits? Jennifer and her boyfriend had the right idea when they
partnered with Amin because they were able to choose outfits that complemented both their form and
the background.

Photographer in Rome

As the sun begins to set we see her boyfriend switch to a more casual outfit that gives the images a new flavor entirely. Previously they stood, sat at a bar, and otherwise didn’t mar those well-made trousers of his. But by changing into a t-shirt and shorts the atmosphere has become far more casual. Perfect for a shot on the stairs of an ancient building in a nearby park. This is the sort of spontaneous direction a professional photographer can offer you as a client!

Photographer in Rome


Anyone can take selfies with a smartphone. But a true professional photo shoot goes way beyond this
in creating lasting memories for everyone involved. If you’re going to spend the time and money to go
somewhere as romantic and exotic as Rome then why not spend just a little bit more of both to hire a
professional local photographer like Amin?

Photographer in Rome

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