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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
February 19th, 2020

20+ Fall Couple Photoshoot Ideas from the Most Picturesque European Destinations

Crisp morning, colorful foliage and picture-perfect sceneries make autumn one of the best seasons for vacation trips. The insanely gorgeous season comes with tons of cultural excursions and travel adventures. Moreover, when you plan a tour with your loved one, it becomes the best time of the year to capture some immortal moments. Book your Localgrapher to try out these exciting fall couple photoshoot ideas.

Idea #1

You & I Pose

Fall makes everything magical around you. Surround yourself in the glow of nature and crimson colors at places like Belarus and make your fall couple photoshoot extraordinary. 

Although Belarus is breathtakingly beautiful regardless of the season you visit it, fall is the time that particularly makes the place an amazing couple photography spot. The place has the gorgeous fall foliage, and you can capture some cute You & I poses. Just stand in front of each other, bend forward, hold hands, kiss, and let your Localgrapher seize the moment.

Autumn Couple Photographer

Idea #2

Covered in Leaves

Belgium has a gorgeous countryside, making it one-of-its-own kind location for pulling off some of our fall couple photoshoot ideas. The golden glow of the leaves can make your love look descended directly from heaven. 

Try some simple couple poses by sitting on the fall foliage and looking into each other’s eyes. You can ask your professional photographer for some unique contrast you can complement the rustic leaves around you.

Autumn Couple Photographer

Idea #3

Hold Me Forever

This pose is for every couple. No matter how filmy or dramatic it may make you look, it is one of the most beautiful fall couple photoshoot ideas. All you need is to hold your partner and pick her up, showing all your love for her, and if your destination is United Kingdom, it does not get more scenic in autumns.

Autumn Couple Photographer

Idea #4

I Have Your Back

Let your to-be-life partner climb up your back. Walk in the same pose while your couple photographer captures your love story for a lifetime. There is no better place than Berlin, Germany to make this photoshoot a fairytale.

Autumn Couple Photoshoot

Idea #5

Hand in Hand

The changing colors of trees undeniably make a classic scene to watch if you are visiting England. The country is home to many scenic vineyards and splendid meadows you can use as a perfect setting while trying one of our fall couple photoshoot ideas. Capture the beauty of vineyards by walking hands in hand and let your personal photographer create your picture story by capturing photos from the back.

Autumn Couple Photographer

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Idea #6

Deep in Love

How about showing the power of your love by kissing your partner on the forehead while your photographer locks at the moment by capturing the wine tasting fall foliage at Tuscany, ItalyThe pose is great to revitalize your love whenever you see it again!

Autumn Couple Photoshoot

Idea #7

Wrapped in Shawl

The gold and red forests are particularly some of the unique places to capture the full fall scenery in Greece during your couple photoshoot. The autumnal glow makes Greece the most romantic season. Wrap in a black and red plaid shawl, hold each other and look into the camera with a pure smile to make a memorable couple shot.

Fall Couple Photoshoot Ideas

Idea #8

I Am All Yours Pose

Bulgaria is another popular destination that looks like out of the world in autumn. Visit Devil’s Bridge to capture some classic poses on the Rhodope Mountains. Lie down on the top of your partner while your vacation photographer takes the most romantic photos of you two.

Autumn Couple Photographer

Idea #9

Let the Natural Light Poke

While trekking the Menalon Trail in Greece, do not forget to take some stunning shots when the sun’s rays poke through the colorful trees. Keep the pictures simple by giving a soft smile and holding hands.

Autumn Couple Photographer

Idea #10

Lost In Each Other

Don’t miss out on the enchanting, and quite fall destination of Bruges when visiting Belgium. As beautiful as Venice, the romantic canals make the perfect backdrop for some of our fall couple photoshoot ideas. Just rest your head on your loved one’s shoulder and capture some romantic poses.

Autumn Couple Photoshoot

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Idea #11

Say It All In My Ear

Hold your partner, and confess that he/she means the world to you while he/she is engrossed in the spectacular pristine views of Plitvice Lake in Croatia. Your Localgrapher knows the perfect timing to seize the magical moment.

Autumn Couple Photographer

Idea #12

Show Your Love

Kiss your partner, let them hold you from back, let them sit on your lap; hence be yourself when it comes to showing your love. The candid poses will make the best couple photoshoot in the streets of Dubrovnik by showing the best combination of colors of the fall.

Autumn Couple Photoshoot

Idea #13

Magic of Silhouette Poses

Fall in Cyprus is magical, energizing, and pleasant. Capturing some silhouette couple poses with clear sunlight in the backdrop is no doubt a fantastic idea.

Professional Couple Photo Shoot Ideas

Idea #14

You Are My Reflection

Capturing reflection of you and your loved one in the lake Tzielefos Bridge, Cyprus makes the most stunning pose of your couple photoshoot. Don’t believe us? Then try it yourself this autumn!

Autumn Couple Photoshoot

Idea #15

Let’s Relax At Beer Gardens

Visiting beer gardens in Germany in fall is worth the excursion for not only your couple shoot but also for an amazing experience. With their gorgeous setting and outdoor drinking, the beer gardens in Germany feature thoughtful designs. Take some casual yet stylish photos in a comfortable and fun setting.

Photographer in Berlin, Germany

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Idea #16

Sparklers in Hand

Visit Denmark to see the fading glow of its early fall. The serene season creates the perfect ambiance for a night couple photoshoot. Hold sparkler and kiss your partner to light the fire of love.

Autumn Couple Photoshoot

Idea #17

Hide Behind an Umbrella

A kiss behind an umbrella at any picturesque location in Denmark. Let the autumn’s soft glow hold on to your love and reflect in your images.

Autumn Couple Photoshoot

Idea #18

Autumn and Fairy Lights

Brighten up the crisp and shiny afternoon of autumns with the fairy lights. Make a heart shape with fairy lights and lie down in its center. Don’t miss out this pose if you are at the most romantic places of the world, such as the Eiffel Tower.

Autumn Couple Photoshoot

Idea #19

Caption Your Love

Try a fun pose with a quirky caption on the signboard such as “I am Taken” or I am Stolen” when visiting the hidden gems of France like Toulouse, Occitanie.

Autumn Couple Photoshoot

Idea #20

Under One Roof

Fall in love with the gentleness of Austria this autumn. Sit under famous bridges with your partner to capture the perfect fall scenery from a mile. The imposing landscape and colorful trees will bring everything to live in your clicks.

Autumn Couple Photoshoot

Idea #21

Walk on a Train Track

Visiting Switzerland? Click this must-to-try pose by walking on the train track hand-in-hand with your one-and-only.

Autumn Couple Photoshoot

What are you waiting for? European fall awaits you! And believe us if it comes to your little fall photo session, the given locations are the best choices to enjoy your fall couple photography session.

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