5. 5. 2018

Best Friends Enjoy Vacation Photoshoot during Golden Hour in Ubud, Bali

Ubud is notorious for its allure for spiritual awakenings. Found at the very heart of Bali, Ubud in itself is a culture toned with artful and creative serene sceneries. It draws tones and tones of tourists from all walks of life because of its rich Balinese culture which is centered on spiritual awakening. One of our clients, Ashley contacted us for a vacation photoshoot. They were three couples staying around the Sacred Monkey Area looking out for a talented local photographer who would help them comb the region while capturing shots of their rendezvous. Our gifted photographer Toyoda was pretty excited to do the shoot with this couple and it turned out awesome!

Tropical Sunset Scenery in the Heart of Bali

Canggu is a coastal village, about 20 minutes north of the Seminyak. This is the perfect destination for a hipped up, laid back and chilled. Whether surfing on the black sandy beaches or enjoying an out-in-nature experience, Canggu should be your next stop. The three main beaches lined here are Batu Bolong, Berawa, and Echo. If you keep on walking along the shores, the beaches kind of disappear into one. Setting out from the North, you will land at the black volcanic sands of the Echo Beach.

Vacation Photoshoot in Ubud

Picture-Perfect Vacation Photoshoot in Ubud

Echo Beach is sprinkled with heaps of black volcanic sand sculpting mystic hills. Limestone rocks piled along the sand form quite a photogenic view. Toyoda, our professional photographer takes fascinating photos of the couples, walking away from the mystic hills. While balancing the couple, the heaps of black volcanic sand and the sea waves gently rocking in the back, Canggu is quite the destination for perfect gateways.

The heaps sometimes formed an exquisite background and other times. The mystic hills made up backdrops while being sat or stood on.

The couples had fun enjoying the amazing serene atmosphere of the beach in the spiritual Ubud. Being the home of spiritual awakening, the breeze provides a sanctuary for the couples to unwind as they learn from each other. The sea added up to the free spirit that naturally comes with a rendezvous out-in-nature.

Vacation Photoshoot in Ubud

Vacation Photoshoot in Ubud

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Let’s not Forget About Some Close-Ups

Close-up is an interesting element in photography. One needs to understand how to highlight a specific element in the frame while still balancing out other important elements. Toyoda takes up close photos of the couples that not only highlight bliss but also paint the amazing friendships.

Photographer in Ubud

Vacation Photoshoot in Ubud

Golden Hour Vacation Photoshoot

The beach is the perfect place to be at sunset. Beaches are always flocking with tourists and revelers who love to watch the sun casts its orange glow across the ocean. There is something magical about sunsets that makes them formidable and photogenic. Toyoda, our vacation photographer captured amazing captions of the couples in the sunset. The orange blur in the photos makes up a classical and vintage photo. The couples got to share magical moments in the golden hour and take with them amazing photos.

Photographer in Ubud

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