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Glamorous Greece Photography on the Island of Santorini

04. 10. 2018

On the island of Santorini, beauty abounds. In a solo photography session here, Kyair and her fashion co-create with the wind, water, and light. The geological, historical, and natural fascination with Santorini invite adding your own story to the island.

Bright and Blue

The island (and neighboring islets) officially today known as Thera, or Thira, is home to a host of iconically white buildings with blue dome tops that are connected by cobblestone streets. Local fashion photographer, Marios, leads Kyair to panoramic spaces perfect to accommodate wide and long shots where both the city and the sea accompany her. He has the knowledge of the city’s terrain that routes their photo shoot past iconic churches that boast being among the largest on the island. With his experience and access, they reach the heights of the church bells and the rooftops even higher than the bell towers.

Photographer in Santorini

Rooftops made of stone seem natural under her feet, even though these experiences are unique and these neighborhoods are secluded. Even in the small details, Marios finds colorful doors flanked by bright bouganvillia that also have a perfect ledge where Kyair can overlook the stunning sea.

High Flying Fashion

Kyair’s passion and spirit come through in these photographs, made all the more powerful by the earth elements that they employ. The luminous sheen of her dress is bright and pastel all at once because of the way it captures light and softly envelops her in sunlight. Thanks to the photography of Marios, Kyair stands out in harmony and in contrast to the environment because of the lighting that highlights her.

Photographer in Santorini

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The wind also plays a role in the ethereal feel Kyair and Santorini share. As her dress billows in the wind, it establishes her presence. With the island standing elegantly behind her, it only follows that the wind would also be at her side. The wind is an invisible but very strong representation of the island breeze that gives life to her photographs. Water represents such life force, and it brings a weight to the photography that stands in brilliance with the sky and the curves of the landforms.

Photographer in Santorini

Volcanic, Mountainous, Gorgeous

The mountains behind her balance her poses, showing a strong, fierce, natural beauty. The volcanic history of the island, and how the towering cliffs were made, make the resilience in the photographs ring all the more true. The trademark landscape in this volcanic space tells a story all its own, including the crescent shape of the island which allows for such beautiful vistas of both humanity and open sea.

Photographer in Santorini

The majesty and mysticism inspires a type of reverence that is also echoed in the scenery choices of the local photographer and the client, surrounded by religious buildings and symbols. The history of this island in the Aegean sea is also inspiring, and exploring the winding pathways through its heights is an experience not soon forgotten.

The stories witnessed by these mountains, this tide, and these steps are innumerable and marvelous. Sharing her story, both of her life, personality, and more specifically this solo trip to Greece, Kyair now has added her narrative to the history of the island. Thanks to the work of  local photographer, Marios, Kyair can now keep memories of her visit and of her photo shoot as they are memorialized in breathtaking photography.

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