November 14th, 2019

Personalized Solo Photo Shoot in the Golden City, San Francisco

In the transition from summer to fall, San Francisco has a charm all it’s own with the fog and the waterfront. Cat worked with a vacation photographer to capture her style and persona, as well as the allure of the natural beauty of this City by the Bay, all through an amazing personalized solo photo shoot.

Solo Photo Session in San Francisco, The Golden City

Although locals don’t usually use this descriptive name, it has an interesting history to tell of the origins and landmarks in San Francisco. Since the times of the Gold Rush, San Francisco has had this nickname that also refers to the modern-day Golden Gate Bridge. The local photographer, Constanza, ensured that Cat’s solo photo shoot included an iconic bridge, The Bay Bridge, as a background and she photographs in a more secluded spot off the beaten track from the traditional tourist traps and photo vistas.

The Golden City is also known for its rolling fog, and it also makes an appearance in the photography, subtly creating a consistent backdrop for Cat’s candid poses. The crags and rocks complement the soft sand, just as the fog and the water create leading lines that draw the viewer into Cat’s eyes and persona.

Locals also say The Golden City refers to the golden hills and golden sunsets they are surrounded by in the bay area. With Constanza’s local understanding of the terrain, she frames Cat in ways that record memories of the city.

Solo Photo Shoot in San Francisco

Solo Photo Shoot in San Francisco

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Capturing San Francisco Solo Adventure

In this solo photo shoot, Constanza, our local photographer in San Francisco, not only photographs Cat in relationship to the natural surroundings, but also to the cityscape. After visiting San Francisco, one is truly able to understand the city to be the cultural, societal, commercial and creative center of the Northern California coast. Considering that Cat’s trip was for work, it fits perfectly into the narrative.

San Fransisco also has beautiful parks that tuck away from the bayside and goes from the golden and foggy to the green and woody. Lovely lakesides provide a perfect stop for Constanza and Cat. Cat’s photos seem to show her contemplating how she fits into this incredible world of beauty. Natural chaos and order are accompanying all of us in our journey, and she shows the reverence for these spaces as well as a joyous exuberance for being a part of them.

Using elements, such as the rock bridge, allow Constanza to show Cat from a “worm’s eye view” that breaks the traditional straight-on portrait photography. All of this diversifies and enriches the story told behind the trip and Cat.

Solo Photo Shoot in San Francisco

Why You Should Hire a Professional Local Photographer?

Another strength of having a local photographer is the knowledge of balancing colors. Colors being worn by the photographed subject and the colors of the surroundings require proportion and counterbalance. Cat seems to fit perfectly with the greens of the woods in her jacket, and the blues of the skies and water in her dress. Her smile, bright eyes, and personality are also enhanced by depicting details such as her stride as she walks, the fun of splashing against the waves and being barefoot. All of this is accomplished with crisp photography with lighting that captures the deepest shades and never blows out any of the illuminations.

What better way to commemorate a solo getaway to the coast than with professional photographs from solo photo shoot that capture both the person and place and allow creation of new memories in the photographic process.

Photographer in San Francisco

Photographer in San Francisco

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