Every vacation is never really complete without some photos and videos that will forever be a great reminder off the good times we had to experience in our lives. What is life without traveling?

Shinjuku. Hosting one of the world’s busiest railway stations that receives more than 2 million passengers every day, one word sums up this special ward in Tokyo; splendid. With loads of places to visit, Shinjuku never disappoints. Here, you’ll undeniably be able to appreciate the diversity of culture and beauty that this splendid place offers. At Shinjuku, there are lots of places to visit and as always, there’s something for everyone! From the cities’ busy streets to ones of the most tranquil environs in the world, with Shinjuku, you can never go wrong! Below are some HOT photo shoot places in Shinjuku.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Located just a few minutes’ walks from the World’s busiest railway station in terms of passenger volumes lies a haven and one of the best escapes from the city’s hustled and bustles. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. With meandering walks ways and serene sceneries, the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is a sight to behold. Beauty at its best! Here, you’ll find three types of gardens; the oldest being the traditional Japanese landscape garden. Other gardens are the French Garden and the English Landscape Garden. With lots of cherry trees that have early and late blooming, the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is undeniably a hot spot for your photo sessions! Pay Shinjuku a visit during autumn and get to see the leaves change. Oh, and d9nt leave your camera behind!

Samurai Museum

Maximize on your sweet time while in Japan by learning their ancient culture, the history of the great samurai warriors and have a quick glimpse of the myriad of body armors. A reminder. Take lots of photos at the photo shooting corner in the many different costumes available! 😉 While at the Samurai Museum, make your visit even more memorable by purchasing souvenirs!

Yoyogi Park

For a fun-filled vacation with your loved one or friends and family, Yoyogi Park has got to be your one-stop place when you pay Japan a visit. Unlike other parks that do not allow Entry with booze, Yoyogi Park lets you have the time of your life while a little bit under the influence. With walkways and cycling tracks that meander through the park, take walks and cycles while enjoying the tranquil environs of Yoyogi Park. For memories that will last till the end of time, take some amazing selfies!

Shinjuku has got a lot to offer. From amazing parks in the concrete jungle to museums where we can get to learn about the culture of the Japanese and secluded ones that are a bit further from the city’s hustle and bustle. Some notable places to visit in Shinjuku are; Yasakuni Shrine, the Sunshine Aquarium, the Tokyo Dome that is in the heart of Tokyo, Mejiro Garden and so much more! These are just but some of the most amazing photo shoot hot spots for you and your loved ones! Maximize on every opportunity as some things only happen once in our lives!

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