30. 9. 2018

The Sweetest Honeymoon Photo Shoot in Gorgeous Marbella, Spain

After the hustle and bustle of wedding planning and the hectic fun of the “big day,” most couples look forward to a little alone time on their much-deserved honeymoon. But it can be hard to capture the quiet, downtime of this special period together. So often, couples are motivated and encouraged to have engagement and wedding photographs taken, but then forget their honeymoon photo shoot. For Romana and her new husband, this was not the case, as they hired a vacation photographer to capture a small portion of their honeymoon together in Marbella, Spain.

Quiet Time Together – At Last!

Situated in Spain’s gorgeous Costa del Sol, Marbella is a beautiful resort area filled with golden sandy beaches, villas, hotels and golf courses, not to mention many upscale boutiques, bars, and luxury yachts. It’s natural setting, sheltered by the Sierra Blanca Mountains, is stunning, and its old town, or Casca antique, has many narrow lanes and picturesque flower boxes dotting its routes. But it was the sea, with its tranquil and calming blue, that Romana wanted to capture as part of her honeymoon photos, which she did with the help of a professional photographer named Maria.

Honeymoon Photo Shoot in Marbella Spain

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Why Is Location of Your Honeymoon Photo Shoot So Important?

Strolling along the waterfront, with the never-ending blue of sea and sky behind them, Maria, our vacation photographer in Marbella, captured the newly married couple at their best. They are loving and playful, obviously happy to have the craziness of the wedding behind them and happy to get on with their honeymoon and this next stage in their lives.

Because it was slightly overcast, and because Maria chose the perfect time to take the images with good lighting, the photos, combined with the calm blue of the water and sky, are soft and calm themselves. While the couple is dynamic, they are also quite together, just enjoying their time along the boardwalk. While sunsets are lovely, it often indirect and overcast lighting that makes for terrific photographs.

With the sea and sky as the backdrop for the entire shoot, Maria took many photographs of Romana and her new husband, including showing off their rings together. The rocky breakwater provides an interesting texture to the images as well, and the lampposts along the boardwalk add another element.

Maria took photographs from different angles, with the couple in several poses (that don’t feel posed), ensuring that Romana and her husband will have the very best pictures to remind them of their special time together.

Photographer in Marbella

Honeymoon Photo Shoot in Marbella Spain

Photographer in Marbella

Memories as Their New Lives Start Together

The images are both intimate and warm without being too intrusive. Maria allowed the couple to enjoy their time together while taking images of their obvious love for each other. She was not overly “in your face,” but allowed the couple to share their affection without being invasive.

Romana and her husband can treasure their time in Spain with these beautiful honeymoon photographs, which they can display along with their formal wedding photographs, and share with their friends and the rest of their family.

Our professional photographers like Maria are often local experts and can suggest the top spots for a variety of photoshoots, especially if you are traveling far from home, such as on your honeymoon. They want to give their clients the ultimate photo shoot experience, and memories to last forever.

Honeymoon Photo Shoot in Marbella Spain

Honeymoon Photo Shoot in Marbella Spain

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