December 11th, 2019

Wedding Photography Ideas You Must See Before You Will Say Yes

If you’re planning for the big “I do,” wedding photographs are certain to be a part of the agenda. Having pictures of your wedding is a must; after all, this special day marks the beginning of a lifelong adventure and is certain to be a time you’ll never want to forget. Wedding photography isn’t just a practical measure, it’s also an art. Your wedding photographs are what convey the special connection that brought you together as a couple in the first place. 

Choosing how to do your wedding photographs can take a bit of preparation. Having a professional wedding photographer can help, since they have an expert’s knowledge about the best ways to use setting, light, and props to make your wedding pictures special. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about the best ways to capture your magical day.

Tip #1

Take it Outside

Go natural and beautiful by doing your wedding photo shoot outside. Natural surroundings evoke feelings of harmony, the perfect tone for wedding photographs. Maybe the two of you have a special place, like a tree or river bend that is particularly meaningful. Taking pictures here is a good way to include extra significance in your photographs, as well as a beautiful background. 

It’s also fun to get creative with the seasons; depending on the time of year you’re getting married you can get some great shots using seasonal weather. Create a winter-wonderland photograph by doing your wedding photo shoot with a snowy forested background. Fall offers the chance for golden and red hues of the trees. Have fun by jumping in a leaf pile together, or catch the sunset illuminating the brilliant fall colors for your wedding pictures.

bridal Photoshoot in Santorini

Tip #2

Perfect Lighting

Critical in all photographs, lighting is particularly important for wedding photography. Lighting conveys emotions and acts as a highlight for the connection you share as a couple. Using natural lighting can be especially satisfying for a wedding photo shoot. Sunrise and sunset are both prime times to capture wedding photographs, maybe with a kiss as the sun peaks above the horizon or walking off together toward a stunning sunset lighting up the sky. Rays of sunshine also have a special effect on romantic photographs; posing in such a way where the sun peeks out from behind like a halo is an elegant and beautiful touch to wedding pictures.

Wedding Photographer

Tip #3

Unplanned and Pure

The best emotion can never be posed or forced; good photographers understand this, and this is why it’s important to have a trusted professional do your photo shoot. They can watch for those special glances, radiant smiles, and spur of the moment gestures that will truly define your wedding photos.

On your wedding day, the most important thing is to celebrate the special connection that brought you together as a couple. Wedding photography strives to capture this sentiment so that you’ll always be able to look back on your photographs as a reminder of the depth of your relationship. Whether it’s an impromptu toast or a funny moment when the cake is cut, a professional can help make sure the little moments that make your wedding so special are preserved in photos.

Wedding Photographer

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Tip #4

There’s Magic in the Details

Small things matter and have great significance in wedding photography. What’s one of the most important symbols of matrimony? The wedding ring, which itself is a very small object. Getting pictures of the wedding ring, maybe as a couple holding hands or in the classic on-one-knee pose is the perfect way to bring attention to this small but crucial detail. 

Besides the wedding ring, there are plenty of other small nuances you can highlight for a special effect in the wedding photographs. Focus on the texture and pattern of the wedding dress or veil, allow the light to catch a particularly beautiful piece of jewelry; these little things all add up to an exceptional wedding photo shoot.

Bridal Photoshoot Ideas

Tip #5

The In-Between Times

You certainly want to capture the “I do” moment in your wedding photos, but the moments in between the action also have meaning. Maybe you’re walking together to the wedding reception area or trying to figure out the music for the first dance. These moments have a natural and unforced quality about them and capture the bigger picture of the wedding day.

Life is made up of small moments, not just one big event, and your wedding day is the same. Some people might not think to photograph the in-between moments, but these might prove to be the most treasured photos of your wedding. In the midst of everything that is planned, there is always the unexpected and the chance to photograph a unique moment in time.

Wedding Photographer

Tip #6

Laughter and Tears

Wedding photographs aren’t meant to be portrait pictures with posed smiles. Let your emotions show on camera; it’s guaranteed to make your photographs more meaningful and portray the true sentiment of your wedding day. There are bound to be plenty of emotions that come up: laughing, crying, jumping for joy. It’s all beautiful, and a wonderful way to make your wedding photographs meaningful. Having a professional photographer who knows the importance of capturing emotion when doing wedding photography is important since they know how to take those photos without interrupting the natural flow of the moment.

Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Every couple is unique, and every wedding celebration will reflect these individual qualities. Making sure you have good wedding photographs that capture the essence and passion of your wedding day is crucial. Of course, you’ll always have memories, but having a visual reference is a meaningful and special way to commemorate the event.

The sky is the limit when planning wedding pictures. Whether you want to do traditional and simple pictures, humorous costume themes, or adventurous pictures using nature and seasons, you can tailor your wedding photo shoot to fit your desires and interests. With a professional photographer at your side, you can rest assured that the emotion, beauty, and passion of your wedding will be portrayed in your wedding photos.

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