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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Wedding Photography

Wedding, no doubt, is a pricey affair. You can’t just plan it randomly as it requires tons of coordination and planning. From caterers, florist to designer and photographer, everything keeps you on your toes until it’s properly scheduled and finalized. More importantly, all of this is full of unexpected situations as well as expenses.

No matter how much you try to keep your wedding stress-free, certain elements need your attention, and wedding photography is one of them. One of the reasons why many couples don’t get their desired wedding photo album is that they rely on their amateur friend or relative for photography. This friend or relative has a DSLR and thinks he/she can unlock its potential.

Even though a wedding is a stressful event, many to-be-wedded couples try to cut down money from wedding photographer cost. However, bad work or low-quality photos prove more expensive, as they come at the cost of the memory of your biggest day. Not monetarily, but people like to look at their wedding photos and cherish the moment that changed their lives forever.

This is where you need a professional couple photographer. He/she knows what to do and how to do it, regardless of what your wedding venue is. For example, if their camera’s battery dies, they have spare batteries. If there is rain, they work with a backup. If someone knocks over their light stand, they have more in the backup to cover the event. That is to say, a professional wedding photographer works with contingency planning.

There is no doubt that professional wedding photography can make capturing your life-changing moments hassle-free. However, to make the most of your wedding photoshoot, you must have a complete understanding of wedding photographers, i.e., how to book them and where to find them.

If your big day just around the corner, take a look at this couples guide for unique couple photography.

Find Your Perfect Photographer

How to Find and Hire a Wedding Photographer

Although anyone can take your wedding photos, you cannot expect them to come out as expected. Great pictures require not just an expensive camera or phone, but professional gear, knowledge, experience, and most importantly, distinct style.

Typically, a wedding photographer is a professional you hire to cove the festivities and activities of your wedding. It may encompass pre and post marriage photos, along with your wedding reception. Professional wedding photography has become one of the commercial photography branches. It is important to find the wedding photographer who excels in a wedding photography poses and knows how to memorialize the happiest day of couples’ lives.

When it comes to finding and hiring a professional wedding photographer, Localgrapher is no doubt the right choice. Not only you can easily approach us through our website, but also we will help you capture the irreplaceable moments of your big day.

The easy-to-hire process of wedding photographer from Localgrapher is a cherry on the top. There is no long, hectic process when it comes to hiring a wedding photographer. All photographers are present on the website with their portfolios, and you can approach the photographer of your choice following a few simple steps.

You simply search a wedding photographer on the website available at your destination. There is an online form that you require your basic information. Once you fill the form, our booking team gets in touch with you and connects you with the qualified wedding photographer (destination) according to your requirement.

Once you’re connected with the wedding photographer you feel is best to hire, you can contact him/her and ask any questions you might have or even require special arrangements.

Find Your Perfect Photographer

How Far in Advance Should You Book a Wedding Photographer?

For many to-be wedded couples, figuring out when and how to hire a private wedding photographer is not less than a daunting task. They usually do early when it comes to planning a wedding. Because it is one of the bigger and important wedding tasks, and a lot of thinking goes into that; especially if you are considering having pre and posting wedding photo shoots or professional wedding photography. If not this, special wedding portrait photography sessions make an important reason to plan your wedding photography with a private photographer.

Moreover, some of the local wedding photographers can only be booked in advance. In other words, it might not be possible to lock in your favorite photographer if you are late. You must make the booking at least three months before your wedding to get the ideal wedding photography packages and services.

Luckily, that is not the case with our Localgraphers. No matter when or where you plan your wedding, we have a team of qualified photographers to take care of your occasion. They specialize in seizing the magical moments of the wedding with their amazing wedding photography ideas.

Wedding photographers at Localgrapher know the best wedding photography tips and understand that it takes much more than just snapping pictures of bride, groom or guests. Their unique wedding photo shoot ideas, high quality, original photographs are what set them apart from amateur photographers.

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What to Ask a Wedding Photographer?

Remember that, a professional wedding photographer try all their avenues to translate your special day photos into the most amazing memories skillfully. Moreover, it only happens because they understand that they are not only responsible for clicking faces but the once-in-life-time experience of the two people.

However, to avoid any photography disaster at your wedding, it is vital that you not only discuss your requirements, wedding photography packages, and other important things. That is possible when you interview a wedding photographer to understand his/her photography style, expertise, ideas, and packages.

Here is a quick checklist of questions you can ask a wedding photographer:

  • Ask about the availability of the wedding photographer on your wedding date.
  • Ask about the wedding photography experience and style. If possible, check the wedding portfolio that he/she has covered recently.
  • Ask about the standard wedding photography packages. Inquire if there are any add-ons or any expensive elements are included.
  • Ask about the location and photo shoot details

Find Your Perfect Photographer

How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Cost?

You have to deal with two challenges when hiring a wedding photographer. First, they have packed schedules. Two, they can be quite expensive. Couples do not mind hiring top-notch wedding photographers to capture irreplaceable memories irrespective of the cost.

According to the latest survey, an average couple in the USA spends around 11.5 percent of wedding budget on wedding photography. Although, couples pay high charges for stunning shots; especially if it is a destination wedding, the average cost of hiring a wedding photographer is approximately $2000 to $2,556.


At Localgrapher, we believe that good and high-quality photos do not have to be expensive or disrupt your budget. That is why our wedding photography packages are not only comprehensive but also extremely budget-friendly. For weddings, we recommend requesting one of the following package:

Basic Wedding Package

  • the ceremony & a few group photos
  • 1 hour-long photoshoot
  • receive 50 photos

Standard Wedding Package

  • the ceremony, group photos, portraits & candids
  • 4 hour-long photoshoot
  • receive 250 photos

Full-Day Wedding Package

  • preparations, ceremony, group photos, portraits, candids, reception, dance moves, party & more
  • 12 hour-long photoshoot
  • receive 400 photos

Filming can be added to any package upon request. Email us for more details and quotes at or request a custom package HERE.

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10 Ideas for Your Flawless Wedding Photo Shoot

As mentioned earlier, weddings are once in the lifetime event, and no one wants to mess up things during special occasions. That is what makes dealing with the professional vital that can photograph you and your partner perfectly and ensure that your memories last forever.

From quality snaps to awe-inspiring photography, you need a professional wedding photographer who can make your wedding photo shoot flawless.

Here are ten ideas to make your wedding photo list wonderful;

Idea #1

Embrace the Nature

Having a destination wedding? Do not miss out a chance to break away the traditional wedding photography poses. Imagine posing in front of the vibrant sunflowers field in Thailand. Not only will it make your wedding photo shoot fun, but you can also turn your pictures into a wall art.

Wedding Photographer

Idea #2

Geek Out

It is all about going wide and making use of space by letting the couple stand out. It can be a simple brick wall, with additional wedding props. A simple composition here is what makes it extraordinary.

Wedding Photographer

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Idea #3

Capture Some Epic Poses

If you are looking for capturing some unforgettable photographic duos, think out of the box to plan your wedding photo shoot. Discuss with your Localgrapher to take some breathtaking photos in the incredible natural environment like you two a sitting on a cliff or in the middle of an island surrounded by tranquil water.

Wedding Photographer

Idea #4

Capture Stolen Kiss

Capturing the pictures of the iconic venue of your wedding is not enough. Your wedding portfolio must include some hidden and candid shots of you and your life partner stealing a not-for-everyone-moment. And what can be better than capturing a stolen kiss? However, only a professional wedding photographer knows how to seize the intimacy of the newly wed’s stolen kiss, without making them feel awkward.

Wedding Photographer

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Idea #5

Get the Right Light

The best part of outdoor wedding photography is natural lighting. All you need is to switch on your fun mode and play with your partner while your wedding photographer embraces his/her camera lenses flare-up in the bright sunlight to take some classic wedding photos.

Wedding Photographer

Idea #6

Celebration Moments

There are many other things than a couple that marks the union of two individuals. Capturing some moments of your guest having fun, witnessing your vows, toasting, applauding, or dancing for you can also make your wedding photo album invaluable.

Wedding Photographer

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Idea #7

Play with the Shadows

Here is something that demonstrates artful eyes. Leave it to your localgrapher, and see how he/she creates unique effects of shadows to make dramatic images. Bridal poses in shadows are something beyond the norm.

Wedding Photographer

Idea #8

Wedding Details

Make sure your photographer captures the most discreet details of your big day. It includes everything from the bride’s hairdo to a couple’s wedding ring. Capturing little details are what make wedding photos a living memory for the couple.

Wedding Photographer

These Beautiful Moments Will Not Repeat
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Idea #9

Add Some Rain in the Photo Shoot

This is no doubt one of the best weddings poses. Stand in the rain (create artificial if you do not get the real one) and hold a colorful umbrella to add some vibrancy to the pose. Enjoy the moment and the company of your loved one under the same shade and get a picture.

Wedding Photographer

Idea #10

Cake Smash

How can you miss the moment of cake smashing on each other’s faces? The fun photo is unique and full of life that you can cherish forever. Let your wedding photographer capture the candid shot while you two enjoy the moment. There is no need to make a photogenic pose for this click, go natural and laugh your heart out to make it fun and memorable.

Wedding Photographer

After all, weddings are the most important events of your life and deserve perfect preservation. Only a professional wedding photographer can do justice with your special event. Hire Localgrapher for a stunning wedding photo shoot and make lasting memories.

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