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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
January 8th, 2021

15 Breathtaking Bridal Photoshoot Spots from Around the Globe

Who doesn’t want to capture the most significant moment of their life? Whether it is your graduation day, a dream vacation, or a lifetime commitment, location is something that brings life to your snapped memories. Luckily, there are plenty of beautiful destinations around the globe that are perfect to hosts a destination wedding or make a perfect bridal photoshoot spot. However, the idea of destination weddings may seem complicated to many couples as it involves the extra time and extensive planning.

But believe us! A bridal photoshoot that reinvigorates the memories of the most loving moments of your life is worth all your time you would spend on planning. If you have found the right “partner in crime” and are looking for some spectacular destinations for your bridal photoshoot, you can count on us.

Best Bridal Photoshoot Spots Around the World that You Should Consider

Tip #1

Bridal Portrait Session in Bali

Nothing can beat the beauty of an island if you want to capture the heavens in your bridal photoshoot. And an exotic place like Bali is no exception. Together with your wedding photographer, make your photos magical by clicking with white sand beaches, stunning sunsets, and spectacular views of volcanoes top. Bali is undeniably a spot you may be looking for if you want to touch a paradise!

Bridal Portrait Session in Bali

Tip #2

Urban Bridal Photoshoot in London

The city of old churches and splendid architecture is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic bridal photo spots across the globe. London perfectly matches the taste of adventurous couples who want to quirk off its beaten path. It offers the ideal backgrounds for any bridal or pre-wedding photoshoot regardless of what season you choose for it.

Get clicked at Westminster- UK’s largest church and one of the top destinations for tourists. Shooting at Westminster Bridge will allow you to capture the clock tower and Abbey in your photoshoot without having to visit those places. The barbican center is another beaten path place to shoot in the city. The largest art center features jaw-dropping architecture and will add countless emotions to your wedding pictures.

Bridal Portraits in London

Tip #3

Bridal Photo Shoot in Japan

Japan is much more than just a corporate metropolitan. One of the popular tourist destinations, it is also known for its natural beauty and traditional elegance. Home to the scenic parks and meadows, it can be your perfect bridal photoshoot spot; especially in the cherry blossom season to capture lush foliage turn into sweet pink. Not only this, choosing tatami houses, shrines, and traditional kimonos also make for great bridal photoshoot spots.

Bridal Portraits Spot in Japan

Tip #4

Bridal Portrait Session in Paris

This “City of Love” will never disappoint you when it comes to choosing the perfect bridal photo session spots. Of course, you can’t miss the Eiffel Tower, one of the best locations for your bridal photoshoots. Although Paris is full of hidden gems amidst its magnificent architecture, a bridal shoot at the Eiffel Tower will leave your guest drooling over your wedding photos.

Bridal Portrait Ideas in Paris

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Tip #5

Wedding Dress Photoshoot in Taiwan

This bustling city doesn’t only have lively nights, delicious foods, and active local markets, but full of quintessentially beautiful lakes, towering mountains, and vast, green fields. Many of the natural beauties of Taiwan are unexplored, so you might want to hire a local photographer who has the best insider tips for the perfect locations for the perfect bridal shoots.

Wedding Dress Photo Session in Taiwan

Tip #6

Wedding Photo Shoot in Venice

Deemed as the most romantic place, Venice is a go-to destination for many couples. From its canal fills to iconic bridges, every corner of the city seems to pour out tons of emotions. Thus, this amazingly picturesque location provides a perfect ground for modern and ancient architecture to be captured in your bridal photos. Every corner of Venice adds a unique character to your bridal shoot.

Wedding Day Photoshoot in Venice

Tip #7

Bridal Portrait in Prague

Prague is one of the most charming cities when it comes to bridal favorite spots for destination bridal portraits. It is full of the grandest castles, churches, and landmarks, which will leave you marveling at its wonderful city. Your bridal shoot will look like a fairytale, straight out of a magical world.

Bridal Portrait Ideas in Prague

Tip #8

Session with a Wedding Photographer in Australia

With a conglomeration of six beautiful states, why Australia is the best bridal photoshoot spot is out of the question. Travel to Sydney, to click with distinctive monuments in your wedding photos. Or make memories at Melbourne’s most photogenic streets and subway. If you love natural scenes, then visit scenic Perth to Crawley Edge Boatshed to do a nature-filled bridal shoot.

Bridal Portraits Spots in Australia

Tip #9

Wedding Photoshoot in New York

Time SquareCentral Park, or Brooklyn Bridge is full of character and make the ideal destination for your memorable bridal photoshoot.

Wedding Photographer in <a href='' data-lazy-src=

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Tip #10

Bridal Portrait Session in Santorini

Santorini, the “Island of Lovers” is one of the most loved spots of couples in Greece. Couples flock there for the pristine-white walls, blue domes, and sparkling waters to local their big day memories.

Bridal Portraits in Santorini

Tip #11

Bridal Photoshoot in Iceland

Iceland is the perfect spot for you if you’re seeking beautiful surprises and adventures at your every turn. If romance is what defines your love, Iceland makes one of the most breathtaking bridal photoshoot spots for its stunning glaciers, geysers, dramatic landscape, and hot springs.

Wedding Photographer in iceland

Tip #12

Wedding Photos from Austria

This elegant urban country is characterized by baroque architecture, mountain villages, and Alpine terrain. The dream-like place will allow you to take stunning pictures that will depict your love for your better -half.

Bridal Portraits in Austria

Tip #13

Bridal Photo Shoot in Belgium

Popular for its Renaissance architecture and medieval towns, Belgium is no doubt a must-visit destination if you are fond of Renaissance times. Let the modern museums, galleries, and magical markets become the witness of your love by taking dramatic photos for your bridal shoot.

Wedding Photographer in Belgium

Tip #14

Summer Bridal Portrait Session in Croatia

The speckled coastline of Croatia is a go-to destination for all nature lovers. Let the sapphire shades of water bewitch you as you make memories of your life’s biggest event with your only one. It is no doubt, an extraordinary European country.

Special tip: Check out our Best Croatian Photographers for Your Vacation, Destination Wedding, Honeymoon & More!

Bridal Portrait Session in Croatia

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Have you decided to make your dream about a destination wedding come true? Make your wedding photos capture one of the best and memorable moments of your life well enough by choosing some of these breathtaking bridal photoshoot spots around the world. You can’t go wrong here. Oh, yes! And don’t forget to hire a professional photographer to capture these moments on your wedding day (or before). They will never repeat!

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