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Romantic Engagement in Vienna | Paparazzi Proposal Photographer

07. 8. 2016

Vienna seems straight out of a fairytale: spectacular palaces, dazzling gardens, and soaring towers line the streets. Our photographer captured these images of one couple’s engagement – the beginning of their very own “happily ever after.”

A Secret Proposal

Proposal in Vienna

Jacob and Leah traveled together from their native United States to Austria on a wonderful European getaway – but the trip turned out to be even more memorable than Leah expected.

In preparation for the surprise, Jacob contacted Localgrapher to arrange for a photographer to capture the big moment.

The shoot was run by Matej, who is typically based in Prague but happened to be visiting Austria while Jacob and Leah were there. He jumped at the chance to be part of the happy occasion.

The proposal took place outside of Vienna’s stunning Schonbrunn Palace. Not only was Leah overjoyed when Jacob got down on one knee, she was thrilled to discover that the moment had been expertly captured by a professional photographer.

Vienna vacation photographer

After all, every girl wants to feel special at her engagement – and what could make you feel more like a celebrity than having your own paparazzi?

The City of Music

Leah could hardly have asked for a more romantic setting for her engagement photos. As the largest city in Austria and the nation’s capital, Vienna is home to some truly spectacular sights. The city has been standing for hundreds of years, and its history is closely tied to the royal families of Europe.

Vienna photographer

When you visit Vienna, you can see evidence of the city’s imperial history everywhere. Walk the world-renowned Ringstrasse, called the world’s most beautiful boulevard, and see the splendor of the royal palaces.

From the magnificent Schonbrunn Palace, once the residence of the Habsburgs, to the regal St. Stephen’s Cathedral, first constructed in the 12th century and still the emblem of Vienna, it’s clear that royalty runs in Vienna’s blood.

Vienna has also earned its nickname as the City of Music. The city has been home to some of the world’s most famous composers, including Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Salieri, and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Photographer in Vienna

Happily Ever After

Few moments are as special as asking someone to spend their life with you. That’s why it was so important to Jacob to make sure he had the perfect photographs of the moment his girlfriend became his fiancee.

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Portrait photographer in Vienna

Matej’s photos show the joy and love that the couple share. From the proposal itself, to a celebratory kiss in the royal gardens, to a quiet moment on the Gloriette above the city, the couple is taking home some truly remarkable images from their trip.

English speaking photographer in Vienna

This is a day that they’ll be talking about for a long time – and thanks to Matej’s help, they’ll have pictures that are truly worth a thousand words.

Our congratulations to Leah and Jacob!

Schonbrunn photography

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