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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Engagement Photography

An engagement photoshoot is just a series of portraits individuals make with their spouse-to-be, and that is all. But this session goes beyond just taking photos of two people exchanging rings. Precisely, it is all about capturing the sentiments and emotions of a couple commemorating a different phase of their life.

Whether you call it a formal commitment or a ceremony, engagement marks a new beginning of your life. Although this tradition has been around for decades, it is only now that the couples want to lock in all the memories of their special moments. They want their engagement pictures to reflect their emotional bond and a lifetime commitment.

That is to say, engagement photography is the best way to seize the moments of your formal first-ever beginning. Our local photographers have endless innovative engagement photo ideas for you to select from. Our engagement photographer will capture Insta-worth photos. You can opt for engagement photos at a serene beach or on scenic mountains.

So, if you are all set to make this formal announcement in style, keep on reading to find out everything you need to know about engagement photography.

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What is Engagement Photography?

Many soon-to-be newlyweds dream about professional engagement photos before their big day. This is mainly due to dynamic social media norms.

As mentioned above, engagement photography is a photo session that you do with your to-be-husband or wife. It is a photography session when an engagement photographer clicks photos of you “as a couple” in various settings. The engagement photographer aims to lock in your happiness and love genuinely.

For many couples, it is one of the best ways to enjoy time together. The best part of engagement photography is you do not need to confine yourself to traditional photos. Instead, they want to cover everything from their common hobbies, interest to places that are special for them. Couples want to make their engagement photoshoot not only memorable but also refreshing to rock their Instagram.

Moreover, engagement photography makes a great experience with your partner. You can take time out from the hustles of everyday life and spend time together.

Although it is a short session, you get a chance to spend time purely focused on your significant one for a long time. Engagement photography is also an opportunity for you and your fiancée to practice being in a formal photoshoot before your wedding

Our local photographers take pictures that celebrate the two of you as a “newly engaged” couple.

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When Should I Start Looking for a Photographer for My Engagement? 

As we said earlier, engaged couples wanting to click their pictures is not something new. This practice or tradition has been around for years. It started with the stilted and huge portraits accompanying formal wedding announcements. But that is far from what has become the latest norm: hiring a professional photographer for an engagement photoshoot.

Booking a photographer is the new normal. “When to start looking for an engagement photographer” is a common question many couples ask. Well, to answer the question precisely, the right time to book your engagement photographer depends on you.

Some couples start looking for the photographer right after the day they decide to get engaged. Others prefer to do it a few days ago of their engagement. Moreover, the decision also depends on the specific customs and locations you choose for your big day.

Ideally, a couple starts looking for a professional photographer nine or ten months before their engagement. Of course, your engagement photoshoot can be longer or shorter, depending on your circumstances.

However, when you hire our local photographers, there is no need to wait for such a long time. Our online platform is working 24/7 to help you choose the best engagement photographer within a day. Our trusted service assists soon-to-be-couples in arranging engagement photoshoots, regardless of the location. You can get in touch with local photographers through our website in hundreds of locations around the world.

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What to Ask from an Engagement Photographer?

Many couples are far more excited about their engagement photos than wedding photos. Engagement photography today is more fun but also makes a better reflection of the couple. That means you can be more casual with your partner and try endless unique poses to make memories. But, it only happens when you choose an experienced and skilled engagement photographer.

Easier said than done, choosing an engagement photographer is often overwhelming and taxing. From your engagement theme, dressing to location, a photographer must know everything to take your pictures to the next level. These are not the only things you need to consider. You must make your photography budget into account when picking your engagement photographer. Nobody wants to spend hundreds of dollars for just one day photoshoot.

Once you narrow down all your concerns, it is the time to ask your engagement photographer before booking him or her. Know that asking the right questions to your professional photographer is crucial. You will be spending an entire day with that person. If you do not feel comfortable or at ease, you will not enjoy your most anticipated day. And if you feel stressed out or have doubts about the skills of your engagement photographer, you will not get the result to cherish forever.

Here we outlined some of the critical questions you must ask your engagement photographers before hiring them.

Question #1

What Style Do You Have Expertise In?

This may be one of the most important questions to ask your engagement photographer. Most photographers prefer using a blend of different photography styles. If you want a style that is trending, you need to make sure your photographer has expertise in that.

For example, you may want engagement formal portraits. You will not like your photographer clicking some casual shots, right. Choosing a skilled and experienced photographer for shooting portraits is a great idea.

Engagement Photoshoot Tips

Question #2

How Many Engagement Photoshoots Have You Done? And How Many Photoshoot Projects You Like To Work On A Year?

Remember that you have only one chance to capture the memories of your engagement day. So you will want to take the services of a photographer who knows how to click classic shots and pictures under pressure. Only experienced photographers have the skills to take excellent photos, in line with your needs.

Ask your engagement photographer about his or her experience in the photography field. Go through the photographer’s profile or Instagram pages before booking the photography session.

Engagement Photoshoot Tips


Question #3

Do You Make Both Film And Digital Photographs?

While digital photography is more popular and common nowadays, film and videography have a kind of resurgence. If you are looking for both, you need to be sure your engagement photographer has relevant experience to execute the latest format. 

If you want a dreamy quality in your photos, go with a skilled local photographer. In addition to inquiring about the number of engagement events they have shot, tell them how many digital photographs you want them to take.

Engagement Photoshoot Tips


Question #4

What Does Your Photography Package Include?

When you compare pricing packages, do check albums, prints, proofs, and extra coverage. It is worth mentioning that all these things can significantly alter the cost.

Your package must include a secure backup and money-back guarantee. You can ask your engagement photographer about the services they include in the pricing package. In short, you have to be sure that you are making the best value of your time and money. If you have your photographer use film, ask about the costs and its processing fees.

However, this is what makes hiring engagement photographers from Localgrapher different from others. 

We have listed everything we offer in the pricing packages to help you make an informed decision.

Engagement Photoshoot Tips


Question #5

What Is The Duration Of Your Photography Coverage?

You need to choose a package that does not drain your wallet. It should also give you enough time to click unique engagement pictures. And this is only possible when you plan your engagement photoshoot according to the number of hours.

For example, if you want to have five to seven hours of the photoshoot, make sure you choose a photographer with low hourly rates. At Localgrapher, we offer different packages with a different number of hours to make everything seamless.

Engagement Photoshoot Tips


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How Much Does an Engagement Photo Shoot Cost?

Asking how much a professional engagement photographer will charge for your photoshoot is essential. This way, you can find a package that suits your budget.

Engagement photography prices may vary. The costs are generally based on location, experience, and the number of hours. The average engagement photography prices range from $200 to $500 per hour. You may find the hourly rates of an engagement photographer on his or her contract. Make sure it does include services like editing and back up delivery. The most of engagement photography price you usually pay depends on the number of pictures and specific types of photo sessions you want.

Luckily, hiring an engagement photographer via Localgrapher is easy and affordable. We offer comprehensive packages. For an excellent engagement photography session, you can pick our Silver Package.

  • It starts at $350 and includes 60 min couple photoshoot.
  • Besides this, the package offers two -years back up
  • 35 hi-resolution pictures
  • and a money-back guarantee.

This is what makes it a fantastic engagement photography package for all soon-to-be-married couples.

Moreover, there is a video package for the couples looking for a more exciting engagement photoshoot. The package allows the to-be-wedded couples to film their proposals and engagement ceremony on their dream location.

Shooting your engagement proposal on your vacation trip seems an excellent idea to preserve all your beautiful moments. You can get the package:

  • in just $450 per hour
  • with a 60-minutes video session
  • and 2 years back up.


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10 Ideas on What to Wear to an Engagement Photo Shoot

If you are stump on the question “what to wear to an engagement photoshoot“, don’t worry, you are not alone. Who does not want to look best in their sentimental snapshots?

To help you out in the situation, we have put together some of the most photogenic outfit ideas for your engagement photoshoot.

Idea #1

Decent Structured Outfits

If you opt for a beach theme for your engagement photography, opt for some decent structured outfits, such as striped ensembles. Giving a nautical vibe, these formal outfits set the perfect mood. Moreover, you look “beach-appropriate” in your engagement pictures. Go for combinations like whites or navy blues to pull off a classic beach style.

Go barefoot to set a laid-back mood and let your engagement photographer click some chic photos.

Engagement Photoshoot Tips

Idea #2

Set Your Own Style With Jumpsuits Or Printed Romper

The dress you choose plays a role in setting the mood of engagement photos. So make sure so wear outfits that genuinely feel like “your style“. If you are not too much into heavily embellished dresses, do not wear one! Try a beautiful printed jumpsuit or romper. Don’t forget to adorn your dresses with some accessories such as colorful shades and trendy straw to channel your style.

Engagement Photoshoot Tips

Idea #3

Try Polka Dots Outfits

No matter how traditional or vintage this idea may sound, many couples opt for polka dot outfits to a make their engagement photography standout. Bright and bold colors pop on the camera and give your pictures an instant vibrant and celebratory feel. If you have a summer engagement, don’t hesitate to play off with the hues like yellow or orange without being matchy-matchy.

Honeymoon Photoshoot in Rome Italy

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Idea #4

Tartan Shawls And Seasonal Accessories

If you have chosen to wear some autumnal colors for your engagement photography, add some accessories to enhance the look. Pair your outfits with tartan shawls and accessories like a bright hat or colorful scarf. This combination not only adds visual interest to your engagement outfits but also gives off a rustic vibe.

Engagement Photoshoot Tips

Idea #5

Give A Nod To Your Wedding Day Look

Who said you couldn’t wear white on your engagement?

Do not let this seasonality or tradition stop you and your fiancé from wearing white outfits in your engagement photos. Know that it is totally acceptable and is becoming a trend. Although your engagement photoshoot does not have to look overly bridal, you can go with a pure white blouse, shirts, and coats. Play with textures such as crochet, Swiss dots, or eyelet lace that show up well on the camera.

Engagement Photography Ideas

Idea #6

Stay Warm With Flannels And Knits

Warm fabrics such as flannel and knits make great options to give engagement photos a cozy feel. Know what is the great part here?

You both will not catch cold while shooting and snuggling up in the outdoor locations. Pick some kitschy and printed knits or some sweater dresses to wear on the button-down shirts to complement the look.

Engagement Photoshoot Tips

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Idea #7

Sparkle In Monochromatic Embellished Outfits

If you want to convey an instant celebratory feel in your engagement photos, go for this festive look. Wear a sparkling monochromatic embellished outfit like a beautiful gold sequin to give your photos a perfect jovial spirit. Have your significant one wear a shirt or coat in a solid color that complements your glittery ensemble.

Most Romantic Couple Photo Shoots in Autumn

Idea #8

Rock A Faux-Fur Coat And Rainboots

Classy, decent, and sophisticated, this engagement photoshoot will surely make your friends go awe. A faux fur coat and a pair of fun and quirky rain boots make an ideal combination if you want to make your style statement. Use an umbrella to go with the outfit and add a feel to your engagement photos.

Engagement Photoshoot Tips

Idea #9

Give Some Glam Vibes With Cocktail Attire

Want your engagement photography to be different? A black cocktail dress with statement heels gives off some super glam vibes. Make your partner wear a charcoal suit to rock your big day photography.

Couple Funny Photography

Idea #10

Add A Fresh Feel To Your Photos With A Colorful Flirty Skirt

If you want to wear something lightweight to feel relaxed and comfortable on your engagement photoshoot, colorful flirty skirts won’t disappoint you. You can pair a skirt with a cardigan of a neutral shade to stave off the chilly air. If you are opting for the multihued skirt, make your man dress a little formal attire such as a blue or black suit for an ideal laid-back look.

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In a nutshell, no matter what your definition of engagement is, the tradition has an emotional tie to it. The simple ring exchanging ritual carries a lifetime commitment to spend your whole life with your forever one. This emotional interpretation makes it a significant event in the couples’ life. This is when they want to lock all their precious moments through meaningful photos for a lifetime.

Our professional photographers, in this regard, understand how important this event is in the life of a to-be-married couple. That is why they capture their love and connection in the best possible way.

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