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Family Photo Shoot in the Middle of Red Rocks in Sedona, Arizona

05. 12. 2018

Cheri was visiting Sedona with her husband and daughter, and she wanted to have some family photos done, especially with the red rocky landscape for which the area is well known. In order to do this, and still have everyone in the photo, she hired photographer Stacy.

Family Time in the American Desert

Located in Arizona, and surrounded by rust-colored red rock buttes, Sedona is a desert town known for its vibrant arts community, mild climate and gorgeous scenery. A variety of tourists are attracted to the area annually, including those seeking spiritual healing (the area is believed to be the centre of spiritual vortexes), as well as hikers, day-trippers, and campers. The town of Sedona is full of art galleries and restaurants, but it is the natural scenery outside the town that Cheri really wanted for her photographs.

Photographer in Sedona

The area has many well-known rock landscapes, some of which are captured wonderfully in Stacy’s photographs. These include Cathedral Rock, which is one of the most photographed landmasses in Arizona; the Courthouse Butte, near the village of Oak Creek and is arguably the best hike in Sedona; and the Twin Buttes Formation which is a favourite among rock climbers and mountain bikers.

Sunny Smiles

It is a refreshing change to have professional family photos taken somewhere other than a studio filled with lighting umbrellas and dated props. While vacationing at the Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Cheri was able to enjoy her family vacation with her husband and beautiful 10-year-old daughter, all the while knowing that she would have some wonderful, professional photos at the end with which to remember their holiday.

Photographer in Sedona

Photographer in Sedona

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Dressed casually in neutral colours that fit perfectly into the landscape around them, Cheri’s family is seen enjoying their time together, taking in the incredible panorama around them, and just being together, far from the daily grind. In addition to the three of them together, Stacy, our family photographer in Sedona, took many images of Cheri alone with her husband, as well as just her daughter. Stacy also captured lots of sweet moments between the three of them, including her daughter on her husband’s shoulders, and lots of fun and playful shots as well.

Photographer in Sedona

All of Stacy’s photographs are composed beautifully, using the warm desert lighting to the absolute advantage. The slightly cloudy, but vibrant blue skies made for perfect lighting. Although the images are sometimes staged, none of them are overly posed – instead they are fun, and even humorous at times.

You can almost hear the family talking happily as they are having their photos taken. The natural landscape of Sedona and its incredible rock formations provided the perfect backdrop for these family photographs. No studio can compare.

Photographer in Sedona

The best thing about hiring a professional photographer to take family photos is that you know you will get well-focused and well thought out images, instead of blurry selfies, or with someone missing from the group. A professional photographer can make a huge difference.

Happy Memories of Arizona

Our vacation photographers like Stacy know where to find the perfect views, and want to give their clients the best possible experience, and great memories to last a lifetime. They are usually local experts and can suggest the best sites for all kinds of photo shoots, including casual family holidays.

Photographer in Sedona

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