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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
December 14th, 2020

79 Things to Do with Your Kids in Prague – The Ultimate List

Even if you have a plan for a perfect family vacation in Prague, you may need a backup idea to keep the whole family entertained. Or 79 backup ideas.

We’ve carefully checked out every corner of Prague and we’re bringing you the ultimate list of things you can do with your kids in the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic.

Check out these 79 absolutely awesome ideas that will provide a lot of fun and excitement both to you and your children!

Tip #1

Climb up the Petřín Tower

If you want your kids to admire the entire area of Bohemia, make sure to save a sunny day for a visit to this 63.5-meter tall building. Even though 299 steps leading to its peak make Petřín Tower more difficult for people to reach the top, the view is definitely worth it.

Best Things to Do with Your Kids in Prague

Tip #2

In the area of this great playground, your kids will have a perfectly safe chance of exploring the world of traffic and learning about the ways to stay safe in the traffic by memorizing the rules explained as you walk through the playground, among numerous other activities.

Best Things to Do with Your Kids in Prague

Tip #3

The medieval appearance of the building will enchant your kids giving them a sensation of visiting a fairytale. The inside area is mind-blowing as well, with an impressive mirror labyrinth. Once you succeed in getting to the end of the maze, you’ll be able to admire the incredible historical battle diorama and proceed to the “hall of laughter” and enjoy the funny versions of your family in twisted mirrors.

Best Things to Do with Your Kids in Prague

Tip #4

Enjoy the World of Movies in Karel Zeman Museum

The fantasy world of the coolest movie features will bring your kids’ excitement to the highest level! In Karel Zeman Museum, you’ll be able to maneuver the submarine from “The Fabulous World of Jules Verne”, take a ride on a flying machine, and walk around the moon as if you were Baron Munchausen, among numerous other awesome family activities.

Best Things to Do with Your Kids in Prague

Tip #5

Play at the Children Playground at Střelecký Ostrov

No matter how old your kids are, this unusual playground has everything you need to keep them entertained, offering a lower side adapted for younger kids and the other one with interesting equipment for the older ones. One of the favorite parts of the playground is the obstacle course made of wood, chains, and ropes.

Best Things to Do with Your Kids in Prague

Tip #6

Explore the Prague Zoo

Indonesian Jungle, Bororo Reserve, Elephant Valley, Hippo House, Giant Salamander House, Gorilla Pavilion, and Children’s Zoo are only some of the spectacular areas you can observe in the Prague Zoo and you’ll definitely be amazed!

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #7

Swim at the Podolí Swimming Pool

This complex is located next to the Vltava River in the Vyšehrad district and provides perfect swimming, diving, and water polo experiences for families with kids looking forward to some fun moments in the water.

Best Things to Do with Your Kids in Prague

Tip #8

Observe Prague from Žižkov TV Tower

If you want to show your kids the incredible view of Prague from Žižkov district, visit the top of Žižkov TV Tower and relax enjoying the scenery and exquisite food provided by the Prague’s tallest building.

Best Things to Do with Your Kids in Prague

Tip #9

Enjoy Cruising on the Vltava River

Those who are interested in experiencing Prague from a different perspective can enjoy the view of the gorgeous riverside, by choosing among the wide variety of family sightseeing cruises on the beautiful Vltava.

Best Things to Do with Your Kids in Prague

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Tip #10

Have Fun in a Paddle Boat on the Vltava

Adventurous kids will be super excited to spend some time in a paddle boat and enjoy the loveliness of the area in the morning or evening hours. Boats can be easily rented at numerous locations along the riverside.

Best Things to Do with Your Kids in Prague

Tip #11

Have a Meal at Výtopna restaurant

If you’re looking for a unique place to eat and keep your kids entertained, Výtopna pubs and restaurants are your perfect fit! In their lovely interior, you will have your food and drinks served by train models, with the tiny railways spreading all around you.

Best Things to Do with Your Kids in Prague

Tip #12

Visit National Marionette Theatre

There are so many things families can enjoy in National Marionette Theatre – from joining the workshops where you can make marionettes with your kids to enjoying the tour of the theater and backstage. Awesome marionette performances shouldn’t be missed, either.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #13

The old historical bridge crossing the Vltava river was the most important connection between the settlements on the opposite side of the river throughout history. About 500 m long and adorned with medieval statues, Charles bridge will make your family feel like going back in the time.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #14

Visit Prague Castle during the Change of the Guards

Your kids will be more than thrilled not only to check out the stunning antique Prague castle and the rest of the imposing complex including the charming courtyard but also to witness the breathtaking ceremony of guards change.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #15

Experience Funicular Railway to Petřín

This ride won’t only save you the time you’d spend on walking up to the top of the hill but it’ll also provide some unforgettable memories for you and your kids, letting you enjoy the magnificent views and natural beauties of Prague.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #16

Admire Vyšehrad Castle

If you want to give your kids an architecture lesson while providing them with a spectacular view of the city and a bit of mystery, head to the Vyšehrad Castle and Park where you’ll be able to observe some incredible architectural gems – underground casements with Baroque statues, the Neo-Gothic Church, the national cemetery, etc.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #17

Explore the Vyšehrad Cemetery

Established in the second half of the 19th century, this place is where numerous important composers, writers, artists, sculptors and other famous people were buried. What makes this visit interesting for kids is the Slavin tomb, the imposing, widely known central tomb.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #18

Take a Ride on a City Ferry

If you want your kids to experience a different type of public transport in Prague, give them a ride worth remembering – take them on a city ferry and explore various interesting places in the city (such as Vltava valley and Emperor’s Meadow) in a more interesting way.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #19

Climb up to Petřín Observatory

Located on Petřín hill, the observatory was actually named after the famous Slovak astronomer, Štefánik. Chances are your kids will love this place since they’ll get a chance to learn about astronomy and check out the telescopes. Cool enough?

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #20

Nostalgic Tram no. 91

If you’re visiting Prague with your families somewhere between March and November, make sure not to miss the charms of the Nostalgic tramline No. 91, that operates on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, giving you an unforgettable ride through the city center.

Family Photographer in Prague

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Tip #21

Enjoy the Picturesque Botanical Gardens of Prague

Most of them located near the banks of Vltava, the botanical gardens of Prague are a perfect relaxation area for all of you wanting to take your kids to a more natural environment. Some of our suggestions are Fata Morgana and Botanická záhrada hl.m. Prahy.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #22

Have fun at DinoPark

Being one of the attractions closed in winter, DinoPark is probably one of the reasons why you should visit Prague during the other seasons. With no exceptions, both kids and adults are always thrilled to time-travel to the Mesozoic era, which includes not only the awesome replicas of dinosaurs but also the coolest cinema ever – 4D cinema.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #23

Observe the Astronomical Clock at Old Town Square

Astronomical Clock is another interesting sight of Prague when it comes to scientifically minded families. Your kids will probably be curious about this medieval clock decorating the Old Town City Hall’s southern wall that announces every hour with 12 apostles and symbolic sculptures motion.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #24

Burn off the Energy at the Prague Playgrounds in Stromovka Park, U Vodárny Park & Grebovka Park

Parents with hyperactive kids will love the playground areas of the mentioned parks. From the classic equipment such as swings, trampolines, tiny wooden houses, all the way to castles, fun games, and healthy exercises, your kids will have a lot of amusing things to check out.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #25

Escape to Divoká Šárka

Another great place for experiencing the natural charms of Prague, enormous nature reserve named Divoká Šárka, offers a wide variety of things to do – hiking, biking, climbing the lush hills, golf playing, swimming in the pool, or just relaxing in the lovely natural ambiance with your loved ones.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #26

Meet Spejbl and Hurvínek

The kids will love the puppet performances telling the stories of Spejbl, Hurvinek, Manicka, Mrs. Katerina and their awesome dog named Zeryk in the fantastic Spejbl and Hurvinek puppet theater.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #27

Dive into the SeaWorld

The incredible underwater world in SeaWorld will leave your kids speechless. The largest sea aquarium in the Czech Republic with a wide variety of sea species, including sharks, will keep the entire family amused and entertained for sure.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #28

Have an Adventure at the Kingdom of Railways (Království železnic)

With the biggest interactive railway model  in the entire country, Kingdom of Railways situated close to Anděl metro station will be a favorite fun place for the entire family. Here you’ll be able to experience not only the interactive model of the city but fully functional tram cockpit, digitally operated trains, cars, and day-night shifts, as well.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #29

Experience Art at the Children’s Art Gallery

Gallery GUD is another interesting place in Prague dedicated to kids (2 to 13 years old), designed as the multifunctional multimedia area that allows them to work with the displays, touch and feel/connect with used materials, learn about artistic techniques, and therefore stimulate their creativity in an unusual way.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #30

Get Creative in Lego Museum

If you bring your kids on a vacation to Prague and don’t take them to the Lego Museum, well, you will miss the essence of the journey! Here you can explore the Museum of Bricks, the interactive Lego expositions, and the best of all – you can get your own Lego collection from the Lego Shop.

Family Photographer in Prague

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Tip #31

Play with Water in Malešice Park

Talking about all the perks of parks in Prague, Park in Malešice just must be mentioned. It’s not a regular park, it’s not a water park, and yet – it is both! Kids who enjoy water activities will be able to play with different types of awesome water-driven toys and have fun in small pools.

Tip #32

Test your Mini-golf Skills

When it comes to finding a fun place for the whole family, you should have in mind the Minigolf Butovice Center, which offers some awesome indoor mini-golf courses with different lights settings and an interesting, unique interior your children will love.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #33

Bobsleigh in Prosek

Of course, do it only if you dare to experience an 800-meter long steel chute (you can control the speed using the brake!). If you still prefer something more relaxing, you’re encouraged to explore the restaurant offer – incredibly delicious food and spectacular view are a perfect combination.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #34

Visit Kavárna Maluj Creative Center

If you’d gladly see your kids (or yourselves!) in the role of pottery painters, then the workshops organized in this cozy interior may be the perfect activity for you. You’ll get a chance of painting your very own bowl, plate, mug, or anything that comes to your mind that you’d like to take home.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #35

Feed the Swans in Náplavka

The charming cobbled street on the riverbank with the weekend farmers market and boat restaurants may be a perfect place for your kids to play around and there’s definitely no cuter scene than watching your little ones feeding the swans and ducks.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #36

Visit the Museum of Miniatures

Even if you think children and museums are not a perfect combination, this microminiature museum may be pretty interesting for them, especially having in mind the essence of this art – the artworks cannot be seen with naked eye.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #37

Don’t miss Prague Ecology Center – Toulcův Dvůr

The scenic area of this public farm, with its barns and natural environment that includes alluvial forest, makes a perfect choice for parents interested in getaways from the city rush and running after their kids across the endless fields.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #38

Experience the 5D Cinema

If you find yourself in Prague and your kids are up to something more spectacular than a regular movie projection, 5D Cinema is a perfect place for you. Sit back, put on your special glasses, and enter the movie world with all your senses.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #39

Stay fit at the Little Gym

The Little Gym is a great place for you to enjoy some fun and healthy moments with your kids since you’ll have a chance to participate in parent/children classes and exercise together, among numerous other activities.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #40

Aviation Museum Kbely

The collection of 275 impressive aircraft all around the place, both in the indoor halls and in the open air, many of them unique, will make your kids happily jump around exploring the museum because there’s nothing more incredible than airplanes. Is there?

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Tip #41

Admire the Skies from the Ďáblice Observatory

If your family happens to spend some time in the municipality of Ďáblice, make sure not to miss the Observatory located on Ládví Hill from which you and your kids can enjoy sky observation using a telescope if the sky is clear.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #42

Explore Public Transport Museum

In this museum, you’ll be able to see more than 40 historical vehicles and numerous other objects related to transport, including tickets, blueprints, historical documents, etc. Kids are usually excited about checking out the old buses.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #43

Check out National Technical Museum

Architecture, astronomy, mining, transportation, time measurement, and printing are only some of the fields visitors can explore during the visit to the National Technical Museum so, undoubtedly, both parents and kids will have fun visiting this museum.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #44

Have Some Ceramic Classes at Ceramic Studio Prague

This cozy and friendly studio is the ideal place in Prague for all families looking forward to expressing their inner selves through the pottery and ceramics. In Ceramic Studio Prague, you and your kids will have a great opportunity to learn the basic techniques of creating ceramic artworks and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #45

Wander through Josefov

Cozily nestled between the Vltava River and the Old Town Square, Josefov represents the Jewish Quarter in Prague whose history goes back to the 13th century when Jewish people were banned from the city and had to settle in a single area. Today it’s the city area where you can see numerous historical buildings, including six synagogues!

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #46

Take a Look at the National Museum Building

Originating from the last decade of the 19th century, the Neo-Renaissance National Museum is probably one of the most imposing buildings in the area of upper Wenceslas Square although it was the target of two military attacks in the past. This important national building is currently being modernized.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #47

Take a Tour of the National Theatre

Apart from enjoying the opera, drama and ballet performances, you can also arrange a guided tour of the majestic interior of the National Theatre, with guides speaking Czech, English, German, French, or Russian.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #48

Check out the Book Tunnel in the Municipal Library of Prague

There’s probably no better place than the Book Tunnel in the Municipal Library of Prague for you to convince your kids to enter the incredible world of books and reading. Located at the entrance of the museum, the Book Tunnel won’t only lure your kids to enter the library, but it will also make you take your camera out and make some unforgettable memories.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #49

Take a Family Pic at the Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall featuring the Beatles lyrics and graffiti inspired by John Lennon is definitely another awesome location for your family to capture the memories from Prague. This wall is probably one of the most controversial attractions in the city because of the political background of the motifs on it.

Family Photographer in Prague

Tip #50

Observe the Dead Horse Statue in Lucerna Passage

The Lucerna Palace, located in the very heart of Prague, represents home to the funny statue named „The dead horse“. You may guess the rider of this horse is Wenceslas – the one who rides the horse in front of the National Museum, as well. Although the adults may find more meaning in it than the kids, the upside-down statue of the horse will probably keep them amused as well.

Family Photographer in Prague

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Tip #51

Visit the Hunger Wall

Most kids will be thrilled to wander around the remnants of the old, medieval wall built in the middle of the 14th century, situated in the area of the Lesser Town in Prague. While some sources claim this wall had a defensive purpose, there is also a myth saying it was a place where the poor were fed.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #52

Enjoy the Stunning Wallenstein Palace Gardens

This hidden game of Prague offers a perfect combination of the incredible views, imposing statues, proud peacocks, magnificent fountains, and green areas all around you that will leave you breathless. Resembling a fairytale setting, Wallenstein Palace Gardens are the ideal place for some nice relaxing family walks.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #53

Walk down the Golden Lane

Vividly colored gorgeous tiny houses in the Golden Lane at the Prague Castle will undoubtedly keep the attention of your kids, especially if you tell them about the alchemists from the 16th century, who were exploring this area looking for the formula that would help them produce gold. Another interesting fact is that Franz Kafka lived in this street for a couple of years!

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #54

Forget Trdelník – Enjoy Traditional Czech Sweets!

Even though the majority of tourists coming to Prague usually gets super excited about Trdelník and even though it is a super tasty dessert, it doesn’t really have much to do with traditional Czech homemade sweets that are even tastier, so instead, you may want to give your kids a bit of really traditional small round yeast dough cookies with sweet fillings, or buchty, the sweetest yeast dough buns ever!

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #55

Get the Sweetest of Prague in Ovocný Světozor

No matter whether you’re a lover of whipped cream cakes, curd cakes, fruit cakes, fruit salads, or ice creams, at Ovocný Světozor, you’ll enjoy the deliciousness of every single bite you take. One thing is sure – the youngest gourmands in your family will be more than grateful for this tasty visit!

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #56

Enjoy the Nature of Jelení příkop

This eight-hectare area of intact nature represents one of the most beautiful parks of the Czech Republic. It’s divided into two areas – the lower side is an expansive forest park, while in the upper area you can explore an artificial cave and a pretty large meadow, among other natural beauties.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #57

Admire the Klementinum Library

With more than 20,000 books kept in it and the mind-blowing frescoes across its ceiling, the Klementinum library is a real masterpiece of Baroque architecture that will leave you speechless as you slowly walk through its imposing interior. It isn’t recognized as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world for no reason, for sure!

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #58

Feel the Local Spirit at the Farmer’s Market on Jiřího z Poděbrad

If you’re looking forward to tasting delicious traditional Czech food while at the same time running away from the rush of the city center, the traditional farmer’s market on Jiřího z Poděbrad is the perfect fit for you. Apart from the tasty homemade food, you’ll be able to enjoy the view of the Church of the Most Sacred Heart while your kids play around.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #59

Watch Skateboarders in Letná Park

In the pretty area of Letná Park (also known as Stalin Park), your family can enjoy some fun moments in the open space. You can relax at the park café, observe pendulum contraption, or try and learn some tricks from the experienced skateboarders all around you.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #60

Pay a Visit to The National Museum of Agriculture

Once you find yourself in Letná Park, it would be a pity not to visit the National Museum of Agriculture, where you’ll be led through the history of the hard work of farmers which may be interesting to your kids. Sometimes temporary exhibitions are also available.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

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Tip #61

Have Fun at Grevin Wax Museum Prague

This is probably one of the coolest and the most amusing places in the city that not only your kids will love! Enter the magic world of about 80 wax figures and make it even more fun – compete with your family or friends in making the best photo with a star or recognizing those that are represented in the wax. Additionally, there’s also a nice café and souvenir shop in the museum.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #62

Join Extravaganza Free Tour

The reason why you should get in touch with the people working in Extravaganza is the fact they’ll provide you with an awesome tour of Prague, organized by really friendly and enthusiastic local professional English-speaking guides!

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #63

Explore Prague Underground System

The dark mysterious labyrinths, paths, and passages that are hidden under the streets of Old Town may be the perfect place for you if your family is looking for some adventure and adrenaline –your kids will definitely have the sensation of discovering a whole new world while observing the ancient underground constructions spreading in front of them.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #64

Explore the Gingerbread Museum

If you smell something really nice and sweet while wandering through the center of Old Prague, chances are you’ve bumped into the Gingerbread Museum, the incredible shop offering some spectacular handmade gingerbread products. Undoubtedly, both you and your children will fall in love with this magnificent place.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #65

Museum of Chocolate

Get to know about the incredible history of chocolate and the process of modern production. You can also join amazing workshops designed especially for kids. And the best thing about the whole experience? There’s an all you can eat included in the admission! Yes, you’re going to love everything about this special museum.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #66

Don’t Miss the Kids Train on Žofín Island

The ride in the gorgeous tiny train meandering through the area of the Island is the part of the visit to Žofín Island the youngest visitors simply adore. The loveliness of the area will make this cute little ride a really nice experience for your kids.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #67

Observe the Beautiful Horses at PONY School

In PONY school, you won’t only be able to admire the incredibly charming horses but you’ll also have a chance of increasing your kids’ love for these noble animals and teach them how to interact with them. If they are confident enough, you can help them ride ponies for a while, too.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #68

Explore the Invisible Exhibition

No, it’s not a joke. Actually, it’s your personal journey to the world of the invisibility. During this exhibition, you will have to find your way out without looking around. For an hour, the only senses you may rely on are scent, touch, and hearing. Invisible messages, team building activities, dinner, and wine tasting are only some of the interesting activities you may take part in.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #69

Black Light Adventure Mini Golf

Considered one of the top 10 nightlife attractions in the city, this place offers a unique experience of playing darts, foosball, and mini-golf in the dark surrounding. For the families looking forward to something more adventurous, there’re many authentic escape games in Prague, as well.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #70

Take Your Kids to Bowling

Even though it’s usually considered fun activity for adults, when you’re in Prague, bowling can become an interesting entertainment for kids as well and there are several locations in the city where they can enjoy bowling, such as Fantasy Kids Prague Bowling, and the bowling center in Nove Butovice Shopping Mall.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

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Tip #71

Visit the Palace of Troja

The palace is located in the northwest area of Prague and it represents a Baroque architecture masterpiece with French and Italian influences. It hosts the Czech art collections from the 19th century and it’s the property of the city of Prague. It features lovely gardens, a variety of statues and the terrace adorned with a Bombelli vases collection so it represents a great place for a nice family walk.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #72

Observe the incredible statue of Franz Kafka

Situated next to the Quadrio business center, right above the metro station Národní třída, the imposing eleven-meter tall statue of Franz Kafka’s face grabs the attention because of its mind-blowing 42 rotating tiers. This masterpiece of modern architecture has been decorating this area of the city since November 2014.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #73

Take your kids to see the Peeing statues

There’s probably no more creative or more interesting way of having your kids pay attention to the art (especially when it comes to sculptures) than taking them to see the Peeing statues at Malá Strana. The statues represent two masculine bronze figures peeing into the pond that resembles the shape of the Czech Republic. Interesting, isn’t it?

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #74

Enjoy the Water Activities at Petynka Swimming Pool

With a 50-meter long outdoor pool, a 103-meter long spiral chute, a paddling pool, a gorgeous grassy rooftop beach, and numerous other features, such as entertainment options for kids like trampoline, jumping castle, and children’s corner, Petynka swimming pool represents a real paradise for families looking for relaxation on a hot day.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #75

Have a Bite of chlebíčky

When the Prague exploration makes you tired and hungry, there’s no better way of refilling your family energy supplies than having a chlebíčky, which is actually an open-face sandwich – a baguette covered with some of the popular spreads such as lobster paste or cream cheese, with piquant topping on top, that may consist of capers, brie, mozzarella, deviled eggs, tomatoes, pepperoni… it’s really up to you. Your kids are going to love them, for sure.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #76

Have a family Photo Shoot with Localgrapher

Once you’ve planned a perfect vacation and decided what the ideal things to do with your kids in Prague would be, one thing is sure – you should definitely capture those precious moments and turn them into the lifetime memories. So, if you’re wondering what would be the best way of creating valuable memorabilia from Prague, you may want to check out the services offered by Localgrapher, the team of highly professional, talented, and dedicated local photographers who will gladly capture your best moments from your family vacation in Prague, turning them into a perfect photo album.

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Special Bonus Tips From Our Friends

Tip #1

Insider tips by Tereza from CzechPragueOut

Sightseeing and exploring are fun for everyone, but kids need also some playtime and parents some coffee break. There are plenty of parks with playgrounds, but no so many indoor game rooms in the city center, so it is good to know where to go. With small children, you might want to go to hotel Juliš at Wenceslas Square, Cukrárna Pod Věží near Žižkov TV tower, Kulíškov at Palladium Shopping Mall or Creperie U Kajetána at Nerudova Street. A bit bigger kids will appreciate a visit to Café Křižovatka at Wenceslas Square, where they can borrow board games, or play some PS3.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #2

Insider tips by Tereza from Guidilo

Wherever you travel, always try to connect with local people. This holds especially true when traveling with kids, as locals are the best source to find out all those family-friendly places around or amazing playgrounds. Czech parents are (usually) very friendly and ready to share various parenting tricks or tips on exploring popular places with your children. If you feel too shy to talk to strangers, get in touch with our local Martina. She and her 2 adorable kids would love to meet you and show you all their favorite spots in Prague, from a local’s perspective.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

Tip #3

Insider tips by Katka from Prague with family

I adore both Prague and kids! Over the last seven years, I’ve taken my boys through every quarter, down every street, and to every café, museum and park in Prague worth seeing in order to put together the best self-guided family tours possible – filled with fun and adventure for kids, and interesting spots for adults along the way. My first tip would, therefore, be to download my free e-book with cool stuff about Prague for kids. And if you want to spend some quality time with your kids in Prague’s city center, get my top 3 self-guided tours wrapped up together in my Prague Family Kit.

Best Things to Do with Your Kids in Prague

Tip #4

Insider tips by Martin from Think Prague

David Černý is a well-known Czech artist and author of a number of controversial works of art. One of them consists of three bronze sculptures of babies located in the park at the entrance to the Museum Kampa. Their size (350 cm x 260 cm) makes them a popular attraction among children, while their appearance incites discussions on topics such as consumer society, technological development, and genetics. Families with children who wish to explore the art of Prague, which is both a perceptual experience and food for thought, are welcome to go on our Street Vibes Tour.

Family Photo Shoot In Prague

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Now you’ve got the best of our ideas for your family vacation in Prague! If you don’t have much trouble imagining your kids at some of the places we’ve mentioned, then it’s quite sure – you can do it and your kids are going to love it! 

In case you still have doubts about the places you should visit, we strongly encourage you to show these interesting places to your children – they’ll probably be more than excited to participate in the process of decision making! So pack your bags, and enjoy your family exploration of the beauties of Prague.

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