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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Newborn Photography

There is no bigger blessing than welcoming a newborn baby in your family. Your feeling as a parent is a combination of exhilaration, excitement, nervousness, and exhaustion. At the same time, you feel incredibly scared as you’re handling a bundle of incontinent floppiness that is of few kilograms. No doubt it is one of the momentous times whether you become a mom or dad. The feeling you deal with as a parent, especially as a mother, is unrivaled for its purity and depth. 

Overwhelmed with the arrival of a tiny member, a lot of parents love to seize the memories of their newborn. Crying, sleeping, and smiling babies look adorable, and parents want to preserve those fleeting moments. That is one of the reasons why newborn photography is booming at a rampant pace. The newborn photoshoot undeniably makes a wonderful addition to the family album. Whether photographed with the cut props or with the parent, the tiny humans look super adorable.

Taking newborn pictures may seem relatively easy.  But in reality, it is one of the most difficult photography areas. Thankfully, babies can’t move so much and tend to listen to you when you place them on couch, bed, or cod. That does not mean they will not roll over, pull faces, or fall, that is not only less admirable but tremendously scary. Who does want to snap their babies at the expense of their safety?

That is what makes hiring a newborn photographer who is professional and knows the techniques of handling delicate babies. Newborn photos are the only area where the photographer is responsible for everything. The well-being of the baby is the foremost priority of the newborn photographer.  The best part of hiring a newborn photographer is that as a parent, you get to work with the professionals as their assistant. Posing and laughing with the babies, you can hold them, put them to sleep or play with them to get that one super shot you can look at for hours when they grow up. 

Regardless of how much of help you are for a newborn photographer, it is his/her creativity and skills that will turn simple poses into stunning images. We at Localgrapher, in this regard, work with local photographers who have tons of experience in newborn photo creation.  Newborn photo sessions are not just their job but also their passion. With a casual approach, our newborn photographers aim to capture the natural images of babies.

If you are planning to capture some memorable shots of your little one, we have you covered here by adding all you need to know about newborn photo ideas, tips on what to wear, and how to choose the best photographer who will suit your needs and expectations.

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How to Prepare for a Newborn Photo Session?

If you have ever been into a family photo session before, you might have an idea of how nerve-racking it can get. From stopping kids not to move, perfect managing outfit to make everyone smile in the picture is a hell of a ride. When it comes to your newborn photo shoot, it might get little more hectic and cumbersome if you’re not well-prepared. You are a new mom who is sleep-deprived, tired, and still needs time to get used to newborn baby’s routine. This is explained well what makes you overwhelm and nervous before your baby’s first photo shoot. 

One of the best reasons for working with our local photographers is easy-going photography sessions. Our professional newborn photographers know how to keep their clients stress-free by guiding them on how to prepare for the new baby photo session. They help stressed moms feel calm and less helpless by organizing their tasks. 

Here is a quick checklist to help you keep your preparations on point.

Know That It Will Take Time

You might not consider it an important thing, but since you are already going through an emotional phase, you may feel newborn photoshoot long, tiring, and lingering. Since the models cannot act the way the photographer want, everything depends on the mood and timing of your little one. The minimum time of a newborn photo session is three hours, which might be a lot of time you’re invading from the baby’s space. It is always better to discuss the maximum duration of the photo shoot, and schedule it according to your baby’s nap time.

Get the Wardrobe of Your Baby Ready 

Of course, you want your newborn baby to get captured in all the cute outfits you have been collecting for nine months. Though putting on all the clothes is difficult, it is always better to discuss with your photographer to explore what is or what isn’t trending. For example, he/she will guide you which outfit will complement if you incorporate nursery and home. Or if you want a traditional portrait, it is better to go with a simple baby outfit rather than a vibrant that distracts the attention.

Discuss the Essentials with Newborn Photographer  

Apart from the outfits and settings, some other things are essential to discuss with the photographer. For example, he might ask you to;

  • Adjust the thermostat: turning up the heater in winters and turning off the AC in s summers so that   your baby can shoot comfortably
  • Bath and wrap the baby in his/her blanket with a diaper, so that photographer doesn’t have to undress of the baby fallen asleep. 
  • Be flexible with baby’s feeding sessions. Handling hungry baby during a photoshoot can be not only hectic for both mom and photographer but also cause unnecessary delays.
  • Do not overtire the by playing with him before the photo session. If your baby is overtired, he/she will have more trouble staying awake or falling asleep.
  • Preparation for outdoor Newborn Photoshoot

If you intend to plan your newborn photoshoot at the outdoor location, you need to do some extra preparations to keep everything hassle-free.   

  • Make sure you keep everything ready and prepared a night before the photo session. Try not to pack things in the morning before you leave; it might make things overwhelming and hectic.  
  • Stick to your routine feeding schedule unless your newborn photographer asks.  If the baby is awake, make sure he/she is happy and playing mood.
  • Try to keep things active and stimulating for the baby, but again avoid overtiring him/her. 
  • Most importantly, always keep an extra set of outfits. There might be multiple minor accidents during the newborn photoshoot and the last thing you want to rush back home to get the extra clothing.
  • Keep phone chargers, baby pacifiers, lotion, formula feed, water and another thing your baby or photographer might need with you. 

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What Should A Newborn Baby And Mom Wear To The Newborn Photo Shoot?

The key to keeping the dressing of you and your little bundle of joy on point is to plan in advance. Once the baby steps in the world, you are likely to be all occupied. Plus, you won’t be left with much energy to run to the stores or dig the closer for the perfect newborn photos.

As bizarre as it may sound, planning in advance also needs planning. And don’t worry if you have no idea how to go about it. Take a look at these ideas:

Wear a Maxy-Length Gown

The long dress doesn’t only look super flattering on new moms but also never go out of fashion. They beautifully elongate the shape of your body and looks exceptionally elegant when you hold your little bundle of joy, all wrapped in the same color blanket that you’re wearing.

Wear Neutral Colors

Black dress, despite the most slimming color, is the least flattering shade when it comes to photographing newborn photos. The dark colors may make your baby’s skin look rough and shadowy. So try light colors like cream, or white to illuminate not only your baby’s complexion but yours also.

Add Some Lace Details

Lace comes with a beautiful texture as it is lightweight and storytelling details in your newborn portrait. If it’s a baby girl, you can add colorful laces to her mini dresses to make a perfect outfit.

Lightweight Cardigans

Lightweight tops and cardigan look wonderful on new moms. Not only this, they’re super comfy! Choose one with floral patterns if your newborn is just in his/her diaper and posing with you.

Keep Your Baby’s Dressing Simple

Collared shirts and frilly dresses, although make babies look darling, they might get too much for a newborn photo session. They need high maintenance and may cause fuss as you need to pull up pants and straighten collars throughout the sessions. Basic onesie is, no doubt the best newborn outfit that looks beautiful and showcases the newborn’s body. You can always pair it up with basic accessories like headbands to make a statement.

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How Much Does A Newborn Photographer Cost?

This is one of the important questions that come to the parent’s mind when they plan a newborn photoshoot. You can request a price quote for a customized photoshoot HERE. The photoshoot includes the charges of pre-shoot consultation, photographer’s time, number of pictures photography equipment, post-editing, and other supplies if photoshoot is done in the studio.

Or you can choose from the four comprehensive packages that range from $250 to $500 for 30 to 100 minutes photoshoot. Enjoy the hi-resolution photos with two years back up.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer

From sharpening little details to fixing unwanted shadows, you need a professional newborn photographer. Hire a professional photographer for the following reasons, and you won’t regret your decision of hiring a professional photographer for locking in your little one’s cute poses.

Reason #1

Baby’s Safety

Remember that there is nothing more important than your baby’s safety. With a professional newborn photographer, you know that your precious treasure is in safe hands. Our local photographers understand the patience and level of care required making your baby feel secure as he /she is positioned into adorable poses.

Baby Photoshoot

Reason #2

Right Equipment

Capturing high-quality poses is only possible when you use the right equipment. A professional photographer uses the best equipment, cameras, techniques, lighting, newborn photography props, accessories, and software to maximize the quality of photos.

Baby Photo Ideas

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Reason #3

Photography Techniques

A professional photographer knows the techniques to pull off the perfect newborn photoshoot. He/she pays close attention to the minor details like the baby’s lip, hips, blankets, and lighting that an amateur can’t do.

Baby Photo Ideas

Reason #4

Professional Photo Gear

The years of experience are what set a professional newborn photographer apart from an amateur. He/she understands all the creative and technical aspects of professional photography, including camera setting, composition, positioning, and lighting.

Professional Baby Photos

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Reason #5

Unique Newborn Photo Ideas

The professional experience is also useful when it is about capturing the unique poses of your baby. A newborn photographer is full of newborn photo ideas that can make your family album stand out.

Newborn Photography

Reason #6

To Capture the Fleeting Moments

Your little one grows up in a blink of an eye. There is no other better way to hold on to their adorable infancy than framing their cute poses. And only a professional newborn photographer can do that perfectly.

Newborn Photoshoot

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Reason #7

Professional Editing

Professional newborn writers carefully re-touch all images. It corrects everything, such as skin issues, scratches, flaky, and peeling skin that may affect the quality of the photos.

Newborn Siblings Photo Ideas

Reason #8

Use the Right Props

The right newborn photography props can take the photoshoot to the next level. Professional photographers know which prop is right with certain outfits and locations. Hire them to add a style statement and the right props to your newborn photoshoot.

Creative Newborn Photos

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Reason #9

Stress-Free Photoshoot

In the newborn photoshoot, it is a newborn photographer who takes all the responsibility of handling and positioning your baby. You may assist him/her, but you have ample time to enjoy the cute photos of your little one without having to take the stress.

Newborn Photo Ideas

Reason #10

You Get the Best Product

Hiring a newborn photographer is one way to ensure that you will get the best final product. That means you will get the highest quality photos of your baby in terms of outfits, props, editing, color accuracy, and lighting.

Newborn Photo Ideas

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Overall, the only a professional newborn photographer is a person you can rely on when it comes to capturing your baby’s most adorable poses.

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