16. 8. 2019

20 Photoshoot Ideas Which Will Take Your Instagram Account to the Next Level

The absolute way to keep your followers engaged on social media is to post photos consistently. However, coming up with something new and creative is not always easy.  That means to inspire followers with unique photoshoots every day is a challenge. 

 It doesn’t mean that you should lose hope. With Localgraphers, you can capture and document your experiences and adventure through awesome Instagram photos. They are expert in incorporating beautiful designs and imagery when it comes to taking your Instagram photoshoot to the next level.

Take a look at these perfect tap-worthy photoshoot ideas.

Treding Photoshoot Ideas for Your Instagram Account

Tip #1

Make Yourself Comfortable

Take a start from the comfiest area of your home – your bedroom.  You might not have posted pictures of you lying down on the bed because it needs enough space for the photographer to make the post-work. To make the perfect pose, use your bed and a flower vase.  If it is sent by someone special, express your happiness by looking at it lovingly and let your personal photographer capture the moment. 

Photoshoot Ideas for Your Instagram Account

Tip #2

Add Some Style with Cotton Candy

The photoshoot idea might seem insane or childish unless you give it a go. All you need a stylish outfit, spectacular view, and a sweet treat to recreate this perfect shot. Let your photographer capture a girl enjoying and reliving her childhood with cotton candy. Believe us, you’ll have fun recreating this one.

Photoshoot Ideas for Your Instagram Account

Tip #3

Add Mirror

Using simple props like a mirror in the right way can create an unexpectedly excellent result. Make some stellar portrait photos by using a mirror. Another pro of using mirrors as one of your main photoshoot ideas is that you can see your surroundings with different dimensions. Only a professional photographer can help you experiment with various placements, styles, and lightings.

Photoshoot Ideas for Your Instagram Account

Tip #4

Play with Colorful Exposure

This one will surely leave your Instagram followers in awe. Use lighting exposure to capture something new and fresh.  The best way to do this is to use time-lapse with light exposure to create trails and effects. When capturing this light exposure in your photos, cut out other sources of light to keep your final image unaffected.

Photoshoot Ideas for Your Instagram Account

Tip #5

Take Photos in Diner

Vacationing in the USA? What can be better than channeling your 50’ vibes for a picture-perfect dine? Tiled floor, cute chairs, and neon lights, diners make an ideal backdrop for your Instagram posts.  Order a basket full of fries and get creative with your poses to click from different perspectives and angles.

Photoshoot Ideas for Your Instagram Account

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Tip #6

Mood Blind-folded

Feeling moody? Don’t worry; you can still post some unique Instagram images. Express whatever you are feeling with this Instagram post. All you need to do is to tie a blindfold and capture the pose.  Post these stunning photos with huge typography to depict your emotions. It’s personal, it’s trending, and you’ll leave the mark.

Instagram Photoshoot Ideas

Tip #7

Summer Love

Show your Instagram followers some summer love; especially if you’re on dream vacations in New Zealand, Argentina, and Chile. Let everyone embrace the colors and beauty of this season by posting your photos hiking down a grassy hill. Don’t forget to take your private photographer to capture the best photos and help you come up with the best photoshoot ideas for your account.

Instagram Photoshoot Ideas

Tip #8

Hot Drink and Campfire

Be spontaneous in your shots during vacations. Create a striking effect with this candid photoshoot featuring a hot cup of tea/coffee being poured over a crackling campfire. This one’s especially perfect for portrait photography.

Photography Tips Your Instagram Account

Tip #9

Underwater Instagram Photoshoot

Capture your summer fun activities with these wonderful underwater shots. Snap photos of you enjoying your dives and swims. Some adventurous clicks are enough to bring the likes flood in your posts.

Photography Tips Your Instagram Account

Tip #10

Give some Yoga Vibes

Never thought of posting your workout pictures?  A raging trend can inspire a lot of people to roll out mats and achieve their fitness goals. Don’t hesitate to get clicked while doing a yoga pose against a glass door, showing a backdrop of nature.

Photography Tips Your Instagram Account

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Tip #11

Show some Swag with Leather Boots

Put on your favorite leather boots and click an artsy photo of them against a natural backdrop.

Creative Photography for Your Social Media

Tip #12

Give Some Hang Out Vibes

Instagram is about giving your followers a sneak peek of your activities, so make sure you share your summer shenanigans with your gang.  Take shots featuring your group, hanging out your favorite places.

Sister Photoshoot Ideas for Your Instagram Account

Tip #13

Urban-Fashion Inspiration

Look for a graffiti wall and click Instagram-worthy photos of what you are wearing. Remember a confident pose will rock your outfit.

Creative Photography for Your Social Media

Tip #14

Be a Street Bee

Find a curb while making your travel diaries, sit, and snap yourself. Make it even more exciting by posing right next to a vintage car.

Portrait Photography for Your Instagram

Tip #15

Pose with Stairs

Stairs are a great way to incorporate symmetrical lines to your photoshoots, so why not snapping in a comfortable pose on the stairs.  Allow your private photographer to click photos from different angles to create a powerful impact.

Portrait Photography for Your Instagram

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Tip #16

Use colorful Props

No doubt holding colorful props like balloons or flowers make a wonderful post to add to your Instagram account.

Photoshoot Ideas for Your Instagram Account

Tip #17

Play with your Hair

Running hands through hair is a creative way to add angles to your Instagram feed; especially if it’s a windy day.

Photography Tips for Your Instagram Account

Tip #18

Crouch down and Rock your Pose

All you need is a colorful wall and a neat street to take this cool photo for your Instagram feed.  Make sure your personal photographer is sitting at your eye-level to shoot the photo from an upward angle.

Photography Tips for Your Instagram Account

Tip #19

Kicking a Leg Out

This may seem a funny pose, but it is a great way to give your photos some movement.  Plus, the dynamic photo will show off your stylish pair of shoes!

Photoshoot Ideas for Your Instagram Account

Tip #20

Show Your Accomplishments

The pose is for sharing your success on Instagram with your followers. Snap a photo from the back while climbing up the stairs, depicting your personal achievements and something to celebrate. It can also motivate and inspire your Instagram followers.

Bridal Photoshoot Ideas for Your Instagram Account

All in all, the given photoshoot ideas are great to connect with your followers on Instagram as they all help you reflect your personal style, personality, and mood. Don’t forget to hire a personal photographer to click fine and creative photos.

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