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Perfect Proposal Shoot in Granada, Spain

05. 1. 2019

Engagement photos are quickly gaining in popularity, but why not make it really special? What about having someone capture the exact instant of your proposal, creating beautiful images to treasure forever! This is exactly what happened for a happy couple in Granada, Spain.

Photographer in Granada

On Bended Knee

Granada is a city full of Islamic and Arab influences, as it was the last stronghold of the Spanish Moors. Located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada, Moorish influences can be seen everywhere, from the smells of spices coming from restaurants and stalls of street food, to the rounded arches of building doorways, to the teahouses, or teterías, of the Albayzín, the historic Arab quarter, not to mention the famous Alhambra – a magnificent Moorish castle and one of the finest Islamic buildings in all of Europe.

The city is also teeming with bars, student cafés, flamenco clubs and more, adding to its vibrant and multifaceted culture. But Granada also has some gorgeous green spaces, particularly the Carmen de Los
Martires – a peaceful oasis of disheveled 19th century gardens, which sprawl around a restored mansion south of the Alhambra. It was in these gardens that the Catholic Queen of Spain ordered the building of the first church in Granada at the top of the hill. It later became a much larger church and convent. When the convent was sold in the 1800s, the mansion was built with its gardens.

It was this noteworthy site that provided the backdrop for this lovely proposal shoot. The sun coming gently through the surrounding lush greenery and highlighting a nearby statue set the perfect stage for Samir’s proposal to his girlfriend of 5 years. With the help of professional photographer Juan, Samir was able to pull of his surprise without a hitch.

Photographer in Granada

Juan captured each and every moment as it happened. Samir’s girlfriend looked genuinely surprised and delighted as her soon-to-be-fiancé went down on one knee. Juan captured her joy as she was asked that all-important question. And, of course, he also caught the exact moment that she said “yes!”

Photographer in Granada

Request your secret proposal photo shoot in Granada now

Traditional engagement photo shoots do not typically catch a couple’s first reaction, since the actual moment has long since passed. But with a professional proposal shoot, photographers can take beautiful pictures of the precise moment when a couple becomes engaged, making the memory even more special.

Photographer in Granada

Photographer in Granada

The Newly Engaged Couple

In addition to the moment of proposal, Juan took several other photographs of Samir and his new fiancé in the beautiful garden, and with the view of Granada in the distance. The location was just perfect for a romantic evening. Juan used all of this to capture some truly special moments between the lovely couple.

Memories to Carry Forward

Samir and his fiancé can look back on their holiday in Granada and share these images with friends and the rest of their family. They might even use them for their upcoming wedding announcements!

Our professional photographers like Juan can suggest incredible locations for a variety of photo shoots even if you are away from home. They are often local experts and know the best and most unique spots for your professional images. All they want is to give their clients the best possible photo shoot experience, and memories to treasure forever.

Photographer in Granada

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