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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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100% Money Back Guarantee

We believe in our service and quality of our photos so much that we decided to offer a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for your photo shoot. If you don’t like your online gallery once we deliver it, you can contact us within 7 days and claim your money back. Find more details in our Terms.

Make the Most out of Your Jerusalem Shoot

Tip #1

The Best Time of Year to Visit Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel is a fascinating city to visit any time of year. Between the old markets, the old city, the Western Wall and the rich Israeli culture and delicious dining, you will certainly experience something special in this holy city. Almost all the seasons come with a religious holiday, that is almost always celebrated by eating large meals with traditional delights unique to each holiday.

While in Tel Aviv, you may be able to skip the holidays in the busy city, Jerusalem runs on a slower rhythm, where you can easily stroll through the city, admire the Jerusalem stone and participate in high and holy holidays throughout the year. Here’s what to expect during each season in Jerusalem, Israel, then you can decide when is the best season to hire a Jerusalem photographer for your trip!

Tip #2

Visiting Jerusalem in Summer

While summers in Jerusalem can get very hot during the day, there is almost always a cool breeze blowing through the city streets, if not during the day then certainly through the evening.

In the mornings, you can go out for a delicious Israeli breakfast in the many cafes near the City Center or down Emek Refaim Street, which has one great Israeli restaurant after the next. If the bright blue sky and the powerful sun is too much for you, then spend the afternoon in a hotel pool, either on a rooftop looking out onto the old city or behind the hotel protected from the sun with large beautiful trees.

In the evening you can go to the old train station, walk around and have a rich dinner full of tasty Mediterranean sweet fruits and vegetables. Then, of course, you will have to plan a day around the old city. You will certainly want to hire a professional photographer to capture you between the ancient city walls. They can send you your best photographs straight to your Instagram account while you’re surrounded by the three largest monotheistic religions of the world. 

Then you can stroll through the artist colony, which is just a few streets away from the old city and hire a family photographer for a magnificent photo shoot. During sunset hours, you can catch the sunset from a viewpoint that gives you a magnificent view over the artist colony finely decorated with beautiful flowers and the old city walls that are truly striking. If the heat gets too much for you then escape to the beaches of Tel Aviv or Haifa, which are only approximately two hours away by car. Or, head up north to the Golan, where you can enjoy the breezy mountains and navigate through historical sites.

Personal Photographer in Jerusalem, Israel

Tip #3

Visiting Jerusalem in Autumn

If you love mild heat and cool breezy nights, then Jerusalem in the Autumn is the place for you. The period from September through October is still very warm, with cool evenings for exploring the nightlife. Almost every restaurant has a terrace or rooftop, which means you can spend most of your time outdoors, especially since you will spend a hefty amount of time enjoying the Israeli cuisine flavored with nutty tahini dressings, creamy Israeli cheeses, and flavorful tomatoes and cucumbers.

Another Autumn surprise is all of the Jewish holidays, which are more or less unavoidable in Autumn. Though the Jewish calendar is a lunar one, the Jewish New Year generally falls out in mid-September. This holiday celebrates new and exotic fruits and you should go to the shuk (food market) to see exactly what we mean. 

Hire a personal photographer to photograph you during the holiday seasons. They can join you for a ceremonial meal where new fruits, especially pomegranates and lots of honey are served, or during the Jewish holiday known as, Succos, where everyone eats their meals outside in decorated huts. Some of the best photographers love to work during this season because the city is decorated in celebratory colors and there are many unusual activities to experience for the first time in this religious city.

Personal Photographer in Jerusalem, Israel

Tip #4

Visiting Jerusalem in Winter

Though you may not feel the winter here, there will certainly be some cold days rushing through the city walls. Make sure to pack warm clothing, but don’t overdo it, because the city is still much warmer than many other cities during the wintertime.

In the old city, you can visit the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where there are multiple rooms and chambers of religious practices from all over the world. This is certainly a moment to have a private photographer along with you, especially during the Christmas and New Year’s celebration. Even if you’re not a religious person, you can feel the power of the place and ceremony. Then you can visit the Dome of the Rock, whose dome you can spot from almost anywhere in Jerusalem. Exit through Damascus Gate and discover East Jerusalem, where some say, the best hummus in Jerusalem can be tasted. 

If the weather is too cold for you then you can spend the day exploring the diverse museums glorifying art and culture. Go to the Israel Museum for incredible modern art, the Tower of David,  the Museum of Islamic Art, or the Archeological Museum. When you’re done, enjoy a glass (or bottle) of Israeli wine, which goes deliciously well with a side of Israeli olives. And though it may feel relatively cold, all the terraces are strategically heated with large outdoor heaters and blankets so you can continue to enjoy your delicious cake, coffee, or falafel while sitting under the clear sky of Jerusalem. This season may be the best moment to catch an affordable photographer to photograph your unique experience in Jerusalem, Israel. 

Personal Photographer in Jerusalem, Israel

Tip #5

Visiting Jerusalem in Spring

Jerusalem in the spring truly blooms and blossoms. The city quickly warms up, and the locals don’t waste any time enjoying the outdoor temperatures. The cafes and bars quickly fill up, especially the tables outside during brunch and dinner hours. If you’re planning a proposal or celebrating an engagement, hire a photographer to capture your very special moment during the sunset hours over the romantic city of Jerusalem.

You can spend all day in the parks, pools or playgrounds, depending on how long your trip is in Jerusalem. There are flowers planted all over the city, so you won’t be able to miss what’s in bloom, if you don’t see it you will certainly smell it. 

And, let’s not forget about the religious holidays lifting the spirits of tourists and locals alike. During Easter, you can visit the old city, the Church of All Nations and the Tomb of the Virgin Mary. Then you can go to the shuk (market) to explore all of the new fruits bursting with color in the chaos of food and delights. Many of the locals will be preparing for the week-long Passover, which means food without the seven grains, a lot of wine, and prayer for some. Joining a Jewish Seder in Jerusalem may be a once in a lifetime experience and shouldn’t be overlooked if you want to get a true feel for the Jewish traditions. Book a Jerusalem Photographer HERE to capture the highlights of your trip to Israel!  

Personal Photographer in Jerusalem, Israel

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