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Maternity Photo Shoot in Los Angeles, California

13. 11. 2018

Lagra is expecting a child; she wanted to have some photos taken of her “bump” to mark this very special occasion. So much attention is given, joyfully of course, to the wonderful bundle when he or she arrives. But it is so nice to have some professional photos taken of mom as she blooms and glows, relishing every moment of this incredible time of her life. To do so, Lagra enlisted the help of our professional photographer Brian to take care of her maternity photo shoot.

Photographer in Los Angeles

Beautiful Mother Nature

Los Angeles is known for being a sprawling, traffic-snarled city in California; the words “quiet and peaceful” do not exactly jump to mind. But it also has some secluded and gorgeous beaches nearby, if you know where to look. Laguna Beach is one such place, and it is here that Lagra had her photographs taken.

Photographer in Los Angeles

Laguna’s main beach features tidal pools and a boardwalk. The ocean off of Crystal Cove State Park has been designated as an underwater park, and trails meander all around this area through its coastal canyons.

There are many exquisite homes in this area, some of which can be seen in the background of Lagra’s images, but the most interesting feature is the stone tower at Victoria Beach. Reminiscent of Rapunzel’s fairy tale tower, the tall structure juts out from the sand right next to a neighboring cliff. Locally it is known as the “pirate tower,” and was built by a retired naval captain, Harold Kendrick – himself a lifelong pirate aficionado. The tower, at over 60 feet tall, and the surrounding cliffs provide the perfect backdrop for Lagra’s maternity shoot.

Photographer in Los Angeles

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Beautiful Mom-to-Be

It is especially nice to have something like a maternity shoot done in nature, away from a hot studio filled with props. When the new baby arrives, life changes, drastically and quickly. It is easy to forget the quiet, peaceful, and miraculous time of one’s pregnancy, so it’s a wonderful idea to capture it with a professional photographer. There’s no need to feel self-conscious during a maternity shoot – your body is doing what it is designed to do. Show it off!

Dressed in a cobalt blue off-the-shoulder dress, Lagra is the essence of maternal beauty. Her gorgeous “bump” is not hidden, but proudly shown in the images; she is a mom-to-be, and simply glowing. Standing in tidal pools, she looks strong and happy, at one with nature.

Photographer in Los Angeles

Brian took many images of the Lagra on the beach, from various angles and showcasing the many views in the area. Playfully, Lagra holds a sign in several of the images, detailing how old the baby is at the time, and what is happening in her pregnancy, including cravings. It is a fun, good-humored shoot, and it shows.

Photographer in Los Angeles

Before the Bundle Appears

Our professional photographers can provide the best locations for all kinds of photo sessions, including maternity shoots, as they are experts in what they do, and it shows. They want to give each of their clients the best possible experience, and great memories to last a lifetime.

Lagra can enjoy these professional photos every day, even when she’s sleep deprived with her new baby in 2019! And she can show her baby just how excited she was to be expecting.

Photographer in Los Angeles

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