22. 7. 2019

15+ Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas You Didn’t Know About

Giddiness, amazing changes, and excitement – whether first or third – pregnancy is not less than a roller coaster of emotions.  Although this journey is physically exhausting for women, the idea of pregnancy photoshoot can fill them with excitement.

Generally, weeks 28 to 32 are considered the ideal time to show off that endearing baby bump. But timing is not the only thing that is important when it comes to pulling off a stunning maternity photoshoot. You need unique ideas that not only make your pregnancy photoshoot stand out but also offer something to cherish forever. 

Don’t worry if this is the first time you‘re planning to do a pregnancy photoshoot, we, at Localgrapher are here to make it insanely creative maternity photos.  Let’s give it a go!

The Most Amazing Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas 

Tip #1

Have Fun with Floral Dress

This pregnancy photoshoot isn’t just about wearing a floral headband and flaunt with your baby bump. But it is more about creating a moment with a flowing dress that has a dreamy long trail. When floral dress sweeps up in the air, it, without a doubt creates a powerful image of a super mom.  The pictures will come out best if you’re at least 40-weeks pregnant.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas


Tip #2

Hit the Street

If you don’t want to get clicked curling up on the bed or couch, then go out and have some industrial feel of local streets. All you need is to trust your professional photographer to capture urban chic poses and add a textured backdrop to it.  Our qualified Localgraphers know how delicately a mom-to-be should be handled.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas

Tip #3

Bring a Homely Feel

Although your posed pregnancy photos look super-glamorous, you always have an option to add an intimate feel to it just by setting up the photoshoot in your home.  What can be cozy, casual than capturing your emotional moments in the comfort of your house?

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas

Tip #4

Let the Baby Meet His/Her Siblings and Family

It might sound not -oh-so-unique idea to you, but this photo idea is too cute to be excluded from your pregnancy photoshoot.  If it is your second or third pregnancy, let your older kiddos formerly introduce themselves to the on-the-board baby by capturing the moments.  After all, it is not only you who is excited to meet the new baby! Plus, this pregnancy photoshoot can be later added to your family portrait.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas

Tip #5

Letter Board with a Cute Caption

What about adding a playful element to your pregnancy photoshoot with a little letter board?  One of the unique ideas, it is all the rage on social media and we can totally understand why.  It is undeniably an adorable idea to write snarky messages and share them with friends and family.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas

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Tip #6

Capture Your Swollen Tummy from Different Angles

Show off all those beautiful curves by photographing your baby bump from various angles. Hiring a professional photographer is the best idea to capture the remarkable changes in your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas

Tip #7

Keep It Humorous and Fun

Not all pregnancy photos need to be romantic and serene.  That means you can capture your pregnancy in a humorous way.  Make it simple yet incredibly funny by just holding your baby bump and adding a caption “About to Pop”. Discuss more interesting ideas with your private photographer and go for something different.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas

Tip #8

Head Underwater

No need to feel overwhelmed by the idea, it is completely save and surely one of those you didn’t hear about before. You can opt for this pregnancy photoshoot; especially if you‘re a good swimmer. Photograph your baby bump underwater.  The reflection and distortion are what makes it look cool and unique.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas


Tip #9

Get Some Baby Gear

No doubt the right pregnancy prop can take your photos to the next level. Dig through the exciting baby stuff or use some you’ve been stocking up.  Incorporate toys, clothes, books and everything you feel will add feel to your pregnancy photoshoot.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas

Tip #10

Try Greenhouse Effects

Go all-natural with this amazing greenhouse pregnancy photoshoot. Click amidst of lively plants and use the greenhouse as camouflage if outdoor photoshoot seems difficult.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas


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Tip #11

Pose with a Graffiti wall

What a great way it is to add tons of colors into one simple picture.  Graffiti walls with eye-catching street art and urban murals are easy to find. Steal this wonderful idea for your pregnancy shoot.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas

Tip #12

Embrace Rainbow Colors

The idea is incredibly unique and typically for the moms-to-be who have experienced a loss. This is the best way to pay homage to the lost baby who never made it to the world. Colored smoke at your background shows your bravery and celebration of a new arrival.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas


Tip #13

Go all-natural

You can celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of a nude body in numerous tasteful ways. A well-placed hand and a lacey robe can best capture the maternity photos.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas


Tip #14

Get Some Traditional Attire

Lend some artistic air in your pregnancy photoshoot by working some traditional clothing into it.  Not do they only add a meaningful nod to a cultural background but also vibrancy to your pregnancy photoshoot.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas

Tip #15

Show some Sports Man Spirit

Sports enthusiast?  Don’t hesitate to show your passion for sports through your pregnancy photoshoot. Buy some cute baby-size jerseys and make poses with it.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas


Tip #16

Have a Good Soak

This is one of the trendy pregnancy photos. Float in a milk bath, surrounded by beautiful and delicate petals. Your personal photographer can add life to it by capturing it in the most magical way you have ever imagined.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas

Tip #17

Earth-Mama Essence

This pregnancy photoshoot is the best way to seize all your natural earth-mama instincts. Shoot at a fruit grove nearby you and make your maternity photoshoot look extraordinary.

Pregnancy Photoshoot Ideas

Request your pregnancy photo shoot now

All in all, maternity sessions are a great and intimate way to build a long-lasting relationship with your baby.  Allow your Localgrapher to help you strengthen your bond with your little one while he/she is still in your tummy with a perfect pregnancy photoshoot.

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