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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Maternity Photoshoot

Whether it is to celebrate growing family or you want to preserve the memorable moments of your pregnancy, maternity photoshoot is the best way to do it. Capturing the fantastical journey of becoming a parent is not only exciting but also allows parents to experience something out of the world. It helps them create a connection with a soul that is yet to step into the world. Maternity photos are not less than a celebration that parents do in anticipation of their new family member. The initial bond that parents create with their child during a maternity photography session is priceless.

Not only this, very few expecting moms feel like they are beautiful during their pregnancy phase. It is simply because they go through a lot, including massive hormone changes, swollen feet, and mood swings. In short, dealing with all these side effects, and nourishing and protecting the baby at the same time is undeniably a daunting task.

Maternity photo shoot is one way to embrace all these changes and feel the bliss of motherhood. It is the best way to make an expectant woman feel that carrying a human being inside is one of the beautiful parts of life. The unique photos are a great gift to give to your child as the symbol of your first ever memories with them.

In addition to that, a maternity shoot captures the week-by-week transformation of your body, along with the changing feelings of excitement and anticipation. However, that does not mean that you should do the maternity shoot yourself. Classic maternity photos require careful planning and execution. Both the mother and her to-be-born are delicate and should not feel stress or posed.

Here is when you need a professional photographer who either specializes in maternity photography or has tons of relevant experience in the field. At Localgrapher, in this regard, we have a team of competent local photographers who are not only full of maternity photo shoot ideas but also knows how to capture the perfect photos of mom-to-be who is not feeling glamorous and elegant.

If you‘re looking for some amazing ideas to turn your maternity into memorable moments, here is what you need to know.

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What to Wear For Maternity Photoshoot?

Women are always indecisive when it comes to choosing the outfit for a photoshoot or an event. In addition, when it is about maternity photoshoot, confusion and frustration are acceptable. There is a surge of crazy hormones when you are pregnant, and that can make everything incredibly stressful and overwhelming.

If you can relate to this, do not let your stress take a toll on you and try out these ideas for your maternity dresses for an intimate photoshoot.

Flowy Maxi

Long, comfy, and loose, there is no need to even get into the details why maxi makes the best maternity photo shoot outfits. Remember that comfort is a key to capture stress-free photos of an expecting mother, and if you are wearing something difficult to carry, you will not be able to enjoy your maternity photoshoot.

Maxi looks wonderful on the pregnant body, taking the shape of baby bump perfectly. It helps you hide the marks, baby fat, or any other thing that you feel is unappealing while showing what’s important. The flowing fabric of a maxi looks spectacular in the wind as it creates a great movement in your still photo.

A Belt

You might have never thought of wearing a belt during your pregnancy, but trust us; it is one of the unique ideas. Excellently accentuating your body, a metal belt on the top of your belly looks great in the pictures. It perfectly pulls in the loose piece of cloth and defines your waistline and belly. Belt goes with all maternity photoshoot dress and is a cuter accessory to add to your pregnancy wardrobe.

Bodycon Dresses

If you feel comfortable wearing bodycon dresses, you can easily show off your gorgeous curves. No doubt, bodycon dresses look stunning on expecting mothers as they define the shape of the pregnant body.

Wear Solid Colors

Your little bundle of joy will add true colors to your life. What can be better than showing the reflection of this by wearing some solid maternity photoshoot dresses? Wearing maternity outfits with print or pattern can drift the attention from your adorable baby bump. You can incorporate some fun accessories like scarves or necklaces to make your photoshoot even more impactful.

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How to Pose For a Maternity Photoshoot

Pregnant belly and flattering mama make the ideal maternity photoshoot poses. Although all body types are different, and women can show off their baby bump in countless ways, there are some go-to angles and poses you as a pregnant mommy can try.

Hands-On Your Belly

The pose is universal, and almost all moms-to-be love to do it. Touching or covering your belly lovingly with the hand is one way to draw attention towards the baby. Although this simple pose does not require much posing, your maternity photographer can mix it up with different hand movements that work with the pose.

Up High

It is one of the creative poses you can try with your partner. You can flatter your baby bump by lying down on the blanket or quilt and placing hands of you and your partner on the protruding belly. Let your maternity photographer snap you from the height, focusing on the baby.

Look Down At Your Belly

After all, it is all about the new arrival of your family. Why not take a candid shot looking down at your belly? Moreover, imagining a cute, tiny face looking up at you is the best way to bring an instant smile on your face. Make sure you tilt your head at the right angle. Otherwise, it may not only look unnatural but also create your double chin.

Get Close To Your Partner

Your baby is going to strengthen the love between you and your partner. Showing that through maternity photography is no doubt a unique way. Come close to each and squeeze all air out between you two. Let the dad-to-be touch your belly and get clicked with full-body, half body and lots of close-ups of both of you.

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Which Month Of Pregnancy Is The Best To Do Maternity Photoshoot At?

Maternity photoshoot is different from another type of photography. It needs proper scheduling to figure out the right pregnancy month to capture the baby bump in full shape.

According to expert maternity photographers, seventh and eighth months of pregnancy are the best time to do the maternity photo shoot. By eight months, your baby is 36 to 40 weeks old and develops enough to give your belly a nice round shape, which is perfect for a maternity photoshoot.

Ideally, your baby should be 30 weeks old to have good pregnancy photoshoot session. It is worth noting here that having your maternity photoshoot after the eighth month might be a little uncomfortable. Standing in one position or taking photos for hours when belly feels heavy is stressful and hectic for the moms-to-be.

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Which Props and Quotes to Include In a Maternity Photoshoot?

Never underestimate the value of maternity Photoshop props when it is about locking some oh-so-adorable pregnancy pictures. Whether it a sonogram of your soon-to-be arrival teensy-tiny romper, it can create a powerful and impactful focal point. Take a look at some of the awe-inspiring ideas.

Tiny Shoes

You are in your shoes in the picture, why not your tiny one should wear them. Play with this perspective here and get clicked with the cutest pair of baby shoes that matches yours. The tiny pair of shoes will be enough to grab the attention in the picture.

A Cute Bear

Stuffed animals make the perfect maternity photoshoot props. Hold the hands of a small, cute bear and walk with it as if you are walking with your baby. It will make a wonderful moment to capture.

Share the Due Date

The idea of sharing the date when the baby is due to come into the world will never get out of fashion. All you need is a small boat and colorful chalk to declare the date of your little one’s arrival. Hold the sign boat and your baby bump and let your local photographer seize the moment forever.

Show Your Creativity through Sign

Get a little naughty to share this big news to the world. Hug your partner and hold a sign with a caption saying “Extra-Special Delivery.” You can get it printed on the onesie-shaped sign to make it more adorable.

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5 Reasons Why to Do a Maternity Photoshoot

The arrival of your most precious possession is worth enough to capture and preserve. No matter you are giving birth first time or third time, your pregnancy is the call of celebration. Moreover, there is no better way to celebrate than getting a maternity photoshoot done. If you‘re still skeptical about your maternity photoshoot, check out the following reasons.

Reason #1

To Get Creative Maternity Photos

Maternity photography is all about creativity. The innovative photos of your baby bump or your family cherishing the moment will be the best family memories. The inventiveness of maternity pictures makes your pregnancy journey different from others.

Since our local photographers are experts in maternity photography, they can guide you on interesting maternity photoshoot outfits as well as stunning locations and props. Remember, a professional photographer is always in a good capacity to advise you on unique trends, and creativity.

Professional Maternity Photography

Reason #2

Celebrate Pregnancy

The news of new arrival in the family is undeniably something to celebrate. Many moms-to-be consider documenting their pregnancy is an excellent way to celebrate the news no matter how hard does stretching or bulging feels during a photoshoot.

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Reason #3

Reveal Gender through Maternity Photos

Looking for an innovative idea to reveal the gender of your baby? Use your maternity photoshoot to share the big news with the family.

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Reason #4

To Capture Your Body Transformation

Capturing body transformation from a flat belly to adorable round one is a raging trend nowadays. A lot of mom-to-bes love to capture their growing belly to preserve the special time when a little one is growing inside.

Professional Maternity Photos

Reason #5

Worth the Time and Cost

Hiring maternity photographers for taking your pregnancy pictures is no doubt worth the time and cost. They will help you make an exceptional family portfolio by taking some great pictures of your most beautiful journey of motherhood.

Pregnancy Photo Shoot Outfits

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Preparing for a baby to arrive is stressful, but a maternity photography session is a great way to ease this stress. It serves as a reminder of your beautiful belly and a journey that you will cherish for a long time.

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