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Fun and Cheeky Solo Travel Photo Shoot in Tallinn

07. 1. 2019

Travelling alone can be fun and completely liberating. There’s no one to argue with over where to eat, what to see, where to go. The problem, however, is that it can be really hard to take great photographs of your solo trip without resorting to an awkward selfie stick.

Photographer in Tallinn

Solo in Estonia

Jo was travelling around Estonia, and stopped in the city of Tallinn. The nation’s capital, Tallinn sits on the edge of the Baltic Sea and is the country’s cultural hub. Unlike some of the other more popular, busier cities in Europe, Tallinn is lively but peaceful, and amazingly photogenic. It is positively teeming with history, from ancient churches to medieval streets and houses. Some parts look as though they were built by Disney, not during the Middle Ages. The Old Town, listed by UNESCO, Tallinn remains one of Europe’s completely walled cities. Add to this the fantastic restaurants and cafés, and it’s a recipe for a traveller’s dream, whether exploring alone or with someone else.

Photographer in Tallinn

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It was in this gorgeous, fairy-tale town where Jo wanted to have some of her holiday captured professionally. Tired of taking selfies, she enlisted the help of Marit to photograph her time in Tallinn.

Wearing an adorable off-white dress with red embroidery that perfectly mimicked the red and white of the town’s architecture, Marit used Tallinn’s gorgeous old town square and pair of rounded towers to full advantage. Dating from as early as the 13th century, the famous town square provided the perfect backdrop for Jo’s holiday photographs. Marit skillfully used the soft, pale stone of the surrounding buildings, combined with colourful awnings and windows, to shoot unique and memorable images that Jo will be able to treasure for a lifetime.

Photographer in Tallinn

Photographer in Tallinn

One of the best images is of Jo, in her red parka, beside a shop window, also trimmed in red. The shop bristles with eastern European Mastroska dolls, and Jo’s smile shows just how happy she is to be exploring Tallinn.

Photographer in Tallinn

Fun, and a Little Bit Cheeky!

Jo knew that she wanted images that would show her personal expression and personality, and Marit did a fantastic job of capturing Jo perfectly. Marit created a wonderful match between the beautiful setting of Tallinn and Jo’s own delightful personality, setting these apart from standard holiday snaps. The photographs are so good they could easily be from a magazine. And they’re definitely Instagram worthy!

Photographer in Tallinn

Unlike when we usually travel, hiring a professional vacation photographer like Marit to take some images means that you, like Jo, can enjoy having high quality professional photographs of your trip without having to try to take them yourself,
making it all the more special and unique. There’s nothing worse than asking a stranger to take your photo, and then getting back an uninteresting, blurry image. You will not have the same touristy images as everyone else; they will be well focused, interesting and special – just like your trip.

Photographer in Tallinn

What is more, professional photographers such as Marit can suggest interesting, different and less known locations for a variety of photo shoots. They are often local experts and know the best and most unique spots for your professional images. They endeavor to give clients memories to treasure forever through the best photo shoot experience.

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