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Photographing of Celebrating Anniversary in Boston, Massachusetts

03. 1. 2019

We often don’t hesitate to have professional photos taken of the big moments in our lives: engagements, weddings, births of our children, major milestones like silver and gold anniversaries. But what about “just because?” What about those anniversaries that aren’t “significant” but are still important to us?

Photographer in Boston

Happily Ever After, 8 Years On

Kristy and her husband have been married for 8 years. They were celebrating their anniversary with a trip to Boston – somewhere neither of them had ever been. And they wanted to capture their trip with some professional photos, so they asked Jacqueline, our professional photographer, to help them out.

Photographer in Boston

Photographer in Boston

Boston is full of history. Founded in 1630, this capital of Massachusetts is one of the oldest cities in the US and has fantastic political, sporting and cultural histories. Fans of Boston teams are extremely passionate, whether for baseball’s Red Sox, football’s Patriots, or basketball’s Celtics. There’s also the famous Boston Marathon, and the world’s largest two-day rowing event, the Head of the Charles.

The city teems with galleries, museums, concert halls and libraries. And world-class restaurants serve some of the finest seafood you’ll find in the US at their tables. As such an old American city, it is hard to turn a corner without seeing yet another historic venue. The Freedom Trail runs through the city, and connects 16 different sites, from the first public school in the US to Boston’s oldest church.

Photographer in Boston

Photographing History

It was this historical aspect of Boston that Kristy wanted to see in her photographs, especially along the famous Acorn Street. This little street – one of the most photographed areas in Boston – is located in historic Beacon Hill. Walking through this area is like stepping into a time machine. Beacon Hill is a residential area that has kept most of its Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian architecture throughout the years. Acorn Street – only 1 block long – still has beautiful original cobbles, with brick sidewalks, and it is a perfect spot, with its gentle slope, for a photo shoot.

Photographer in Boston

Request your anniversary photo shoot in Boston now

Jacqueline took many photos of the couple along Acorn Street, but didn’t restrict the shoot to one location. She photographed Kristy and her husband – wearing a Red Sox cap, of course! – along other streets of Boston, as well as in a nearby park with beautiful fall foliage and Frog Pond. The overcast fall sky was no problem for Jacqueline, and ensured that there were no harsh shadows. Despite the obvious chill in the air, the photographs are warm. Dressed casually, Kristy and her husband can be see walking through Boston, posing in the park, and simply enjoying their anniversary photo shoot together.

It is clear that, after 8 years of marriage, they are comfortable with each other in a way only couples that have been together for a while can be. They are happy and still very much in love.

Photographer in Boston

Photographer in Boston

Memories for Many More Years to Come

Kristy and her husband can look back fondly on their time in Boston with these beautiful photographs, which can be displayed proudly alongside their other family photographs. Our professional photographers like Jacqueline can suggest the best locations for a variety of photo shoots, as they are often local experts. Their aim it to give their clients the ultimate photography experience, and memories to treasure.

Photographer in Boston

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