Everything You Wanted to Know about Anniversary Photography

The wedding anniversary celebration is one way to show that your marriage is the priority of your life. It gives life partners a great opportunity to pull back all the beautiful memories and relive the moments that changed their lives forever. 

The way you celebrate the occasion reflects how much you value the relationship you share with your partner. In addition to that, wedding anniversaries are the ideal time to cherish the time you have spent together. It is like reminiscing and honoring “togetherness.”

That is to say, celebrating wedding anniversaries is like paying tribute to the emotions you have carried over for years. Anniversaries are the point when you cross a threshold in your relationship where it doesn’t matter how you look or how much you earn.

Since an anniversary elicits mixed emotions, there is always pressure to celebrate it differently or to do something wonderful. Although going on a dinner date or regrouping family and friends makes a great way to mark the date, wedded couples are often in the pursuit of new ideas to celebrate. And an anniversary photoshoot is undeniably a brilliant idea to rejoice the years of companionship.

Gone are those days when people used to hire photographers for ceremonies like wedding or engagements only. Wedding anniversary photos have become a raging trend nowadays. The good news is that you can hire a wedding anniversary photographer to click some amazing pictures no matter where you live. A wedding anniversary photographer is a skilled professional who knows how to make your day worth remembering. 

If your wedding anniversary is around the corner and you are looking for a qualified wedding anniversary photographer, there can’t be a better choice than choosing one of our professional photographers. We work with a team of expert photographers who excel in different genres of photography. From classic anniversary photography poses to the best photoshoot location, we can help you with everything. Let’s delve into the details to explore how you can make your special day even more special.

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What are the Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year?

Whether you are approaching your first anniversary or going to hit the decade of rich life together, celebrating the wedding milestone is important. Interestingly, the idea of wedding anniversary gifts is diverse, and you can do a lot of experimentation, depending on what your loved likes the most. You can link each year of your marriage with a new gift idea.

Check out these amazing ideas that you can surprise your partner with. Each idea represents the length of time you’ve been married and symbolizes the year of your anniversary.

Year #1

First Anniversary

It is just the first-year, which means you still have a long way to go together. Your marital life is like a clean slate, and you can write the story of your new beginning. Considering this, you can gift your life partner monogrammed stationery, a signed book of his favorite author or maybe a ticket to a concert. Don’t forget to take tons of wedding anniversary pictures on the most special occasion by booking a professional local photographer – your anniversary photos expert.

Anniversary Photography

Year #2

Second Anniversary

Gift your better half something made of cottons such as monogrammed towel, bathrobe or a customized pillow. Cotton is considerably durable and can easily intertwine our lives. You can also gift him an engraved mug with a beautiful quote.

Anniversary Photography

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Year #3

Third Anniversary

A wallet or a leather belt will make the perfect gift for your third-anniversary occasion. This gift symbolizes the protection and security that marriage offers. Buy him a pair of glasses if your husband is fond of wearing stylish accessories.

Anniversary Photography

Year #5

Fifth Anniversary

By the fifth anniversary, the strength of your relationship is established. To honor this wisdom, gift him something like a wooden rocking chair or an engraved flask that symbolizes the same strength of your relationship.

Anniversary Photography

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Year #7

Seventh Anniversary

You’re near to complete a decade; your wedding anniversary gift must reflect the warmth, safety, and comfort that have laid a strong foundation of your marriage. A mule mug or a copper desk set can be an ideal gift for your seventh wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Photography

Year #10

Tenth Anniversary

Congratulation! You have made it to the first decade of your companionship. You have fought battles, protected each other and proven that love is unconditional. Celebrate your tenth wedding anniversary by gifting your partner a wedding anniversary photoshoot, along with diamond-studded cufflinks.

Anniversary Photoshoot

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Year #20

Twentieth Anniversary

Another milestone in your marriage has been completed. Don’t take this reminder for granted and celebrate it by gifting your loved a vacation trip. Your kids are old enough now and can take care of themselves. Go on a tour to Paris “A City of Love” and make more memories. And the best way to do it is to hire a wedding anniversary photographer.

Anniversary Photography

Year #25/50

25th or 50th Anniversary

Both years are supremely important in your wedding journey. Remember the value of your marriage and celebrate like a newly wedded couple. Gift your loved one with a prized possession such as a gold tie clip or a watch. A wedding anniversary photoshoot is a must part of your celebration. Our photographers are full of wedding anniversary photography ideas.

Anniversary Photography

What to Wear for a Wedding Anniversary Photo Session?

So, your wedding anniversary photography is planned, and you are not sure what to wear. Don’t worry as we have compiled a list of some recommended looks that couples can have for their anniversary photo session.

Look #1

Keep It Casual

Most of the couples like to choose separate outfits for the photography session. Since photography sessions might get long, it is always better to go with something that is comfortable, casual and relaxed.
For instance, a pair of denim jeans, shorts or a cute blouse with mono-color t-shirts will not only be comfortable but also, allow you to jump, and move with your partner.

Anniversary Photoshoot

Look #2

Maxi Dresses for 1st or 10th Anniversaries

Most of the couples like to choose separate outfits for the photography session. Since photography sessions might get long, it is always better to go with something that is comfortable, casual and relaxed.
For instance, a pair of denim jeans, shorts or a cute blouse with mono-color t-shirts will not only be comfortable but also, allow you to jump, and move with your partner.

Anniversary Photoshoot

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Look #3


As the name implies, the idea is all about wearing matching outfits. But matching here doesn’t mean the same outfits. Wearing all khakis or all blacks is bit out-dated now. Couples rather prefer wearing prints, patterns, and colors that complement each other make cohesive pictures.

For example, if you choose to a slightly patterned floral blue color blouse, make your husband wear a gray polo shirt. The idea here is to mix pattern with solid colors to add a unique and flattering combination.

Anniversary Couple Photoshoot

Look #4

Neutral Colors

Most of the couples like to choose separate outfits for the photography session. Since photography sessions might get long, it is always better to go with something that is comfortable, casual and relaxed.

For instance, a pair of denim jeans, shorts or a cute blouse with mono-color t-shirts will not only be comfortable but also, allow you to jump, and move with your partner.

Anniversary Photoshoot

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Which Props and Quotes to Include in a Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot?

A wedding anniversary photoshoot can turn into a fun blast with a small quote or a quirky prop. Hilarious to romantic, you can shape it the way you want and post the photos on your Instagram story. Use these superlatively admirable ideas for wedding anniversary photoshoot props and quotes.

Inspiration #1

“Want to Grow Old with You”

Imagine receiving this heartfelt quote on your first wedding anniversary. It surely has many emotions and lots of love for your partner. Why not incorporate this idea into your wedding anniversary photoshoot? It will definitely touch your feelings when you look back to your photos.

Anniversary Photoshoot

Inspiration #2

Musical Instruments

Try this idea on your wedding anniversary photoshoot to add a little element of fun. Whether it is a guitar, saxophone or violin, musical instruments make for a romantic photoshoot prop.

Anniversary Photoshoot on the Beach

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Inspiration #3


No matter what year of marriage you are celebrating, colorful balloons make the wonderful props for a wedding anniversary photoshoot. Their vividness is what adds life to the still images.

Anniversary Photoshoot

Inspiration #4

“It Gets Better with Age.”

It is another deep and meaningful message to convey to your partner to let him know how much you value his presence in your life. The quote is perfect when you have spent a passage of time together.

Anniversary Photoshoot

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10 Reasons to Hire a Photographer for Your Wedding Anniversary

Although anniversary itself is a call of celebration if you think you need some more reasons to capture your celebration, keep reading.

Reason #1

To Make Memories Permanent

This is undeniably the most important reason to hire a photographer for your wedding anniversaries. A professional is way more reasonable than one can think. He/she doesn’t only snap your pictures but make permanent memories.

Outdoor Anniversary Photo Session in Autumn

Reason #2

To Capture the Moments Perfectly

Wedding anniversary photographers are the ones you can count on for the perfect pictures. They capture the moments and know how to make a story by using the still images. Hiring a photographer for your wedding anniversaries can be the best gift you can gift to your partner.

Anniversary Photo Session

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Reason #3

For Locking in Candid Moments

Time flies when you two are in a celebration mood. If you really not fond of an idea of having a staged wedding anniversary photography session, you can ask your localgrapher to click some candid poses. You don’t need to pose as your wedding anniversary photographer will expertly capture your candid poses.

Anniversary Photo Session

Reason #4

To Share Your Wedding Journey with the World

You have been a precedent of love and commitment all these years. Don’t hesitate to share this with the world. One way to do is to hire a photographer for your wedding anniversary photoshoot. Get clicked to share with the world.

Anniversary Photo Session

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Reason #5

Because a Pro is a Pro

No one can do a better job than a professional who knows photography from in and out. Wedding anniversary photo shoots are trending, and people love being shot with their partners at different locations. A pro photographer knows the right photography techniques to improve the quality of the pictures.

Anniversary Photo Session

Reason #6

For Outdoor Vacation Photoshoot

This reason doesn’t need an explanation. How can you miss out on a wedding anniversary photoshoot when you are on an outdoor vacation? Let the world know how strong and powerful your bond is by clicking romantic wedding anniversary poses around scenic places.

Anniversary Photo Session

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Reason #7

To Relive Your Wedding Moments

A wedding anniversary photoshoot is a great way to relive all those moments when you began your life together. It is one way to keep that spark of love lit between you two.

Anniversary Photo Session

Reason #8

To Keep It Affordable

If the reasons mentioned above are not enough to convince you why wedding anniversary photographers are worth hiring, then know that it is quite affordable. Hiring a professional photographer through our website will not cost you more than 500$. The amount is worth paying to make some long-lasting memories.

Anniversary Photo Session

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Reason #9

To Express Your Love to Your Partner

No doubt time fades the memories as you grind in the daily routine. If you think you do not give enough time to your partner due to your other responsibilities, it is high time to express your love to your partner. Plan a wedding anniversary photoshoot and spend a day with your partner, showing him how much you love him.

Anniversary Photo Session

Reason #10

To Complete Your Family Album

Family photo albums are the great keepsake, and most people realize that as they get old. Imagine seeing the wedding anniversary pictures of your 5th memory on your 25th anniversary together. Whether it is you hugging your husband or him starring you lovingly in the picture, you will surely love every image.

Anniversary Photo Session

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In a nutshell, no matter what anniversary you are celebrating, marriage is a strong bond that deserves attention, time, and surprises. Wedding anniversary photography, in this regard, is an excellent way to rejoice your commitment and unbreakable bond.

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