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How to Capture Beautiful Solo Adventures in Lisbon I Vacation Photographer

20. 10. 2016

The refreshing colors of coastal Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city, create astonishing backgrounds for holiday photographs. A local photographer made it possible for a solo traveler to utilize the scenery in photos she will treasure for a lifetime.

Solo Travel

There are undoubtedly endless advantages of traveling alone, but there are also a few shortcomings, which can create challenges for the solo traveler.

photographer Lisbon

Perhaps one of the more frustrating, albeit a bit superficial in comparison to some of the other challenges, is the challenge of how to capture your memories in photographs.

Of course, there is always the option to lug around a selfie stick or to simply take an “old-fashioned” selfie, where you struggle to hold your arm in uncomfortable positions to get the right backdrop and angle.

You might think to yourself that it would be nice to hire a personal photographer for your holiday.

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Portrait photographer in Lisbon

I love traveling and recently decided to make it a nice tradition to have a shoot in each place. This time I had a great pleasure to stay in Lisbon with Localgrapher and an amazing photographer Silvia. Everything was perfect and the photos turned out exactly as I wanted. Thank you. 


That is exactly what solo traveler Maria did on her trip to Lisbon, Portugal.

Portrait photo session in Lisbon

With her knowledge of Lisbon and photography, Silvia, our vacation photographer in Lisbon, was able to capture Maria’s effortless beauty and the city’s charm.

The composition of the photographs features the right combinations of lighting and contrast to keep the focus on Maria without losing the stunning backdrop of the city.

Charming Lisbon

There is nothing quite as peaceful as taking a stroll through the bright, white buildings separated by cobblestone streets, and there is nothing quite as breathtaking as the view of the seaside from a port.

Though Lisbon is full of old, traditional architecture, the streets are full of life from the lively people to the beautiful floral arrangements.

Lisbon solo travel

Maria was able to enjoy all that Lisbon had to offer through her journey with Silvia, who was able to capture the moments of Maria taking in all of the scenery and basking in the bright sun.

Silvia captured the look of peace and wonderment in Maria’s eyes that comes from seeing and experiencing new things as Maria leaned against the bright blue light post before an old building covered in colorful graffiti.

The background of this photograph provides an excellent example of Lisbon’s mix of traditionalism and modernism.

Lisbon vacation tips

New Perspectives

One of the more valuable benefits of hiring a vacation photographer for solo travel is the perspective that comes with viewing a destination with a local.

Silvia was able to guide Maria to locations that would not only provide good backgrounds, but also locations that would showcase Lisbon in all of its glory.

Lisbon flowers

Silvia was able to provide more in-depth information about Portugal than Maria could have learned on her own explorations. Because of that, Maria was able to leave Lisbon with a unique and personalized experience one can only get from exploring a city with a local.

Portrait photographer in Lisbon

There is absolutely no greater treasure on earth than the opportunity to travel to new places and meet new people.

Having photographs commemorating exploration is an excellent way to both share your travels with others and remind you of the adventures you have taken.

Because Maria made the choice to hire a professional vacation photographer, she will have quality photos, far better than any selfie she could have taken, to share with her friends and family when she returns home and also to personally treasure for years to come.

Lisbon Vacation photographer

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