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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
November 18th, 2019

10+ Children’s Christmas Photo Shoot Ideas They Will Be Genuinely Happy About

Christmas time is family time. Without some photos for reminiscing sake, Christmas is never really complete. Having some lovely photos taken has got to be the highlight of Christmas. For families with children especially, having a children’s Christmas photoshoot is out of the question. As a matter of fact, they will be wowed! The will love it all the way! Below, we have prepared a list of some children’s Christmas photo shoot ideas that will leave them genuinely happy. 

Idea #1

Tag Santa Along

Whenever Christmas comes, one thing that is bound to cross our minds is Santa. Tagging Santa along for your children’s Christmas photoshoot is one way of spicing up your kid’s photo session. Let them freely mingle with Santa as they write their Christmas wishes to him. While at it, let your personal photographer work his magic!

Children's Christmas Photo Shoot Ideas

Idea #2

A Family that Stays Together

Snuggling up as a family is yet another brilliant idea of enlivening up your children’s Christmas photo shoot. Whether indoors or out in the woods, getting wrapped up in a blanket is not only sweet but is also a sign of a united family. This closeness will not only leave your kids happy but also equally loved and cherished.

Family Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

Idea #3

Christmas Lights

For a lively and bright Christmas, balloons, as well as Christmas lights, are used for decoration purposes. Unlike balloons, Christmas lights are somewhat bound to wow and puzzle kids. As they untangle and get tangled in the Christmas lights, let your Localgrapher snap some nice pics with your kids all lit up. Have them help out with decorating the Christmas tree especially the lighting part. Watch them as they naturally and instinctively take control of things. Be sure to capture your little pro in action!

Christmas Photography Ideas

Idea #4

Among the Gift Boxes

When Christmas comes knocking at our doors, so does the gifts. We all love gifts. Kids especially are bound to love gifts as well as surprises no matter how minute they may seem. During Christmas, we all anticipate gifts. The anxiety levels are ever so high. When unboxing gifts with your kids, how about you get to document these moments? Let the kids sit somewhere among the gift boxes or even inside of them. Take advantage of this very moment ask a professional photographer to take some awesome pictures. They will love it for years to come.

Christmas Photography Ideas

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Idea #5

Grown Little Man

Kids love costumes. Name the occasion. Is it Halloween? Or Christmas? For Christmas especially, getting your kids some costumes could cheer them up and flavor up the whole Christmas fun affair. How about some little Santa attire? Or some fake Santa beard? You know, to cheer up the ‘grown little man’! Snapping nice pics of your children during such moments ought to be inevitable. Feel free to join in the dress-up party as well. You could decide to get that fake Santa beard just so your little one can get a perfect opportunity to laugh at you as you rock the ridiculous look. This is one of the simplest children’s Christmas photo shoot ideas to hack. Better yet, you can have your Localgrapher get the job done on your behalf.

Children's Christmas Photo Shoot Ideas

Idea #6

The Sibling Bonds

Kids can get playful. As a matter of fact, they are playful most of the time. Unless when sick or a little grumpy. As Christmas nears, there is some evident joy in the air! Well, apart from the cold weather. Kids get playful with or without toys, grown-ups enjoy and savor each other’s company, there are crazy shopping sprees, a lot of family time; the list goes on and on! There is just too much going on during Christmas. It’s a frenzy of activities! When kids play together, siblings especially, a unique unbreakable bond is created. A bond so strong that even when they agree to disagree, they’ll never get fed up with each other. 

During Christmas, kids’ playtime makes fantastic Christmas card photos. Fingers on the shutter as you get ready to snap some cool pics with the kids in their complete playful element. Allow them to get extra; let them play in the snow, run around the house creating a hot mess or even get into some serious pillow fight. You can join in on all the fun and have a good time with your little ones. When they are all grown, they will look back in time and savor these childhood moments. That is simply priceless! This is one of the children’s Christmas photo shoot ideas that you should definitely try out. they will definitely enjoy every bit of it.

Children's Christmas Photo Shoot Ideas

Idea #7

Bunny Kid on the Snow

For yet another brilliant idea for your children’s Christmas photo shoot, how about we get outdoors? This time around, go out with the kid’s bunny or any of their favorite toys. As your kid(s) get to enjoy their toy, probably one that you bought as a Christmas surprise, have your family photographer document these moments all for old times’ sake. To add on to the excitement, turn the entire session into a toy fun fair. Allow them to bring all their favorite toys and let them get completely carried away. They can even have a tea party and ‘enjoy each other’s company’.

Christmas Photo Shoot

Idea #8

Kids & Pets

Just as kids are playful, so are pets. Now, imagine the duo together. The kind of fun and enjoying each other’s company is unlimited for sure. As the double fun escalates, how about you snap some nice pics of your kid and his/her favorite pet? You could dress both baby and the pet up to a Christmas theme and watch as the bond between these two sweethearts grow stronger. Such moments are to die for. Moments that both the kid as well as the pet will forever cherish. Never let them slip, document every bit of it.

Children's Christmas Photo Shoot Ideas

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Idea #9


We all have seen a pic or two of people or things during snowfall and the idea never gets old. As light snow is falling and the winds calm, dress your kid in some warm attire as well as your self and head off outdoors for an amazing photo shoot session. Both you and your kids are bound to fall in love with these amazing snowfall pics.

Children's Christmas Photo Shoot Ideas

Idea #10

Mother & Son or Father & daughter Hangouts

Parents have special bonds with their children. Strong indestructible bonds of love. A connection like no other. A love deeper than the deepest of oceans. Other than the gifts and a plethora of surprises during Christmas, how about you get to show some love? How about you get to connect with your kid? You could do things that both of you love. While at it, have your professional family photographer document these divine and special moments by taking some nice pics that you’ll with no single doubt love even for years to come. Love and affection are the greatest gifts that any parent can bestow on their kids. Give them unlimited loving.

Christmas Photo Shoot

Idea #11

The Milky Way!

Kids love a lot of things and milk is one of them! As your kids enjoy a glass or mug of milk, probably accompanied by some cookies, take some nice and endearing pics that will wow you and your kids alike. To spice up these pics, how about you get to use some creative props? Like, a picture frame with a sweet message on it, ‘get some tasty cookies from little Santa’.

Family Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

Idea #12

Colorful Interiors

We all love to feel and be part of something. For kids especially, being part of something gives them joy untold as well as pride. They love it! During Christmas for instance, kids always love to be involved in something. If you plan on decorating the interiors with some vibrant colors, let the kids take over. This way, they get to kill two birds with one stone; decorating and having fun while at it. As all this is going on, have your favorite Localgrapher snap some sweet photographs for memories’ sake.

Children's Christmas Photo Shoot Ideas

Christmas holiday is a time where family bonds get stronger. A time when the entire family comes together. With kids being around, Christmas becomes even livelier; you can call it ‘lit’. Spice things up by according them all the attention or better yet letting them be in their ‘worst’ behavior as you get busy on your camera. Savoring such divine family moments is inevitable. Memories. Sweet memories are created. Memories that will forever be a part of us. Memories that will always guide and lead us home; where the heart belongs.

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