February 29th, 2024

These are 10 Must-Try Sister Photoshoot Ideas: Props & Outfits Included

In any sibling photoshoot, the right outfit choices and original props come in very handy. They add onto the pictures’ creativity, color, interest, vibrancy all those nice emotions you’d like for your family photos to evoke. Time seems to pass by pretty fast, especially for newborns and toddlers. As a parent, you would like to capture each moment of love that you see your kid and her sister share. You’d like to show them how they have always loved one another growing up.

If you have older siblings at home, say, teenagers, a proper sister photoshoot is quite priceless. Here, they enhance the bond you share and flaunt the love you have always had for each other to the entire world. Whatever the age, a sister photo shoot done by a professional photographer is always a welcome idea.

Sometimes, it can get daunting to try and figure out the best props to use or the best outfits to wear. You do not want them to be too much and let the photos end up looking exaggerated. We’re sure all of us agree that they would rather have the opposite. Fret not; this post is all about you. We have put together 10 interesting sister photoshoot ideas that will ensure your sibling session leaves you with nothing short of perfect. Read on for some fun tips on outfits, props, and more.

10 Must-Try Sister Photoshoot Ideas

Sisterhood is a bond like no other, filled with laughter, shared memories, and endless support. What better way to celebrate this special relationship than through a memorable photoshoot? Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a fun day out or hoping to capture the essence of your unique connection, we’ve curated 10 must-try sister photoshoot ideas that are sure to inspire creativity and laughter. From coordinating matching outfits to exploring enchanted fairytale settings, these ideas offer endless possibilities for capturing beautiful moments and creating lasting memories with your beloved sisters.

Idea #1

Number 1 on the List of Sister Photoshoot Ideas: Matching Outfits

Coordinate matching outfits or color schemes for a cohesive and visually appealing look. Whether you choose elegant dresses, casual denim, or vibrant patterns, matching outfits create a sense of unity and connection between sisters. Consider accessorizing with complementary jewelry or accessories to enhance the overall theme.

Family photoshoot by Natalia, Localgrapher in Dubai

Family photoshoot by Natalia, Localgrapher in Dubai

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Idea #2

Seasonal Shoots

Embrace the beauty of each season by incorporating seasonal elements into your photoshoot. In the spring, you can pose amidst blooming flowers or lush greenery. During the summer, capture sunny beach days or picnics in the park. Fall offers opportunities for cozy sweaters, pumpkin patches, and colorful foliage. Winter scenes can feature snowflakes, hot cocoa by the fireplace, or festive holiday decorations.

Family photoshoot by Nami, Localgrapher in Sapporo

Family photoshoot by Nami, Localgrapher in Sapporo

Idea #3

Outdoor Adventure

Plan an outdoor adventure with your sisters and document the experience through photography. Whether it’s hiking through scenic trails, camping under the stars, or exploring a national park, outdoor photoshoots offer endless opportunities for natural beauty and spontaneous moments. Capture the joy of exploration, bonding over shared experiences, and the awe-inspiring landscapes you encounter along the way.

Family photoshoot by Kevin, Localgrapher in Hallstatt

Family photoshoot by Kevin, Localgrapher in Hallstatt

Idea #4

Urban Exploration

Explore the vibrant energy of your city or a nearby urban area and use it as the backdrop – that’s one of the easy sister photoshoot ideas. Seek out interesting street art, colorful murals, or bustling city streets for dynamic and visually striking images. Urban settings provide endless opportunities for creative compositions, unique perspectives, and capturing the diverse personalities of you and your sisters.

Family photoshoot by Adreani, Localgrapher in Cinque Terre

Family photoshoot by Adreani, Localgrapher in Cinque Terre

Idea #5

Vintage Inspired

Step back in time with a vintage-inspired photoshoot that pays homage to the glamour and nostalgia of bygone eras. Dress up in retro attire from your favorite decades, such as the 1920s flapper style, 1950s pin-up fashion, or 1970s bohemian chic. Choose locations with vintage charm, such as classic cars, old-fashioned diners, or historic landmarks, to transport yourselves to a different era and capture timeless elegance.

Family photoshoot by Dayle, Localgrapher in Salzburg

Family photoshoot by Dayle, Localgrapher in Salzburg

Idea #6

Sisterhood Tributes

Dedicate a photoshoot to celebrating the unique bond and shared memories you have as sisters. Incorporate meaningful props, activities, or locations that reflect your inside jokes, shared interests, or cherished traditions. Whether it’s recreating childhood photos, showcasing a favorite hobby, or simply spending quality time together, let the photoshoot serve as a heartfelt tribute to the special connection you share.

Family photoshoot by Oksana, Localgrapher in Vienna

Family photoshoot by Oksana, Localgrapher in Vienna

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Idea #7

DIY Photo Booth

Set up a DIY photo booth complete with an assortment of props, backdrops, and playful accessories for a fun and interactive photoshoot experience. Get creative with items like funny hats, oversized sunglasses, quirky signs, or DIY photo frames to encourage spontaneous and entertaining poses. Allow yourselves to let loose, laugh, and capture candid moments that showcase your personalities and the joy of sisterhood.


Idea #8

Cultural Fusion

Celebrate your diverse cultural backgrounds by incorporating elements of your heritage into the photoshoot. Dress in traditional attire that reflects your cultural roots, whether it’s vibrant saris, colorful kimonos, or embroidered huipiles. Choose locations or props that honor your heritage, such as cultural landmarks, ceremonial artifacts, or symbolic motifs. Let the sister photoshoot serve as a beautiful expression of your shared cultural identity and the richness of your traditions.

Family photoshoot by Yoshi, Localgrapher in Kyoto

Family photoshoot by Yoshi, Localgrapher in Kyoto

Idea #9

Fantasy or Fairytale Theme

Unleash your imagination with a fantasy or fairytale-inspired photoshoot that transports you to magical realms and enchanted landscapes. Dress up as whimsical characters like princesses, fairies, or mythical creatures, and choose dreamy locations such as forests, castles, or gardens to set the scene. Embrace fantasy elements like sparkling fairy lights, flowing fabrics, and ethereal props to create enchanting and otherworldly images that capture the wonder and magic of sisterhood.

sister's photoshoot

Idea #10

Sibling Swap

Add a playful twist to your sister photoshoot by temporarily swapping styles, personalities, or roles with your sisters. Experiment with dressing in each other’s clothes, mimicking each other’s mannerisms, or embodying contrasting characters for a lighthearted and entertaining series of photos. Whether you’re channeling each other’s fashion sense, hobbies, or personalities, embrace the opportunity to showcase your versatility, humor, and the unique dynamics of your relationship as sisters.

Sisters' photoshoot by Rick, Localgrapher in Beijing

Sisters’ photoshoot by Rick, Localgrapher in Beijing

Whichever sister photoshoot idea you choose to embark on, remember that the true magic lies in the moments you share together. Let laughter be your soundtrack, love be your guiding light, and creativity be your canvas. Whether you’re capturing candid adventures outdoors, channeling vintage glamour, or embracing the enchantment of a fairytale world, cherish every snapshot as a testament to the beautiful bond you share as sisters. These photoshoots are not just about the images captured, but about the memories created and the lifelong connections strengthened. So grab your sisters, strike a pose, and let the magic unfold!

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10 Props for Sister Photoshoots

Embarking on a sister photoshoot is an opportunity to celebrate the unique bond and cherished memories shared between siblings. Whether you’re looking to capture candid moments of laughter, showcase your individual personalities, or simply spend quality time together, the right props can elevate your photoshoot and add a touch of creativity and flair. From whimsical flower crowns to vintage suitcases brimming with nostalgia, these props serve as both decorative elements and symbolic representations of your sisterly connection. Let your imaginations run wild as you embark on this photographic journey, creating lasting memories that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Prop #1

Sister-themed Signs or Banners

Create custom signs or banners with sister-themed quotes, inside jokes, or expressions of love and sisterhood. These props can serve as playful backdrops or accessories to enhance the mood and theme of your photoshoot.

Family photoshoot by Natasha, Localgrapher in London

Family photoshoot by Natasha, Localgrapher in London

Prop #2

Consider the Rugs of the Day!

This sounds just like a simple idea, doesn’t it? Well, rest assured that there is a great and well-thought reason behind rugs being in our top ten list of perfect props for a sister photoshoot. Assuming our focus is on the two little sisters who happen to be twins as mentioned above, then rugs are perfect props. They may not necessarily be the focus of the picture, but their presence helps to put together the entire picture into a nice, soft and super sweet completion. After all, in photography, what is underneath you is as important as what is behind you; it could make all the difference.

sister's photoshoot

Prop #3

How about a Basket for Your Baby Sister?

If you happen to have a toddler baby sister and you want to cherish each adorable moment, try out placing them in a baby basket and watch them in their most adorable state. Take advantage and delve right into the sister photoshoot session for some pics that you will always cherish and even share them with her when she a little bit older. Throw in a hat in the mix and watch as the photos transform into sheer perfection.

sister's photoshoot

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Prop #4

Make It a Bubbly Affair

Have you ever seen a picture that has ever come out ugly with bubbles in the mix? Well, neither have we. Bubbles have a way of adding something to the beauty of the pictures. They evoke the most genuine feeling of bliss as everyone looks up to watch the bubbles’ magical show. Take advantage and get it listed in the sister photoshoot session no matter what your ages are as sisters. All sisters are bound to look good in a photo together with bubbles everywhere in the air. To make it even spicier, you can decide to blow bubbles on each other’s faces and laugh yourselves silly the entire time.

sister's photoshoot

Prop #5

Let the Outfit Work Magic on the Pics

There is rarely a family photoshoot that lacks a dress code. If there is a theme behind it, things escalate to excitement really fast. Whether the sisters are infants, teenagers or even adults, we can all agree that the outfit makes it a Must-Have sister photoshoot prop! If the outfits are matching, even better. This prop is not only fun, but it naturally displays the love between the two sisters. Having matching outfits lets the sisters steal the show and have all eyes on them. 

An amazing idea of an outfit for adult sisters is a cowboy/cowgirl outfit for a country theme. If you choose to go with this idea, ensure that there is a session to dance to some nice country music, just to set everyone in the country mood vibes. Pictures of you dancing and all excited through the music will be ones that you will forever cherish. To take things a notch higher, one of you can dress up like a cowboy and the other as a cowgirl!

Family photoshoot by Nino, Localgrapher in Dubrovnik

Family photoshoot by Nino, Localgrapher in Dubrovnik

Prop #6

Get a Swing

There is no better picture than one of two sisters sitting together side by side on a swing. If they are looking at each other probably laughing at a joke they just cracked, things look even much better. If you are a parent to some baby twin sisters, take them out when the weather is just right. Have them share one swing and be ready with your fingers on the shutter for some nice shots. This works for older sisters as well. Those moments are irreplaceable. Add into the spice of this family photo by bringing some candy or chocolate alone and have shots of you sharing this girly stuff that only sisters who love each other as you share.

sister's photoshoot

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Prop #7

Don’t Forget Some Flowers

We know, right?  Flowers warm up every girl’s heart in a way that only they can. With flowers as part of your sister photoshoot prop collection, you can rest assured that the pics will be perfect. Work with a professional photographer who will deliver on photos that capture the very emotions that you want the pictures to evoke.

Go outdoors into a flower farm and let the beauty and aroma of the place get you carried away. Hold hands and take a walk in between the flower rows and wander away into a world where sibling love dwells. Let the wind blow both your hair away as you spread out your arms to embrace all the good vibes that Mother Nature is sending your way. Be sure that this will be one of the best sister photoshoot sessions in your life.

Family photoshoot by Livia, Localgrapher in Punta Cana

Family photoshoot by Livia, Localgrapher in Punta Cana

Prop #8

Bring Your Favorite Pet

Feel free to tag along with your favorite pet to your sister photoshoot session. If you have a theme color, ensure that the pet has a ribbon with the theme color somewhere. You can decide to take your family dog for a walk in the woods and have your photo session while at it. I guarantee you that these will be among your favorite photos of all time. Not only are they adorable given the pet, but the fact that these pictures are in the woods, where nature dwells, takes things all the way up! Plus, these make a perfect fit for your holiday card photos and belong among timeless sister photoshoot ideas.

sister's photoshoot

Prop #9

Dolls for Baby Sisters

Nothing makes it for a good time more than two baby sisters playing with their dolls does. There is literally nothing they had rather do. As a parent, take advantage of this opportunity of them in their full element and convert playtime into a sister photoshoot session. Allow them to be as playful as they can be and capture each happy moment you will witness. Do not shy away from pics of them busy applying make-up to the dolls. You will remind them of a time when they were young professional make-up artists!

sister's photoshoot

Prop #10

A Bottle of Wine and Two Glasses

This is definitely a prop for adult sisters. Nothing is as precious as two sisters catching up over some wine. It is time to update each other on their different experiences, good times, and so much more. Ensure to capture moments of you making toasts to several things. 

This does not limit you to wine only. It can be Pizza or anything else you both enjoy sharing as sisters. Feel free to be yourselves and catch up the way you have always done since childhood.

Sisters' photoshoot by Bonny, Localgrapher in Bangkok

Sisters’ photoshoot by Bonny, Localgrapher in Bangkok

A sister photoshoot is almost inevitable for all sisters. Each family photo session will have a special moment for the sisters, the twin sisters, the sisters, and their dolls, the sisters and their favorite pet and so many more of such moments. It’s allowed! Each new time you will want a prop that spices up the photos even more. 

The list above provides you with fantastic props that you can use to compliment other sister photoshoot ideas we shared. The beauty with all of them is that they are all so simple to get or even achieve on a Do-it-Yourself kind of arrangement. This way, even if you are on a budget, you do not have to worry about the expenses exceeding your limit or going overboard.

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10 Outfit Ideas for Sister Photoshoots

Preparing for a sister photoshoot is not just about choosing the perfect location or striking the right poses—it’s also about curating the perfect outfits that reflect your individual styles while complementing each other harmoniously. Whether you’re aiming for casual-cool, bohemian chic, or vintage glamour, the right ensemble can elevate your photoshoot and capture the essence of your unique bond as sisters. From matching outfits that symbolize unity to playful swaps that showcase your personalities, the possibilities are endless. So, gather your sisters, raid your closets, and let’s explore 10 outfit ideas that will make your sister photoshoot unforgettable.

Fit #1

Matching Outfits

Create a cohesive and unified look by wearing matching outfits with your sisters. Whether it’s matching dresses, tops and bottoms, or coordinating color schemes, matching outfits can symbolize your bond and create visually appealing photos.

Family photoshoot by Tatiana, Localgrapher in Neuschwanstein Castle

Family photoshoot by Tatiana, Localgrapher in Neuschwanstein Castle

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Fit #2


Embrace the timeless trend of denim-on-denim by wearing denim jeans or skirts paired with denim jackets or shirts. This classic and versatile look exudes casual coolness and is perfect for both urban and outdoor photoshoots.

sister's photoshoot

Fit #3

Bohemian Chic

Channel free-spirited vibes with bohemian-inspired outfits featuring flowy maxi dresses, peasant blouses, and fringed vests. Add accessories like layered necklaces, statement hats, and floral headbands to complete the boho-chic aesthetic.

Family photoshoot by Laura, Localgrapher in Mallorca

Family photoshoot by Laura, Localgrapher in Mallorca

Fit #4

Athleisure Wear

Stay comfortable and stylish in athleisure wear, combining athletic pieces like leggings, sports bras, and sneakers with casual staples like oversized hoodies or cropped sweatshirts. This trendy and laid-back look is ideal for active and dynamic photoshoots.

sisters' photoshoot

Fit #5

Vintage Glamour

Transport yourselves to another era with vintage-inspired outfits reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. Think retro dresses, polka-dot prints, high-waisted trousers, and tailored blazers paired with classic accessories like pearls, gloves, and cat-eye sunglasses – all these are great sister photoshoot ideas.

sisters' photoshoot

Fit #6

Garden Party Attire

Dress up in feminine and romantic ensembles perfect for a garden party. Opt for floral dresses, pastel skirts, or ruffled blouses paired with delicate sandals or espadrilles. Add accessories like straw hats, woven bags, and dainty jewelry for a whimsical touch.

Family photoshoot by Gabriele, Localgrapher in Perugia

Family photoshoot by Gabriele, Localgrapher in Perugia

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Fit #7

Monochrome Magic

Make a statement with monochrome outfits featuring head-to-toe looks in the same color family. Whether it’s an all-white ensemble for a fresh and clean aesthetic or an all-black outfit for chic sophistication, monochrome styling creates a sleek and polished appearance.

Family photoshoot by Marzia, Localgrapher in Livorno

Family photoshoot by Marzia, Localgrapher in Livorno

Fit #8

Tropical Paradise

Capture the essence of paradise with tropical-inspired outfits featuring bold prints, vibrant colors, and breezy fabrics. Choose tropical prints like palm leaves, hibiscus flowers, or exotic fruits for a fun and playful vibe perfect for beach or poolside photoshoots.

sisters' photoshoot

Fit #9

City Sleek

Embrace urban sophistication with sleek and stylish city-inspired outfits. Opt for tailored blazers, high-waisted trousers, and statement heels for a polished and refined look. Add modern accessories like structured handbags, oversized sunglasses, and minimalist jewelry to elevate your city chic ensemble.

sisters' photoshoot

Fit #10

Coordinated Casual

Keep it casual yet coordinated with matching or complementary tops and bottoms. Pair graphic tees with denim shorts, skirts, or jeans for a laid-back and effortlessly cool look that’s perfect for urban or street-style photoshoots.

Family photoshoot by Sarah, Localgrapher in Cordoba

Family photoshoot by Sarah, Localgrapher in Cordoba

Remember to choose outfits that not only reflect your personal styles but also complement each other harmoniously. Coordinate colors, styles, and themes to create cohesive and visually appealing looks that highlight your unique bond as sisters. Do you like our sister photoshoot ideas? Feel free to share them on your social media.

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