November 14th, 2019

Romantic Photo Shoot in Bali Marking a Very Special Occasion

Millions of people each year travel to the spectacular province of Indonesia, Bali. Rich with a wide variety of cultures, natural landscapes, history, and welcoming people, it is clear to see why people would travel to Bali. It is because of these reasons why our clients Mai and Chue chose to not only have their honeymoon on the island but also celebrate their one year anniversary. When Mai and Chue came to us, they asked for a romantic photo shoot in Bali that would represent the stunning historic landscapes but also have a photoshoot that was fun and most importantly romantic.

Romantic Photo Shoot in Bali, Indonesia

When Mai and Chue came to us looking for a fun and romantic photoshoot, our very talented and skilled photographer Suta was on hand to provide this experience. With local knowledge of our local photographer, Mai and Chue were ready to begin.

Nothing says love more than a couple embracing one another’s company, and with the stunning landscape of the rice plantations in the backdrop, our clients look comfortable and in love as they hold one another. As our clients share the closeness of this photoshoot, the love between them is clear and has been captured spectacularly by our amazing local photographer, Suta. She was able to capture everything in the photograph, but still, make our couple the center and most important thing within it.

Sharing one another’s love is one of the most important things to be captured in this romantic Bali photo shoot, and as Mai and Chue wanted a photoshoot that was fun but romantic, it is only right to share a kiss. It is widely known that being in love causes many couples’ heart-beats to synchronise, and the love our couple share has been captured stunningly by our local and talented photographer, Suta. The set of photographs really showcased our client’s connection and love for one another and every photograph was taken is a memory to not only keep but a memory to cherish and look back on for many years to come.

Romantic Photo Shoot in Bali

couple photographer in Bali

Romantic Photo Shoot in Bali

couple photographer in Bali

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Bali, a Dream Destination!

Tourism is a growing and important industry in Bali, so much so around 80% of the country’s economy depends on it, this growth of tourism can be drawn to the stunning landscapes and cultures found all around the country, and this is partly why Bali is an idyllic destination for a romantic getaway.

Stood together with the impressive rice farms in the background, our couple, Mai and Chue share a kiss under a multi-colored sign hovering above them. This photograph was beautifully captured by our very talented local photographer Suta, who was able to make our couple the center of attention in an impressive photograph and also brought the fun yet romantic aspect to it. Love is an amazing thing, and being able to share one’s love with a partner during such an important anniversary, just like with our couple, needs a set of impressive sets of professional photographs that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Romantic Photo Shoot in Bali

couple photographer in Bali

Romantic Photo Shoot in Bali

Anyone has the opportunity to create memories, memories which would last a lifetime. A famous quote by Dr. Seuss states that “sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory”, and this quote can be added to an amazing set of photographs captured by any of our local vacation photographers.

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