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Photographs of Family Memories in New York City

04. 11. 2018

Family traditions can be an important way to connect over time and create memories that build off of one another for a rich and meaningful history. One of our local photographers in New York City had the pleasure of helping a family build moments like these for a special anniversary celebration and photo shoot.

Anniversary Tradition

Happily married for two years, Kristen and her husband had begun the tradition of going to central park in New York City for their anniversary for a special meal at Tavern on the Green. For their 2018 trip, they decided to bring along their son, and Kristen hoped to find a photographer who could capture meaningful pictures of this important family event.

Photographer in New York City

Lauren, one of our family photographers in New York City took up the task and worked together with Kristen and her family to give them images that captured everything that made this day special: the anniversary tradition, their young son now taking part in a happy family event, and  Kristen’s pregnancy and the joyful expectation of the near arrival of the newest family member.

Photographer in New York City

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Family Smiles in New York Style

Using the natural beauty of Central Park, the New York skyline, and the joy shared between this happy family, Lauren was able to give Kristen and her family a variety of images capturing the special family bonds they shared. In celebration of their anniversary, Kristen and her husband made sure they had a picture of just the two of them together as husband and wife.

Whenever family photographs include young children, there is the challenge of not being able to explain what is happening. Kristen’s son, who was not quite two, might not understand what it means to smile for the camera, but he does understand the love and adoration of his parents. Lauren was careful to work with Kristen and her husband to create natural scenes where the picture would capture the special family bonds. Holding hands, riding on his father’s shoulders, or snuggled up against his mother, Kristen’s son posed perfectly for each image by just being himself, enjoying time out with his parents.

Photographer in New York City

Photographer in New York City

Kristen’s pregnancy also meant that Lauren had to be aware of the unseen family member in each photo. Using her skills as a professional photographer, Lauren was able to convey the family joy and love Kristen and her husband already felt for the smallest member of the family.

Photographer in New York City

A Day to Remember

Families continuously grow and change and having pictures of the important moments shared together is a meaningful way to look back on fond memories. For this special anniversary event, family outing, and anticipation of a family getting a new member, Lauren’s knowledge of New York and photography gave this family the treasured pictures they were looking for.

The emotion is what makes the photographs meaningful, and as a close family wanting to share a day of love and laughter, Kristen’s family were already set for a picture-perfect day. Our professional family photographers as Lauren were able to capture a combination of posed photos and natural shots, as Kristen and her family went about their special day together, sharing a unique bonding experience and creating memories sure to last a lifetime.

Photographer in New York City

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