31. 1. 2019

Why an Anniversary Photo Shoot Is Just What You Need

Celebrating an anniversary with your partner is always a special occasion. It is an homage to your love, the time you have spent together and the relationship you have built. It is the time when you show your appreciation for each other and relive those tiny moments of passion and emotion.

Your relationship is something that has already proven its value over time. All the memories and moments you have are priceless. And that is exactly why we think that an anniversary is the perfect time for a photo shoot. Not only will you get a set of fantastic photographs, you will also create new memories that you will never forget.

Photographer in Aix-en-Provence

Since booking an anniversary photo shoot is getting more and more popular, we have taken the liberty of writing a couple of tips and hints that will help you get the most out of your session. So, sit back and get ready for the perfect photo shoot.

Heart in the right place

When you start thinking about booking a photo session with your loved one, you will surely take into consideration the location of the whole event. It can be on your favourite bench in your local park or it can be on a different continent, but there is still a couple of things you should keep in mind.

First of all, the atmosphere of your selected location will affect the whole atmosphere of your photo shoot. If you are after a set of intimate photos that create the impression of you and your partner in an isolated location, it will be better to avoid crowded city centres and most frequently visited sights. If you definitely want your photos taken close to a popular attraction, however, there is a way to do this, which we will discuss in the next point though.

anniversary photographer in Istanbul

The majority of couples usually want to go for romantic locations like beaches, parks or woods. That way, your photographer has more freedom for choosing the perfect style for your photos, because they can take them not only from up close for detailed photos of you and your loved one, but also from a greater distance for a paparazzi-style or candid photo shoot.

There is a time for love (and how to avoid crowds)

When you think about the most romantic times of the day, you will probably think of the evening, night or the morning, right? Well, while night time can be great to make photos, the vast majority of photographers will want to schedule the photo shoots either in the morning or in the evening, as this gives them the best lighting conditions.

Photographer in Boston

And it is not just light that makes the difference, especially in the morning. Most city streets are way emptier in the morning, before the crowds of tourists flood them with their inquisitive stares. Therefore, if you really wish to avoid tons of onlookers, it is always a good idea to become an early bird for the day.

Having said that, also the evening light has its incredible charm. It is even softer than in the morning and can therefore create an amazing atmosphere. Plus what can be more romantic than a photo of you and your partner in the setting sun? Of course, it comes at a price in the form of many more tourists in the most popular spots. But your photographer can help you here as well, since they will probably know one or two slightly more hidden spots that will get you exactly the vibes you are after.

Photographer in Banff

Most of all, remember that the whole photo shoot is a celebration of your love, relationship and bond. It is a short and tiny glimpse into your world, a moment in an ongoing process that makes you both so happy. The only thing your photographer can do is capture the happiness and make it last forever. Therefore, don’t forget to relax and just enjoy your time in front of the camera.

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Our experience in this field is pretty clear – the happier and more relaxed the couple, the better the photos.

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