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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
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OMG! 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for EVERY photoshoot! That’s how much we believe in the quality of our services.
March 11th, 2022

15 Creative Photography Ideas for Smaller Weddings

Your wedding is going to be one of the most magical days of your life. No matter the size, it’s going to be special because it’s expressly made for you and your fiancé.

Sometimes, whether you wanted your wedding to be small or not, it may end up that way. If it’s for budget cuts, limited extended family, or simply just because smaller works better for you, that shouldn’t prevent you from having a beautiful wedding.

15 Small Wedding Photography Ideas That You Will Want to Try

Intimate is romantic, fun, and great to maintain. There are so many ways to make your cherished wedding one of a kind, including finding the most perfect ways to photograph it. Here are some of our favorite small wedding photo ideas you shouldn’t forget about:

1. Getting Ready Pictures

With less prep for a smaller wedding, your wedding photographer will have the time to focus on the getting ready aspect. Aside from a couple of pictures of the hair and makeup, you’ll also be able to get memorable moments such as opening up the morning letters to your significant other, or the champagne bottle popping, or the first look from the bridesmaids. These little details wouldn’t go noticed if the big day felt rushed.

2. Get all the Special Touches

Fewer people means focusing more on special touches, incorporating all the little details that might’ve been overlooked at a larger wedding. For example, you can splurge on a personal guitarist to follow you around the venue or in a public setting. Or, you can add little touches to your dinner tables, have them taking more photos of the decorations around the venue or the wedding gifts. Your personal wedding photographer will have more time to capture it all.

Small Wedding Photography Ideas

Small Wedding Photography Ideas

Captured by: Lina, wedding photographer in Estepona

3. Different Angles and Formats

Fewer people at the wedding means your wedding photographer will have more time to focus on capturing incredible angles and formats to create one-of-a-kind pictures. You can discuss with your photographer if there are any particular moments in your wedding you care more about capturing, such as the wedding toasts or the ceremony aisle shots. Your photographer can personalize your moments as much as you want and can get creative.

Small Wedding Photographer

Small Wedding Photographer

Captured by: Ana, wedding photographer in Barcelona

4. Create a Highlight Reel

If your wedding is small, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to share with the people who weren’t there. Discuss with your photographer the idea of putting together a slideshow of the most important moments of the wedding. This way, it’ll be an engaging way to have everyone see how special your wedding was with beautiful pictures.

5. Make Time for an Adventure

A smaller wedding gives you the opportunity to explore. Instead of going around, greeting everyone, being unable to enjoy your own wedding, you and your significant other can take that extra time to enjoy your surroundings. A small wedding in NYC? Walk around Central Park. Getting married in London? Destination wedding in Palermo, Italy? Take a bus tour around the city. Your destination wedding photographer can follow you around and capture the both of you exploring the world together, making for great wedding memories.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Destination Wedding Photographer

Captured by: George, wedding photographer in Santorini

6. Have Trust

Your professional photographer has experience in wedding photography, so it’s best to go with the flow and trust what your photographer has in store for you. An experienced photographer will know exactly what to capture and how and will be sure to get all the important and special moments of your day.

7. Set the Scene

Your wedding destination, ceremony space, and/or reception space is the place where your “happily ever after” began. You want to ensure you remember exactly where you were and how it looks. Your photographer is going to get amazing views. Whether that be the sunset shots, flowers in blossom, or the greenery surrounding you, you’ll be getting some stellar views to remember.

Ideas for Small Weddings

Ideas for Small Weddings

Captured by: Felicia, wedding photographer in Buenos Aires

8. The Venues before the People

Many times, there are no opportunities to see the ceremony room or reception space before the event begins. As the bride and groom, you are thrown into the event with people already filled in. All that work you did to create the perfect space, and you didn’t even get to see it! These “before” shots will get you a glance of what you didn’t get to take in.

9. Bridal Party Reactions

From the groomsmen to the bridesmaids, to the ring bearers and flower girls, up to the bride and the groom, get all of their emotions and reactions walking down the aisle. Capture their smiles and exciting looks, and the genuine expressions of the little kids as they play their roles. Most importantly, capture the reactions of the bride and groom seeing each other for the first time.

10. Vows

When you’re both standing at the altar and it’s time to renew vows, some of the most real, most raw expressions and reactions come from the words spoken of forever promises. As your wedding photographer to capture those photos from all different angles. You’ll be sure to find some adorable moments.

Small Wedding Photography Ideas

Small Wedding Photography Ideas

Kejia, wedding photographer in Basel

11. Post-Ceremony Aisle Walk

From the moment you’re announced married, you joyously celebrate and walk back down the aisle hand-in-hand, beginning your new journey together. You’ll be all smiles, you may even stop to high-five someone in the crowd or stop for a smooch. Your wedding photographer will be there to photograph every step of the way.

12. Ring Show Off

You’re married, you should flaunt it! They put a ring on it and it’s time to show it off. These pictures can be playful by having you both look shocked and excited. You can even get your family and the bridal party involved by having them all react and celebrate the rings with you. These will make for some playful, funny, and memorable photos.

13. Marriage License Signatures

The marriage license is the legal document that allows you to get married. You need witnesses to sign off on your marriage. This important piece of the marriage puzzle should be documented. Grab your witnesses and mark the moment you became officially official!

Small Wedding Photography

Small Wedding Photography

Captured by: Nataly, Localgrapher in Copenhagen

14. Bridal Squad Photos

Speaking of getting your bridal party involved, now’s the time to get some creative photos with the whole gang. There are so many playful photo ops for your small wedding photoshoot. The bridesmaids can hold up the groom, and the groomsmen can pick up the bride. Other ideas can include jumping in the air and using props that are special to the couple, like lightsabers.

15. Family Photos

A smaller wedding means only the closest people in your lives were invited. This gives you more opportunities to take pictures with all of your loved ones, and multiple of them. Your wedding photographer can take their time with their wedding photography ideas and snap as many photos as needed for the perfect family shots.

Ideas for Small Weddings

Ideas for Small Weddings

Captured by: Adi, wedding photographer in Banff


How to Choose the Right Photographer for an Intimate Wedding

If there’s one thing we can suggest, it’s to hire a professional wedding photographer, even if you are having a small wedding.

In theory, it’s great to have a family member snap all the photos. However, it takes away from their wedding experience as a guest, but you’re also putting a lot of trust into someone who has no photography experience. Your wedding is one of the most important and special days of your life. You want to put your wedding in the best hands possible.

We, at Localgrapher, will give you access to highly skilled professional photographers all over the world. Not only do we have a vast selection of amazing personal photographers, but we also make sure that we help find the perfect one that matches your needs. How to choose THE ONE?


Photographers' Portfolios

For starters, it helps to look at the photographer’s portfolios. Look through the photographers listed. Their portfolios are a perfect summary of who they are. From there you can see if they have experience with weddings or other types of parties and if they’ve worked with big or small venues.

Their portfolios also show off their photography style. You can see if their wedding photography ideas match what you’re looking for. You want someone who can match your style expectations and listen to what ideas you have. As professionals, they do know what they’re doing, but it’s important they listen to your needs as well.

Wedding Photographer Tips




If you found a wedding photographer but they’re not in your desired location, it’s also important to see if your anticipated photographer can travel to you. If it’s someone local, we can help with that! Just put in your desired location and we will work to find the perfect match.

Wedding Photographer Tips




Another important factor to think about is the price. If you are already on a budget, you want to make sure your wedding photographer fits into that. You can get quotes from different photographers and see if they offer any packages or discounts to go along with their prices. If there are packages, ask what’s included. Are the images edited? How many photos are you getting? It’s also good to ask how long their turnaround time is, and it may be important to get a contract signed as well.

Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot




As great as the portfolio may be, it’s also important to read reviews. Reviews from past weddings or events can indicate the pros and cons of the photographer. You can see if the reviews are consistent with one another and if there seems to be a common theme with them.

Photographer in Knysna, South Africa



Personality Match

Getting to know your wedding photographer is also very important, as this person is becoming involved in a very intimate and special part of your life. Make sure your personalities mesh well together and you’re not also butting heads. Not all photographers are a perfect match for you, and that’s okay! That’s part of the decision process.

The Best Female Wedding Photographer




Lastly, make sure that you do not wait until the last minute to choose your photographer. We understand that choosing a photographer is very important and that you want only the best for your wedding. However, good photographers get booked quickly, and there’s no guarantee the one you want will be available closer to your desired date.  So yes, choose wisely, but rapidly!

Photographer in Knysna, South Africa


No matter big or small, your wedding is going to be absolutely special and uniquely yours. If you are having a small wedding, there are so many benefits to having a wedding photographer with you throughout the day.

They offer so many wedding photography ideas that will capture the beauty of your intimate wedding, which may not have even been considered in a bigger wedding. You get to experience a more personalized take on your wedding day with so many options to make it even more special than it already is. And whatever you choose to do, your photographer is personalized and by your side (almost like they’re at a wedding party!)


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